123 1/2 Main Street
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Architectural Description: 

123½ Main Street formerly 131 Main moved in 1892
Style: Gothic Revival
Gothic Revival homes were popular in America from about 1835 to 1865. Though most were embellished in wooden scrollwork “gingerbread” in the gables and porches this house would be an early nod to the style with its high pitched roof and four steep gabled window dormers.

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: Architectural, Community development

Historical Narrative:
Themes: Architectural, Community development

Historical significance:
This land once belonged to James Locke’s estate at 111 Main St. James sold the corner lot at Main and Morton Streets to the Widow Elizabeth Chandler on May 22, 1832 for $160. The lot was 100’ on Green St. (Morton St.) and 70’ wide on Main St. Elizabeth then sold the “undivided half” east end corner lot to Sally Woodbridge on Oct. 20, 1832 for $100. Sally’s parcel was 50’ x 70’ fronting on Main St. It appears that Sally Woodbridge built the Gothic revival home on the corner lot in 1832-33. Elizabeth built her house facing Morton Street at #6 in 1833. Elizabeth lived on the east side of her house and she sold the west side to Ede Symonds on Dec. 21, 1835 excluding the small upper chamber at the top of the stairs.

Sarah “Sally” Woodbridge was baptized on Sept. 21, 1792 in Reading, MA dau. of Dudley & Sarah (Brock) Woodbridge. Sally had six siblings, and is referenced in deed and her estate as a Single Woman, but we know she had a son Henry Gilmanson Woodbridge b. Jan. 29, 1816 son of Alexander Allen & Sarah Woodbridge. Sally died on April 25, 1842 at age 50 of a paradental infection. In her will she leaves her wearing apparel to her sister Mary (Woodbridge) Parker. Her brother Nathaniel, use & occupancy of one room in my house, so long as he remains a single man. I give to my son Gilman Woodbridge all the residue of the estate which included the house. H. Gilman was a Yeoman and Trader. Sally’s probate assets include; “the land and Building now occupied by Mr. Dudley Woodbridge by life house $600. The land and building now occupied by Henry G. Woodbridge $650 and 1 pew in the Methodist Meeting House $30, which at that time was across the street.

Henry G. only occupied the house a short time before his death on June 5, 1843. He left a widow Phebe and three children all under age of five. Henry died intestate and the property was sold at auction to James Cochran, an Andover blacksmith, on Jan. 4, 1844 for $153 from the estate. James was also assigned the outstanding mortgage held by Richard Taft of Boston of $316. The deeded lot states: SW on Green St. 50’ to Eliz. Chandler’s, then NW 70’ to J. Locke’s, NE 50’ to Tpk. 70’ to 1st pt. It being intended to convey one undivided half of the same premises conveyed by Elizabeth Chandler to Sarah Woodbridge.
James Cochran then purchased an additional 62 sq. rods on June 1, 1844 for $300 from Locke.
Cochran held the parcels for one year then selling to Willard Pike on May 16, 1845. This house was the Pike homestead from 1845 to Apr. 9, 1885.

Willard Pike also purchased 2¾ acres on Aug. 26, 1845 for $600 from Samuel Abbott & William Abbott. That property ran 594’ along Morton St. east of Main St. and was 198’ deep to “the rear of the Methodist Society” land (126 Main St.). Willard Pike built two soap manufacturing houses at 22 Morton St. and two houses at 16 & 18 Morton St. The 1850 Valuation assessed Pike’s holdings: Dwell house and barn $1000, Chandler house $800 (6 Morton), J. Small place, House & Shop $650 (18 Morton), 2 Soap houses & shed $1050, 3 acres land adjoining $600 = $4100. Farm Stock $205 Stock $100 = $305.

Willard Pike was born June 1, 1797 in Phillipston, MA son of David & Joanna (Cheney) Pike. Willard married on Aug. 14, 1823 to Mary E. Buss b. 6/17/1804 in Canton, MA dau. of Richard & Sally (Crane) Buss. They had eight children: Mary Willianna b. 6/21/1824, Charles W. b. 4/26/1826 – d. 10/19/1843 age 17 6m, Sarah Cheney b. 4/12/1829 – d. 9/26/1830, Sarah Lynda b. 4/1/1833, George Edmond b. 1/3/1835 in Lowell, Joanna Cheney b. 3/4/ 1839, Frances Amanda b. 7/31/1842 – d. 10/1/1842 and Willard b 5/7/1847-d. 5/15/ 1847. Wife Mary died of consumption on Feb. 5, 1849 age 44. Willard remarried on Nov. 29, 1849 in Betsey Hardy b. Feb. 18, 1808 in Tewksbury, dau. of Stephen & Sarah (Bailey) Hardy. They had no issue. Betsey died on March 24, 1879 age 71. Willard and son George E. lived together. George was a veteran of the Civil War, wounded at Harris Farm, Spotsylvania. Willard married a third time on Feb. 24, 1880 at age 82 to Harriet N. Knowles, b. 1845 in Lowell, dau. of Thomas J. & Emily M. Knowles. Willard Pike placed the deed to property in Harriet N. Pike’s name on Aug. 17, 1880. Willard died on May 11, 1882. The family lot is at South Parish Cemetery. Harriet remained in the house as she is listed in the 1885 Directory. Harriet sold the property to John L. H. Staples on Apr. 9, 1885 for $6500. Staples then sold to Rose A. Chapman for $7000 on Aug. 28, 1885.

Phillips Academy fraternity, Pi Alpha Epsilon, rented this house from Chapman and it was known as the PAE Club House. In July 1892 the cottage house was moved to this site and Ovid Chapman built a new and larger club house on the corner lot at #131 Main. July 8, 1892 Andover Townsman - "O. Chapman intends making alterations in his property on the corner of Main and Morton Streets. The club house directly on the corner is to be moved to the Hazen lot in the rear of the tennis court, and a new one built in its place."

July 22, 1892 AT "The club house belonging to O. Chapman, at the corner of Main & Morton Streets, has been moved to the rear of his store building. It was moved by Geo. Wilson last Friday (July 15) night, as it was necessary to wait until the electric cars had stopped running in order to cut the wires and get the building around them. Work on the new house on the corner is already underway. Hardy & Cole having the contract to build it.

Pi Alpha Epsilon - PAE was not a secret society but founded in the late 1870's for "literary purposes and was intended as a reward of merit. Dr. Bancroft used the founding to conduct an experiment which led to his philosophy change from "elimination" to "regulation". This was their first clubhouse before they moved into the new one at #131. In 1908 PAE built their own brick house south of the Bell Tower and Newman House on Main Street now known as Cooley House.

This house is now a single family residence which is currently owned by the Davidson family who own 125-127 Main St. and is used as rental income property. This house was also once the residence of Leon & Agnes Davidson when they first acquired the property in 1925-26.
See #974.451 ANA Andover


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Willard Pike - May 16, 1845 – b. 356 leaf 3
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Inventory Data:

StreetMain St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictMain/Locke Streets NRH District
Historic NameSarah Woodbridge - Willard Pike house, aka PAE House
Present Useresidence
Original UseResidence and Phillips Academy Fraternity House
Construction Date1832 - 1833
SourceERDS, NERDL, style,
Architectural StyleGothic Revival
Wall/Trimclapboards/vinyl covered
Major AlterationsMoved to site from #131 Main St July 1892 Right of Way called Chapman Court in deeds.
Move DetailsJuly1892 by Ovid Chapman for 131 Main St. to 123 1/2 Main St.
Map and parcel40-13
Recorded byStack/Mofford; James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-1977; 3/2014. 8/31/2021