111 Argilla Road

Architectural Description: 

This home was originally a story and a half, simple farm house, with white clapboard siding. The front entrance was centered in the middle of the main front facade, flanked by one window on each side. A door hood roof projected over the doorway. Two symmetrical one story wings with shallow hip roofs were attached on both ends of the main structure. The south ell remains. The north end ell, a bedroom, was razed, and the new addition was built in the mid 1960's. Additional bedrooms on the second floor, and formal living room and new entrance on the first floor. Board and batten siding and shake cedar shingles added during renovations. Two mature maple trees flanked either side of the main entrance.

Historical Narrative: 

111 Argilla Rd - Patrick Murphy Farm

The Enoch Chase farm was located across the street from 130 Argilla Rd. near the location of Bateson Dr. today. Enoch Chase sold his farm to sons, John Chase and Joshua Chase. Two undivided half’s of the farm. John Chase leased ½ of the farm to his father Enoch, a cordwainer, for $150, a year for his natural life. Anna Chase wife of Enoch died on Jan. 18, 1829 age 76. Enoch born 1750 died the following year on Sept. 19, 1830.

John Chase sells off parcels of his farm to John White, yeoman, of Andover,(7 acres 10 rods) on May 9, 1831, and William Foster of Andover. The White parcel was a portion of the current lot at 111 Argilla Rd.
John White, wife Sophia held the property for ten years then moved to Chester, NH. White then sold the parcel to Franklin Heald on May 29, 1841 who had the abutting farm at 97 Argilla Rd. Heald sold this lot to Joseph & Lucy R. Chandler on June 29, 1857.

Patrick Murphy was the next owner on Oct. 14, 1864. He purchased the 8 acre 136 rods parcel for $531. We believe that Patrick Murphy built the home and barn on this site. He had been living in the home at 130 Argilla Rd. but on the 1872 and 1884 maps of Andover locate Murphy and house at this location. In 1888 Murphy is back in the old homestead and T. C. Sullivan is listed at this location, most likely renting the farm. Murphy owned for 42 years then sold to Hannah J. Williams on Nov. 5, 1906. Williams moved to Methuen and sold to Rose Ward, wife of Frank E. on Oct. 1, 1910. Ward owned just 11 months then selling to Samuel Klubock of Lawrence on Sept. 28, 1911. Samuel then sold the property to Morris & Sara Klubock on Aug. 21, 1912.

William Rennie, son of William & Isabella, purchased the home on Sept. 30, 1922 and he and siblings would own for 34 years. The Rennie family were from Scotland. His parents William Wallace & Isabelle (Miller) Rennie were from Alva, Stirlingshire, Scotland. William W. b. July 1847 was a spinner, and Isabella b. July 1853, had 12 children; George b. 1873, John M. b. 1876, Wallace b. 1877, David 1879, Mary b. 1881, James b. 1883, Adam E. b. 1884, Janet b. 1886, Robert b. 1887, William b. 1889, Isabella :Bella" b. 1892 and Elizabeth b. June 1894.

William Wallace Rennie and son David immigrated to America arriving in NYC on Nov. 23, 1894 on the S.S. State of California. They made their way to Lawrence, secured jobs in the Woolen Mills, an apartment at 96 Melvin St. and then sent for their family. Isabella and her 11 remaining children arrive in Boston on May 15, 1895 on the S.S. Scandinavian. All the children of age, 14 and older took jobs in the mills. The family later settled in at 40 May Street in North Andover.

George Rennie was a Spinner and brother David a Warp Dresser in the mills but left to pursue farming. They first purchased the Lord farm at 61 Argilla Road. on Feb. 17, 1906 and began in poultry but soon switch to strawberries on the 23 acre farm. David later sold his share of the farm to George & Margaret Rennie on Jan. 1, 1909. It was then named the "George Rennie Farm".

The Rennie families established strawberry farms on Argilla Road. They also owned the farms at #85 Argilla, the "Rennie Brothers Farm" and #111 Argilla Rd. All the land of Strawberry Hill Rd. and Rennie Drive were owned by the brothers. Besides supplying fresh fruit in season they shipped strawberry plants throughout the country.

Siblings William b. 1889, Adam E., b. 1884, Isabella b. b. 1892 and Janet Rennie b. 1886 all lived together in this home. The deed was placed in Janet’s name on June 19, 1930 and then in both her and Isabella Rennie on Feb. 2, 1938. The Rennie brothers work the farm and built another concrete block barn for plant trimming and tractor storage. It was located about where Oriole Dr. connects with Argilla. The two sisiter Bella and Janet were menders in the American Woolen Co. mill in Shawsheen. The brothers retired and the property was sold to Fred W Doyle on Sept. 14, 1956.
Fred W Doyle of the Doyle Lumber Co. was a developer and house builder. Doyle needed the property to connect his new road Oriole Dr. from Reservation Rd. through to Argilla Rd. House lots were created and the 9 acre Rennie farm lot was divided into house lots. This parcel with house and barn was lot 3 and was sold to James & Mary K. Bateson, Jr. on Dec. 5, 1956.

Jim & Mary enlarged their home as their young family grew. They have six children, Neil, Maureen, Lori, Todd, Tammy and Shaun. Jim started a trucking company, then moved into heavy construction and excavation. His sons continue in the family business. The Bateson’s continue as owners of record now 60 years on Argilla Rd.


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Neil, Todd & Shaun Bateson, Jt. Trustees - Apr. 20, 2000

Inventory Data:

StreetArgilla Rd
PlaceWest Parish - West Andover
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NamePatrick Murphy - Rennie - Bateson House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1865 - 1870
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleOther
Wall/Trimcedar shingles/wood
Roofasphalt - gable
Outbuildings / Secondary StructuresBarn 1860s, attached truck garage and workshop
Major Alterations1960s - two story addition on north side of original house, new main entrance relocated to current site, clapboard siding replaced by shake shingles. roof dormer on rear.
Demolition Detailsnorth ell replaced in 1960s
Acreage1.128 acres
Map and parcel91-3
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, 2/20/2017