20 Clark Road

Architectural Description: 

Style: Old Style

A one family with bath, 5 rooms and 2 bedrooms. The main structure is 1 3/4 stories. The ell is one story. There are 2 chimneys and the barn has a full bath and wet bar: a long driveway from sidewalk to house. On 2.74 acres of land, 2 garages, pool

Historical Narrative: 

This property was once owned by Nathan Clark, a farmer. and connected to his homestead lot at the corner of Dascomb and Clark Roads.Nathan Clark's estate was purchased by Herbert Almon Moody on Aug. 16, 1882 for $2200. The farm consisted of three parcels, the house lot with buildings, an adjoining 23 acre 114 3/4 sq. rods parcel on the east side of Clark Rd and a 23 acre lot across the street on the north side of Dascomb Rd. Herbert A. Moody b. 1857. son of Almon Sylvester & Hannah Morse (Clark) Moody. Herbert married on Dec. 31, 1884 in Methuen, to Emma Fallows, b. 1862 in England, daughter of John & Sarah A. (Bartlett) Fallows. They had eight children four survived to adulthood; Clara P. b. July 1887, Emily M. b. May 1891, Wilfred E. b. Oct. 1892 and Samuel Barrett Moody b. Apr. 19, 1895. Herbert transferred the deed to Almon Sylvester Moody, a minor, through his guardian Samuel G. Sargent of Methuen, for $1500. on Aug. 23, 1883. Almon S. appears to be his youngest brother, just nine at the time.

Herbert Moody did however retain some of the property of the Clark farm and parceled off house lots along Clark Rd. This property appears to have been retained by Moody and inherited by his heirs and children Clara Moody Rollins, Emily Moody Fone, Wilfred Moody and Samuel B. Moody. Herbert died on Feb. 3, 1905 in Andover of pneumonia. Son Samuel B and sister Emily continued to live with their mother Emma and are listed in the 1920 census.

Benjamin S. & Nellie M. Nason purchased this property on July 22, 1910. The Nason would acquire four lots in total. Benjamin Nason was born on June 5, 1861 in Penobscot, Maine and was a Carpenter. He married on Apr. 17, 1882 in Maine to Clara Ann Clapp b. February 1864 in Medford, Maine. They had two children born in Maine: son Harry C. b. March 1883 and a daughter Winifred Pearl b. February 8, 1886. Harry C. would marry May R. Plumber, become a carpenter and they lived at 8 Clark Rd. Clara Ann died on Aug. 31, 1907 and Benjamin remarried to Nellie M. Fall. The 1920 Andover Assessors Valuation Schedule lists Bennie F. Nason - Off Clark Rd. Ballard Vale; house, barn 7 shed, $800. barn, rear Clark Rd. $50., barn rear Clark Rd. $300. 1/2 acre rear Clark Rd. $200., 2 acres land H. A. Moody Clark Rd. $150, 1 acre Tewksbury St. $100., 1 acre Tewksbury St. $100.

The 1920 Census lists three boys lodging with Bennie and Nellie; Hercules L. Bunker 15, Joseph W. Lord 13, and Charlie A. Horne age 10. They were all State Wards in Foster Care with the Nasons. In the 1930 Census Charlie A. is listed as an adopted son of Nason. Three more boys, Charles Goring age 15, and brothers Joseph Kulikswsky 13 and John 11 were in the Nason's care.

Bennie & Nellie would sell the house and four parcels of land to their daughter Winnie P. Mullaney on January 8, 1942. Winnie Pearl was first married to Ralph Goldsmith Parker. The deed came with a life tenancy for both her parents. Winne P. and husband William P. Mullaney are listed here in the 1943 Andover Directory.

With the death of Winnie P. Mullaney, her estate was administered by Grace Nicoll in 1955. The property was then sold to Donald R. & Marjorie C. Cail on Apr. 18, 1955. The Cails owned for six years then selling to K. Brooks and Rosemarie Holmes on Aug. 28, 1961. Holmes ownership was four years.

Robert J. & Nancy G. Lefebvre purchased the property on Mar. 9, 1965. and held for six years. Robert b. 1936, was an assistant store manager. Nancy b. 1938 a housewife.

James D. Hamilton purchased the property on July 27, 1971. James b. 1925 was a woodworker in 1981. The property was place in both James and Ann Hamilton's names on Jan. 4, 1974. Ann b. 1945, is listed as a word processor in the directory. The Hamilton family continue as owners of record in 2017.


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James D. Hamilton - July 27, 1971 - b. 1176 p. 162
James D. Hamilton & Ann B. Hamilton - Jan. 4, 1974 - b. 1209 p. 725

Inventory Data:

StreetClark Rd
Historic DistrictBallardvale Local Historic District
Historic NameMoody - Nason House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Dateca. 1907
SourceAndover Assessor's Office
Architectural StyleOther
Roofasphalt - gable
Outbuildings / Secondary Structurespool, 2 garages, barn
Conditiongood (1996)
Acreage2.736 acres
Map and parcel137-48
Recorded byRuth A. Sharpe (Andover Historical District) James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Historical Society, Andover Preservation Commission
Date entered17 Aug 1996, 1/30/2017