115 Main Street

Architectural Description: 

Queen Anne style

Historical Narrative: 

The property was once part of the Nathan W. Hazen Estate at 111 Main Street which extended from Locke Street to Morton Street. John H. & Frances A. Flint purchased the Hazen estate and began to divide the property into house lots which spurred development on both Locke Street and southward along Main Street. The house was built by William S. Jenkins, local contractor who lived across the street at 118 Main Street.

Aug. 28, 1891 – AT p. 4 – The finishing touches are being put on W. S. Jenkins new house on Main Street and it will be ready for occupancy
Sept. 4, 1891 – AT – Dr. C. H. Gilbert and family have taken possession of W.S. Jenkins new house next to the residence of A.S. Manning on Main St.

Dr. Charles Gilbert a Dentist purchased the house in 1893. Dr. Gilbert was born in Saxson’s River Village, VT July 19, 1841. At age twenty enlisted in the 14th New Hampshire Volunteers and served throughout the Civil War. Charles contracted diphtheria during the campaign which made him nearly deaf. Charles married Dec. 6, 1865 to Sarah Louise Hale. They had three children from this marriage; Perley F., Elsie L. and Guy W. Gilbert.

Perley F., b. 1868, graduated from Punchard Free School, Phillips Academy, and MIT., a noted local architect who redesigned the entrance and interior of Old Town Hall in 1903, Orlando Cottage (Lanam Club) 1916, Home for the Aged on Carmel Rd 1922, West Parish Vestry 1927 and Memorial Auditorium and the new Jr. High School wing in 1934, and several housing units for the American Woolen CO. in Lawrence and Maynard, MA. He partnered with Merrill & Gilbert of Lowell MA and later his own company under Perley Gilbert & Associates. Daughter, Elsie L. graduated from Punchard High with brother Perley in 1887 and married Edward Herrick Brown. Guy W. Gilbert b. 1871 in St. Johnsbury, VT was also a dentist and practiced in Lawrence & Andover before moving to Jamaica Plain.

The Gilbert family came to Andover in the 1870’s and Charles opened his practice in the Draper Block at 35 Main Street. Wife Sarah died in 1879 and Charles married Emma A. Shattuck Stone, widow of the Rev. D. J. Stone. She had two children, Mary and Colver J. Stone. Dr. Gilbert was a member of Post 99, G. A. R., St. Matthews Lodge and the Royal Arcanum. The family grave is located in West Parish Garden Cemetery.

The Look family was long associated with the photography business in town Donald Look owned Look Photo beginning in the Barnard Block, later the Musgrove Building. In 1960’s moved to Old Andover Village and then to Barnard St. location. Many of Look’s photos appeared in the Andover Townsman and Lawrence Eagle Tribune.

The John & Dorothy Birdsall Jr. purchased the house in 1955. Birdsall family were the owners and proprietors of the very popular “Coffee Mill” restaurant at 125 Main street to the right of the Andover Shop. It catered mainly to the students of Phillips and Abbot Academies and closed about 1969.
Donald & Barbara Richmond purchased the house in June 26, 1976 as rental income property. The Richmond family continue to own and maintain several apartment and commercial buildings in town.


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Major Daniel Cummings - 1819
James Locke, - 1825
Nathan W. Hazen, - 1840–1887 died estate
John H. & Frances A. Flint 1888
Joseph A. Smart -
William S. Jenkins - Oct. 16, 1890 - b. 109 p. 259 lot of land
Charles H. Gilbert, DDS - Jan. 2, 1893 -b. 123 p.378 with house
Perley J. Gilbert - Aug. 9, 1907 - b. 307 p. 394
Percy J. Look - Sept. 16, 1916 - b. 368 p. 501
Minnie L. Look - Feb. 18, 1917 - b. 373 p. 550
Jane B. Look - Feb. 28, 1925 - b. 509 p. 562
Robert & Donald Look,
Ernestine Look Land, heirs -Oct. 31, 1933
Percy J. Look - Sept. 13, 1943 - b. 659 p. 592
Percy J. Look - July 2, 1948 - b. 712 p. 370
Donald B. Look - Sept. 12, 1952 - b. 767 p. 2
Robert E. Look, Executor
John & Dorothy Birdsall Jr. - Oct. 4, 1955 - b. 821 p. 237
Donald & Barbara Richmond - June 26, 1976 - b. 1285 p. 332

Inventory Data:

StreetMain St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictMain/Locke Streets NRH District
Historic NameDr. Charles Gilbert / Look House
Present Useapartments, residence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1891
SourceENRD - Lawrence, MA
Architect/BuilderWillaim S. Jenkins
Foundationstone & granite
Roofasphalt - gable
Major Alterationsconversion to apartments
Map and parcel40-17
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date enteredMarch 4, 2014