11 Chestnut Street - Historic Site
Site of History 🛈The Site of History tag is given to properties that were lost before this building survey was undertaken.

Architectural Description: 

Office building, brick Neo - Colonial
Bay windows flank the symmetrical facade of brick
Cupola on roof and port cochre on the east side.

Historical Narrative: 

This site and property once was part of the Rev. Justin & Lydia Edwards estate at 71 Main Street. After the death of Lydia Edwards the property was divided up between her children. The three daughters Elizabeth, Lydia and Octavia received lots of land on Main Street in what is now the Municipal parking lot and Old Andover Village and lots along Chestnut Street from the gas station to David Grays property at 7 Chestnut Street.

Thomas Howell purchased this lot from Elizabeth & Lydia Edwards on June 11, 1870 which also included the lot on Main #85 which he later sold to James B. Smith in 1882. Howell paid $1245.33 for the land. Thomas and wife Rhoda Howell built the home that once stood on this site. Thomas Howell as built the Howell Block at 10-14 Park Street - May 8, 1885 Andover Advertiser – Thomas Howell has taken his old stand on Park Street and will continue the furniture and upholstering business as aforementioned. See Advert elsewhere.
Advertisement says New Brick Block, Park Street. Property deeded to his wife Rhoda in 1895.

On May 15, 1883 Howell sold the property to the Smith & Dove Manufacturing Company for a mere $780.
Smith and Dove then held the property for nine years before selling to N. Emiline Cole in July 1892.

Emiline Cole was the wife of George S. Cole and parents to John N, Lillian and Maude Cole. After Emiline's death the property went to the three children and John N. Cole held the estate in May 1918. Cole then sold to Laura M. Hill wife of Charles A. on Oct. 30, 1918 and she held the property until her death on June 26, 1946. Husband Charles A. Hill Sr. inherits the property. He is and electrical contractor in Andover. The Hills took in boarders in the 1940's as Dr. Emma Batchelder and her niece Esther Batchelder are living here in 1943.

On June 25, 1951 Charles Hill Sr. sells to his son Charles A. Hill Jr. and his wife Ruth C. Hill. In Sept. 1960 the house is sold to John D. & Suzanne M. Hill. They would be the last residents in the home.

C. Lincoln & E. Janice Giles purchased the property on July 30, 1962. and the property is transferred to Lincoln on Jan. 31, 1963. Giles was a prolific developer in the late 1950's and early 1960's in Andover. He had developed and built Old Andover Village at 87-95 Main St., Nathan Frye house and the Croft Estate on North Main, apartments at the end of Post Office Ave and several other properties. Giles razed the Howell house at 11 Chestnut street and built the professional office building on the site today in 1964.

Giles lost the property in 1971 and Philip Strome the Reciever, then sold to Alfred Naman & Kenneth T. Naman of Lawrence. The men created the Deb-Rho Realty Trust in 1971 along with Henry K. Hyder Jr. as trustees of the property. additional trustee was Jason Rosenberg, Rosenberg and Hyder a majority sold the property on Mar. 1, 1974 to Sidney H. Soreff of Andover.

On Jan. 2, 1975 a group of business men purchased the property, all trustees; Edward S. Miller, John Privitera, Thomas E. Fardy, Walter Topman, Max. J. Perlitsh and Albert F. Kennedy. With the death of John Privitera his wife Angela M. Privitera became successor to him.

Edward S. Miller and Angela M. Privitera created the Andover Chestnut Realty Trust in July 1984 recorded on Aug. 7, 1985. Later Charles S. and Diane Rosenblum were successor trustees as was James Wolfson.

The property was sold to the Quincy Savings Bank in June 1993 and the following month purchased by the Andover Savings Bank and the ASB Development Corporation Aug. 30, 1993. BANKNORTH, National Association, of Portland, Maine took title when they merged with Andover Bank in 2002. The bank then sold to the current owners, CAM, LLC of Woburn, MA purchased on June 20, 2002.

The building houses a variety of professional business in the 14 separate offices units.
Tenants in 2014; World Courier, Andover Hearing Center, LLC, Healing Horizons LTD, Sherburne Counseling, Wellspring Associates, Schoonman Chiropractic, Micro Endodontics, LLC, Schwartz Hannum PC, Tomlinson & Hatch, Document Research, LLC, Andover Tailoring, Rickenbacker 'Comm.


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Inventory Data:

StreetChestnut St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameThomas Howell house
Present UseProfessional / Commercial
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1870s
Architect/BuilderC. Lincoln Giles
Foundationstone & granite
Major AlterationsHouse razed in 1962 for current office building
Demolition Details1962
Map and parcel55-104
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date enteredMay 2014