104 Hidden Road

Architectural Description: 

Style: Colonial Revival

Other features: perpendicular roof gables; facade had balustrade entry porch with Ionic columns; columned side porch; overhanging 2d & 3rd stories; exterior chimney on left side. Voluminous mass distinguished by cross gables, elegant porches. Restrained design is complemented by naturalistic setting. Once natural unpainted cedar shingle.
Unusual appearance of this period in mid-20th century surroundings.

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: Architectural, Commerce, Community development
This property was once owned by Stephen Abbot, wife Hannah in 1822. Stephen sold a one acre lot to John Trull for $50 on July 22, 1823. Trull purchased and additional 3 acres on March 1, 1826 for $110. The property extended from Hidden Rd. to South Main St. then known as the Essex Turnpike. No mention of a dwelling house in either deed but the 1830 map of Andover does note a building here. Surviving photos show a Cape style home on the property prior the the current home on the site. It looks to be earlier than 1820. (see images below)

John Trull was born on Dec. 8, 1801 in Tewksbury, MA son of Jesse & Olive (Thorndike) Trull. John died in Boston / Newton, MA on Dec. 31, 1891. His property was placed in a Trust and several holdings were in Boston. It appears the he was in the Distillery business. John may have used the home as a summer retreat from Boston, or income property. His name does appear on the 1852 map of Andover. The 1850 Andover Valuation Schedule list John Trull of Boston, Non-resident 4 acres, house and barn $345. The 1860 Valuation list Trull as a resident in South District. (Scotland District) Dwelling House, barn, shop and 4 acres of land $390 and Farm Stock $45. He does not appear in the 1870 Valuation but non-residents have been omitted.

We do know that Allen Hinton is living in the home after 1870 so most likely rented. Trull's estate was settled by his heirs and Trustees in 1901. Allen Hinton purchased the property at auction for $550 on July 1, 1901. Allen built the barn in 1902 and the new house in 1905. The place was known as Hinton's Ice Cream Farm from 1877 - 1922.

Allen Hinton was born in October 1837 in Oxford, North Carolina, son of Anthony Hinton and one of 15 children. An African- American, he was a slave in North Carolina, "deserted his master during the war in 1864 and come to Andover with Samuel Tucker." Allen married in 1867 to Mary Jane (Palmore) Johnson. Mary was born in October 1833 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Mary was the widow of John Johnson b. West Philadelphia, PA. They had a son Charles H. Johnson b. in 1859 in Bridgeport, CT. Allen & Mary had three children; Alice Matilda b. Sept. 17, 1869 in Andover, Albee b. 1870 and Edward Richard b. Aug. 10, 1873.

Allen first worked as Laborer but later with his wife took in laundry, waited tables, catered functions and sold snacks to the students at Phillips Academy. "In 1878 (Allen) made his first venture in selling ice-cream. Beginning with two gallons of cream sold from a cart, he gradually built up his business." Mary J. would make ice cream which was first sold off a wagon then at their farm house on Hidden Road where they built a small store and a gazebo around the tree in front of the house. The students from both Philips and Abbot Academies as well as the residents patronized the Hinton Farm. Allen died on June 16, 1912. His obituary states he was "Conscientious, straight forward, and respected by all."

His wife Mary with daughter Alice and son Edward continued the ice-cream business until her death on Feb. 2, 1921. Alice Matilda Hinton oversaw the operation of the business. Alice graduated from Punchard High School in 1889. Her brother Edward attended Punchard in the class of 1894 but did not complete the course. The 1920 Valuation of the Hinton farm; House $2700, barn $700, Ice Cream Saloon $400, Ice-house and hen-house, $100, 4 acres $1400. Alice was deeded the property in June 2, 1921.

The Hinton homestead was sold to Frank H. Dushame on Mar. 8, 1922. Dushame took a mortgage with the Andover Savings Bank but faulted on the loan and the bank took possession on March 8, 1923. Lewis Greenwood, wife Mary purchased the deed on May 8, 1923 and sold a year later to Jane E. Booth, wife of Oswald Booth of Methuen, MA, on Aug. 16, 1924. The Booths were from England, immigrated in 1902. Oswald Booth b. 1863 was a Machine Printer in a Woolen Mill, Jane b. 1866, they had two children Lilly. b. England 1898 a Piano teacher and son Albert b. New Hampshire in 1905 a teacher in a Private School. The Booths owned for nine years then sold to Marie Theroux of Lawrence, MA on Oct. 28, 1933. They moved to Providence, RI but returned to Andover in 1940 and lived on Arundel St. in Shawsheen.Village.

Phillip F. & Mary B. Hogan purchased the property on Feb. 3, 1937. Philip was an Investments Statistician in Boston. They owned for 17 years.

Stephen P. & Esther M. Parson purchased on Jan. 29, 1954. Stephen b. 1923 was a Salesman. They would be owners for 58 years. The current owners of record are William & Sandra Delfavero since 2012.


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Inventory Data:

StreetHidden Rd
PlaceScotland District
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameHinton House and Farm
Present Useresidential
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1905
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleOther
Wall/Trimcedar shingles/wood
Roofasphalt - gable
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresbarn (1902)
Major Alterationsno
Move Detailsno
Acreage1.38 acres; approx. frontage: 90'; approx. distance to road: 45'
Map and parcel79-22
Recorded byW. Frontiero, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission & Andover Historical Society
Date entered26 Feb 1980. 1/25/2018