111 Main Street

Architectural Description: 

Federal style, three story home with four chimneys. symmetrical facade, house faces south, east side to the Turnpike or Main St.
other features: Hip roof

Historical Narrative: 

Original owner: Major Daniel Cummings
Owner (1976): Joseph A. Grasso

Themes: Architectural, Community development, Education

Historical significance:
On March 1, 1818, Major Daniel Cummings bought 7 acres from South Church. He had formerly lived in Ebenezer Jenkin's place in Scotland District, where he kept Merino sheep. He paid $700 to South Church, the money being turned into a Ministerial Fund of South Church. Cummings built a three-story Federal style house and boarded academy and theological students, 1820 - 1823. Cummings sold the property to Calvin Sanger for $4000 on June 2, 1824. Cummings moved to Vermont.
Calvin Sanger of Sherbourne, MA then sold to James Locke on October 27, 1824. James Locke had been the proprietor at Mansion House on the Hill 1817 - 1825. Then he moved down Main Street.
"Old Lanlord, Saturnine and grim/ Who left our hilltop for a new abode; and reared his signpost farther down the road/ " (Oliver Wendell Holmes).
From 1824 - 1846, during James Locke's tenure, Locke Tavern became a meeting place for new enterprises. Locke was a Free Mason and St. Mathew's Lodge was organized here in 1823. A group interested in organizing a branch line between Andover and the partially completed Boston and Lowell Railroad, held a public meeting here and resolved to partition legislature for a charter for Andover and Wilmington Railroad. The first meeting of the stockholders of the corporation of Andover National Bank was held here. The Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance Company was organized here February 1828. Abbott Academy was founded at James Locke's Tavern Feb. 19, 1828.

James Locke was born Dec. 14, 1762 in Kensington, NH, son of Timothy Blake & Lydia (Dow) Locke. James married on Nov. 25, 1790 in Salisbury, NH, Wid. Tabitha (Edwards) Ordiorne b. Apr. 15, 1759 in Salisbury, MA. James & Tabitha had four children: David b. 1791, Mary O. b. 1792, James Ordinone b. 1796 and Hiram b. 1800. Tabitha died July 8, 1802 in Salisbury. James remarried on Nov. 28, 1803 in Newburyport, MA to Sally (Stickney) Dalton b. Feb. 11, 1770 in Newbury, MA. Sons David and Hiram M died at sea, David in 1811 and Hiram in 1820. James O. died in Boston in 1830. Daughter Mary O. married Wm. P. Capewell of Boston on Nov. 19, 1839 and was his only heir. Wife Sally died Sept. 17, 1835 and James died on April 20, 1845 at the age of 82 years.

The property was sold for $4680 to Nathan Wood Hazen, Esq. on Jan. 23, 1846. Hazen was a lawyer, member of the House of Representatives, and the house was probably not a tavern after Hazen's ownership. "Notes of Jacob Chickering, Builder, 1874, October : N. W. Hazen, fence about 220; cost 75 cents per foot - the digging not included. (North Andover Historical Society).

Squire Hazen was born July 9, 1799 in Bridgeton, Maine, son of Jacob & Hannah (Wood) Hazen originally from Boxford, MA. Hazen married Oct. 21, 1831 to Mary Pingree dau. of Asa & Anne (Perkins) Pingree of Salem, MA. They had one daughter Mary P. b. 1839 in Maine. She became a school teacher in Andover. The 1860 and 1870 census reveal only a few boarders in their home. Nathan Hazen died March 20, 1887 and the first issue of "Andover Townsman" announced "Capt. Locke's Tavern for sale: three stories; 13 sleeping chambers". It was bought by Mrs. John Flint, (Frances A.) who sold to William Goldsmith. In 1888, John Flint remodeled, removing ell buildings and two sheds and moving the barn to rear of 117 Main Street. The L on North was moved to run East and West. Flint changed windows to large panes and he sold out lots along Locke Street.

AT Nov. 2, 1888 p. 4 – col. 3 – John Flint remodeling Hazen Estate – one L and 2 shed to be sold and removed. Barn to be moved to rear of the house, back of site where it was formerly. The L on the north of house swung rond so to run east to west.

AT- Nov. 16, 1888 p. 4 – The shinglers are shingling J. H. Flint’s “Hazen House”. The movers have moved the Hazen house L which S. G. Bean bought, via Park Street to adjoin the Elm House stables.

On Oct. 14, 1889, Albert Manning, who owned Smith - Manning Dry Goods Store, 8 Essex Street, acquired the property in exchange with Mrs. John Flint for property on High Street. Dr. Clark then owned and occupied the house and about 1928, he sold to Mrs.Katherine M. Pinckney on Dec. 20, 1915 who kept it as a boarding house unto 1942. Katherine P. Whistler inherits the property on Jan 14, 1943 by Will

Frederick E. Cheever became the owner on Oct. 10, 1946. Cheever, 1946-1971, who was in charge of apartments there after 1946. Andrew and Dorothy Innes were owners 1971-1976.
Joseph A. Grasso became the owner on Jan. 9, 1976 and held the property for 26 years. It was then sold to E. Paul & Andrea J. Long, and converted into the Locke Tavern Condominiums in Aug. 28, 2002. An addition on the west side was altered during the conversion. Hardy board clapboards replace the original wooden ones.


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South Church - land
Major Daniel Cummings - March 1, 1818 - $700 - 7 acres
Calvin Sanger - June 2, 1824 - b. 235 leaf 211 - $4000.
James Locke - Oct. 27, 1824 - b. 237 leaf 176 -
James Locke estate - Apr. 20, 1845 -
Nathan W. Hazen - Jan. 1, 1846 - b. 363 leaf 159 - $4680
Nathan Hazen estate, died March 20, 1887 heir Mary P. Hazen
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Joseph A. Grasso - Jan. 9, 1976 - b. 1274 p. 533
E. Paul & Andrea J. Long,
Locke Tavern Condominiums - Aug. 28, 2002 - b. 7041 p. 01

Inventory Data:

StreetMain St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictMain/Locke Streets NRH District
Historic NameCummings, Maj. Daniel House - Locke Tavern
Present Useresidence - 5 apartments
Original UseResidence, and Academy students boarded here 1820 - 1825
Construction Date1818
SourceAndover Historical Society files; Goldsmith, Hist. Houses
Architectural StyleFederal
Foundationbrick or stone foundation
Wall/Trimwood clapboards
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresnow removed
Major Alterations(1888)
Acreageless than one acre; Lot size: 15,540 sq.ft.; Approx. Frontage: 108'
Map and parcel40-18
MHC NumberANV.337
Recorded byStack/Mofford; Brian Lee (cwo)
OrganizationAndover Historical Commission
Date enteredAugust 1977; July 1992