112 Gould Road

Architectural Description: 

This family burial ground is just 15 feet wide and 34 feet deep. It was once enclosed by four wrought iron Victorian posts linked together by chain swags. Stone posts mark the east boundry and the lot sits 13' north of a stone wall boundary on the south and abuts a stonewall to the west along Central St. in North Reading and Gould Rd. in Andover.

Historical Narrative: 

The Gould family cemetery is located just over the town boundary line in North Reading on Central Street. It was originally part the Cornelius Gould farm at 102 Gould Road in Andover which extended across the line into the North Parish of Reading, MA. The North Parish became North Reading in 1854. The town boundries were surveyed on December 1 - 4 of 1902 and redrawn in May 1903. The North Reading boundary was moved north at this location and the property is now included in the County of Middlesex.

In the summer of 1988 the Andover Historical Society and the Andover Preservation Commission conducted a survey under the title "Andover Historic Cemeteries Project" lead by Joan Patrakis. All the cemeteries in Andover, included family owned burial grounds were inventoried. The plan was to capture and document as many of the old inscriptions before lost in erosion to acid rain and natural deterioration. At this time the Gould Cemetery was measured, photographed and documented.

The following description was done by Leo Greene in 2009, the owner of the former Gould homestead at 102 Gould Road, Andover, MA.

In a small cemetery located about one hundred and fifty yards south of the farmhouse, there are three headstones. The transcriptions are as follows:
• Cornelius Gould - died July 26, 1847 aged 80
• Lydia Gould – wife of Cornelius, died April 1, 1852
• Emerson Gould – son - died April 15, 1848 aged 30

On Mar. 25, 1820 Cornelius bought the Andover farm of 135 acres from John Duke of Dunbarton, NH. The 1820 Census lists the Gould family in Andover. with nine family members. Cornelius Gould, a Yeoman, was born Feb. 1, 1767 in Topsfield, MA, son of Major Joseph Gould Jr. & Elizabeth Emerson. Cornelius married Feb. 3, 1791 in Danvers, MA to Phebe Porter b. Aug. 20, 1769 in Danvers, dau. of Joseph & Phebe (Barrett) Porter. Cornelius & Phebe lived in Topsfield and Boxford had five children; Clarisa b. June 10, 1791, Betsey b. Dec. 11, 1793, Phebe b. Jan. 23, 1797, Joseph Porter b. Apr. 10, 1799 and Fanny b. Sept. 2, 1801. Wife Phebe died in Boxford in 1807. The 1810 Census lists Cornelius in Boxford, MA with six children.

Cornelius remarried in 1814 to Lydia Jenkins b. Nov. 2, 1783 in Andover, dau. of Joel & Martha “Patty” (Carter) Jenkins, intention recorded on May 24, 1812. They had three children all born in Boxford, MA; Barzilia b. Dec. 14, 1814, Henry Augusta b. Mar. 4, 1816 and Emerson Porter b. Jan. 14, 1818.

Cornelius died on July 26, 1847 and was buried on the farm in a small family plot on the Andover and North Reading line.

The proximity of the burial ground to the Gould Farmhouse leaves little doubt that the stones mark the graves of the family that once lived at the Gould Farmhouse. This conclusion is supported by multiple other pieces of evidence. In the cartographic record, a “C. Gould” is listed on the Moses Dorman Map of Andover (1830) as living on what is today known as Gould Road, slightly to the east of where the road turns to the southwest. The chain of title for the property also supports this conclusion. In his last will and testament, recorded July 23, 1840, after leaving cash distributions to six of his seven children, Cornelius bequeaths “to my son Henry Augustus Gould the residue of my estate, whether real, personal or mixed” Then, in the Walling Map of Andover of 1852, an “H.A. Gould” is listed as living in the same house. Further, the genealogical record lends credence to both the dating of Lydia and Cornelius, and the fact that they had a son named Henry Augustus Gould, and a grandson named Milo H. Gould, all of whom turned up in the chain of title for the property. Thus, the following family reconstruction/historical narrative was written using individuals whose dates matched that of the grave stones as a starting point, namely Cornelius Gould, and his wife Lydia Jenkins Gould.

The area in which the Gould Farmhouse sits was, at the time of its construction known as the Scotland District. Robert Russell, a Scottish immigrant settled in the area and because of this fact the district received its name.


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Joel Jenkins (Martha) – Apr. 30, 1777 – b. 135 leaf 147 – 460 pounds -
Samuel Jenkins Jr., wife Surviah H. – Mar. 31, 1812 – b. 195 leaf 242 - $3000 135 acres
John Duke, wife Phebe – Sept. 5, 1818 – b. 216 leaf 284 - $3000
Cornelius Gould, wife Lydia – Mar. 25, 1820 – b. 222 leaf 195 - $1650
Henry A. Gould, wife Sarah B. – Aug. 17, 1837 – b. 301 leaf 273 $800 – 135 acres
Cornelius Gould - Mar. 21, 1839 – b. 319 leaf 273 $800 – 135 acres
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Henry A. Gould – May 29, 1865 – b. 687 leaf 137 – 3A 54 poles $50
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Inventory Data:

StreetGould Rd
PlaceScotland District
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameGould Family Cemetery
Present UseCemetery
Original Usefarm land
Construction Date1847
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleOther
Architect/BuilderGould Family
Acreage15' x 34'
Map and parcel67-9
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder, Leo Greene
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission & Andover Historical Society
Date enteredDec. 12, 2017