1 Judson Road
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Architectural Description: 

Greek Revival with Gothic Revival, Italianate elements

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Themes: Architectural, community development.
Present owner Trustees of Phillips Academy

Street named for Adoniram Judson, pioneer missionary trained at Andover Theological Seminary who was sent to India by American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. Judson was later sent to Burma as representative of American Baptists. Road opened in the 1920s when the Leonard Wood house was moved from Bartlet Street in 1920's (Bessie Goldsmith). Bessie claims that Wood and the brick Brewster House were the only houses on street until early 1950's.

This home was originally built on the northeast corner lot of the present Cochran Chapel at Phillips Academy. The house faced Bartlet St. and was located at the corner of Wheeler St. The home was sited behind the former Headmaster's residence "Samaritan House" at 2 Chapel Ave. now the site of Cochran Chapel. In 1900 the Parker property was numbered #79 Bartlet and the Eaton - French house on the opposite corner was #77. When Bartlet St. was renumbered Eaton - French House was given the number 79 Bartlet.

This home traditionally carries the name "Leonard Woods House" after the Reverend Leonard A. Woods who was "inaugurated as Abbot Professor of Christian Theology at Andover in 1808" of the Andover Theological Seminary. Woods however never lived in the home as it was built by his daughter-in-law Hannah H. [Woods] Parker. Hannah H. W. Parker purchased the original 1/2 acre lot from the Trustees of Phillips Academy on Bartlet Street for $450 and had the house built. The deed sale was voted by the Academy on February 15, 1854 and recorded on Nov. 4, 1856. Rev. Woods died six months after the sale vote of the lot to his daughter-in-law Hannah.
The 1860 Andover Valuation Schedule lists Mrs. Hannah H. W. Parker; Center District, 1/2 acre with Dwelling house $2800 and Money $2800.

Leonard A. Woods was b. on June 19, 1774 in Princeton, MA, son of Samuel & Abigail Whitney (Underwood) Woods. Leonard graduated from Harvard Divinity College in 1796 and was ordained in West Newbury, MA in 1798. He married in October 1799 to Abigail Wheeler b. Feb. 29, 1776 at Harvard, MA, daughter of Joseph & Mary (Greenleaf) Wheeler.
Leonard & Abigail had ten children; Samuel b. Oct. 26, 1800 d. 1884, Joseph Wheeler b. July 30, 1802 - d. Nov. 8,1827, Mary Greenleaf b. Oct. 3, 1804 - , Leonard b. 1807 - d. 1878, Daniel Bates b. 1809 - d. 1892, Abigail B. b. 1811- d. 1883, Margarette b. 1823 - d. 1898, Harriette Newell b. 1815 - d. 1893, Sarah Abbott b. 1817 - d. 1836 and Sophia Walker b. 1819 - d. 1892.

Leonard Woods resigned his teaching post in 1845 after 38 years. The following year his beloved wife Abigail Woods died on Feb. 20, 1846. She was interred in the Chapel Cemetery on the campus the Andover Theological Seminary, now Phillips Academy Chapel Cemetery. Leonard would later re-marry on Nov. 5, 1846 in Hartford, CT to Lucia J. (Jones) Ives, the widow of Dr. Ansel G. Ives of NY. Doctor Ives died on Feb. 5, 1838 in NYC. Ansel & Lucia Ives had two sons Edward and Leonard W. Ives. Leonard Woods died on August 25, 1854 in Andover and was interred with his wife. Woods headstone was erected by his students in his memory and contains a profile portrait of the Professor.

The former corner lot was sold by the Trustees of Phillips Academy on Nov. 4, 1856 to Hannah H. W. Parker, daughter-in-law of Leonard & Abigail Woods. (b. 541 leaf 167 Salem deeds) Hannah O. Holkins (or Harkins) was born about 1805 in CT. and married Joseph Wheeler Woods on Dec. 17, 1824, son of Rev. Leonard and Abigail Woods. Rev. Woods married the couple.

