11 Locke Street

Architectural Description: 

Two story with gambrel roof.
Doric column porches front and side.
Decorative corbel brackets and and railings,
eave dentils, Nice window details and decorative panels

Historical Narrative: 

This parcel was once part of the larger Amos Blanchard homestead (1818-1849) property at 97 Main St. (now the home of the Andover Historical Society) The Blanchard lot extended along Main St. from Locke Street to 77 Main Street. The Edward Taylor family owned the Blanchard house and land from 1849 - 1893. Edward Taylor died on May 23, 1893 and Oliver B. Taylor, was appointed Executor of Taylor's estate June 12, 1893 - probate court. Oliver Taylor began selling off house lots north and south of the Taylor homestead.

John Brewster purchased the lot from Taylor on Jan. 7, 1899 and had the house built. Eleven years later Edwin Brewster has the house and sells to Elizabeth M. Reed on Sept. 30, 1912. Nellie F. Rand, the daughter of John H. & Frances Flint quit claims to James E. & Mary Segee of Belmont, MA who purchased the property in Aug. 1934.

Evelyn W. Dore buys in May 1936 and holds the property for twenty years. Evelyn was born Mar. 28, 1881 in Waterloo, Onterio, Canada, dau. of William J. & Lydia (Hymmen) Reed. Evelyn arrived in Andover in 1891 and was a house maid. In 1910 Census, Evelyn was a waitress at at Sporting Camp in Sapling Township, Somerset, ME, owned by Machael J. Marr b. 1869 in Sudian Pond, Piscatequis, ME, son of Michael & Mary (McVie) Marr. Michael also has four male guides at the camp and Eliza R. Mollison, age 36, the Cabin girl (from Andover) employed. Evelyn married Marr on June 22, 1910 at Indian Pond, ME and they had four daughters: Evelyn, Helen M., Mary S. and Miriam. Evelyn would return to Andover in 1924 to raise her daughters, while Michael ran the camp in Maine. Evelyn first purchased 35 Washington Ave. in 1923. Michael died on Aug. 28, 1936 at Indian Pond. Evelyn then sold the home and purchased 11 Locke Street were she ran a boarding house. She later re-married Dorr.

Evelyn sells to businessmen, Irving Leoff, Raymond Edward, and Robert Barenboim in April 1956 who flip the house to George J. & Alvera K. Graw three months later on July 5, 1956.

Joseph B. & Miriam A. Doherty Sr. purchase the house on May 27, 1960. They would also purchase #5-#7 Locke St. in 1963 as investment property. The Doherty family held this property for 53 years. It was sold to their son Joseph B. Doherty Jr. and wife Deborah in Jan.1983
J.B. Doherty is a real estate broker in Andover as were his family. He sold in 2013, after building a new home in North Andover to Steven & Melissa Hilts.

The house was built as a single family home contain 14 rooms and now has three units with six bedrooms.


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Steven & Melissa Hilts - Sept. 19, 2013 - b. 13639 p. 271

Inventory Data:

StreetLocke St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictMain/Locke Streets NRH District
Historic NameJohn Brewster - J. B. Doherty House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1899-1900
Architectural StyleOther
Foundationstone & granite
Acreageless than one acre
Map and parcel55-119
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered3/2014