Joseph & Hannah Woods would have two children; Elizabeth Abby Woods b. March 13, 1825 and a son Joseph Wheeler Wood Jr. b. Nov. 11, 1827 both in Ashburnham, MA. Sadly Joseph Sr. had died three days prior to his son's birth on Nov. 8, 1827. He is interred in the Woods lot at the Chapel Cemetery. Hannah later re-married on Dec. 26, 1836 to George G. Parker Esquire of Ashburnham. Hannah and George had two children; George H. Parker b. 1838 and Harriet T. Parker b. Apr. 11, 1844. Joseph W. Woods Jr., died on Aug. 1, 1844 at age 16 and was interred next to his father. George G. Parker died of consumption in 1852 in Ashburnham.

In the 1855 Mass. State census Hannah H. W. Parker has moved to Andover and appears to be living on Main St. Harriet is now age 50 and is running a boarding house. Children; Elizabeth Abby Woods age 30, George H. Parker age 16 and Harriet T. Parker age 11 are with their mother. Hannah has one domestic living in the home where she is boarding 15 male students of the Academy.

Hannah's son George H. Parker enlisted in the Army during the Civil War, married when he returned on on Oct. 8, 1868 in Fitchburg, MA to Elizabeth S. Mahon b. in Ipswich, MA daughter of Thomas & Mary W. Mahon. George H. Parker became a druggist in Andover with his store on Main Street.
Daughter Harriet T. Parker married on June 13 1865 to Rev. Asher H. Wilcox b. Norwich, CT. son of William B. & Mary H. Wilcox. They lived in Marblehead, MA. Harriet H. W. Parker died in 1881 and her estate went to her children.
George H. Parker's wife Elizabeth S. died in June 1885 and George died in 1902 of tongue and throat cancer. Elizabeth A. Woods never married and sold her share of the property to her half sister Harriet P. Wilcox on Apr. 11, 1904. The house was then acquired by the Trustees of Phillips Academy by 1908.

With the re-design of the Academy campus in the 1920's the site of Samaritan House and Woods - Parker House was chosen for the new chapel building. Samaritan House was moved to 6 School St. and Parker-Woods house to 1 Judson Rd. The Parker-Woods house, renovated in 1914, was moved to 1 Judson Rd in 1928 and thereafter used for faculty housing.

The Judson Rd property was once owned by Isaac Abbot in 1808. Abbot took a mortgage from the Trustees of Phillips Academy on Sept. 3, 1808 this lot being the 3rd parcel. Book 184 leaf 137. Abbot defaulted and the Trustees foreclosed in 1823. Adjudication - Equity Action Abbot Vs. Trustees of P.A. by Supreme Judicial Court, Ipswich, MA on the 3rd Tuesday April 1823. Case #307 awarded in favor of Phillips Academy.
Robert E. Maynard- listed at 1 Judson Road in 1977

The property was sold on June 21, 2019 to Beverly J. MacLeod and Janet Mitchell. The plans are to remove the home and develop the property.


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Trustees of Phillips Academy - 1856
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Trustees of Phillips Academy - 1908 - 2019

Owners of the Judson Road Property;
Isaac Abbot - 1808
Trustees of Phillips Academy - Sept. 3, 1808 - b. 184 leaf 137 - mtg. deed
Trustees of Phillips Academy - foreclosure - 3rd Tuesday April 1823 Case #307
Trustees of Phillips Academy - Oct. 15, 1974 -
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Beverly J. MacLeod & Janet Mitchell - June 21, 2019 - b. 15889 p. 1

Inventory Data:

StreetJudson Rd
PlacePhillips District
Historic DistrictAcademy Hill NRH District
Historic NameHannah H. [Woods] Park-Elizabeth A. Woods House aker House, aka Leonard Woods House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1855
SourceERDS, ENRDL, AHS file, njs, style
Architectural StyleGreek Revival
Roofasphalt - gable
Move DetailsMoved in 1928 from Bartlet St. for construction of Cochran Chapel
Acreageo.732 acre
Map and parcel40-97
MHC NumberANV.279
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, 02/11/2006, 4/17/2015