125 Dascomb Road

Architectural Description: 


Greek Revival window trim and vestibule and doorway, good mouldings and chimney - may be First Period; beamed ceilings, three fireplaces. Original owner Jacob Johnson (1727-1808); boarding house for summer visitors, 1891.

Historical Narrative: 

Themes - Architectural, Community Development.

First recorded deed of property, 1711, when Thomas Johnson distributed estate to various members of his family. At the time of his marriage to Sarah Dolliver, 1758, Jacob Johnson built this house (third on the property). He was a blacksmith and had shop on property. Jacob left shop, barn and house to son, Osgood Johnson, also a blacksmith, valued about $670 (including 50 acres). Osgood I added south part of house - 1800. He died 1803 and his son Osgood Johnson II inherited. He was an 1823 graduate of Phillips Academy, graduate of Dartmouth and became headmaster of Phillips Academy. He deeded to his brother-in-law, Jacob Dascomb, from Wilton, NH, 4th Deacon of West Parish Church, 1832 (quit-claim deed). Jacob suffered financial losses, sold to Hiram W. French, 1851.

Samuel Hyder, Jacob Dascomb's father-in-law by his second marriage to Widow Parthenia Wilder. Hyder took mortgage on place and in 1856, title to it. When Hyder died in 1874, property partitioned off to 3 daughters of Parthenia's Wilder's first marriage; Parthia H. Clark wid. of Samuel, Mary E. French, wife of Hiram W., and Sarah E. WIlder. Through a court petition the estate was assessed and Parthia H. Clark was awarded the house and 10 acre lot. Mary and Sarah were each awarded 12 acres each from the pasture across the street from the house. Parthia also had to pay her sisters $1133.33 each for the house share and $733.33 for pasture.

Two years later Samuel H. Boutwell, guardian of Parthia H. Clark, an insane person, is given license to sell the property on April 10, 1876. Boutwell sells the 34 acre farm at auction on May 2, 1876 to Benjamin F. Smith for $2300. Smith then sells the property on June 27, 1876 to Martha A. Batchelder, wife of Joseph H. Batchelder of North Reading, MA. for $2650. Joseph Henry Batchelder was b. Oct. 19, 1832 in Reading, married July 19, 1862 to Martha Ana Sargent. Joseph & Martha had two children: Edith b. June 14, 1864 and Walter Sargent b. June 9, 1864. both in North Reading. Daughter Edith graduated from Punchard Free School the week after her 16th birthday in 1880. Tragically their son Walter died on Oct. 26, 1883, found hanging in a snare trap in the barn. He was only 14 years old. Joseph H. died on March 8, 1891 at 58 years old.

Martha A. Batchelder then sold the farm to a sea captain, Llewellyn F. Murch, wife Ada P. on June 4, 1891. Capt. Murch built piazza (1905) across front, with ell lattice-work for summer boarders; put ship weather vane on barn. With the death of Llewelln in 1904, and no will, his widow Ada P. Murch then had to go through the courts to take ownership of the property on June 11, 1904. Ada then sold to Etta Higgins that some day.

Etta held the property for one year then selling to Elizabeth Curtis, Albert F. Curtis, Walter E. Curtis of Medford, MA on Aug. 25, 1905. The deed gave Elizabeth a life interest in the property and Albert & Walter Curtis tenants in common. Curtis added the cow barn, removed piazza from front of of the house and took off side door. East ell of barn added in 1908. Elizabeth Louise was the wife of Walter Everett Curtis.

In 1915 farm divided between Curtis brothers and Albert built new house across street. House was renovated 1920 and 1933/34 by Curtis. 1941 he increased length of north ell 30 feet, added West ell. Greenhouse had been added, 1938. Walter E. Curtis died in 1943 and Elizabeth L.Curtis owned until 1947.

The house and 96 acre farm property was then sold in five parcels to then sold to Robert D. and Pauline A. Mayo of Lexington, MA on June 16, 1947. With the construction of Route 93 in the late 1950's land for the highway cut through many farms in West Andover. When completed developers then began to purchase the farms. The Mayos sold to Wyncrest Development Corporation of Lexington on June 30, 1961. The farm land encompassed most of the land from Osgood St, Rt. 93 and Dascomb Rd. The Homestead lot of 1.25 acres was divided off and sold to Frederick H. and Nancy V. Mundy Jr. on June 29, 1962.

1997 preservation award.
Formerly owned by Arcal and Tamsen George (1977).
Present owners: Maria and Stephen Crockett.


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Jacob Johnson - 1758, built this house (third on the property, son
Osgood Johnson I - died 1803
Osgood Johnson II - inherits - 1803
Jacob Dascomb - brother-in-law,
Hiram W. French - 1851
Samuel Hyder - 1856, title to it. - died in 1874
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Inventory Data:

StreetDascomb Rd
Historic DistrictIndividual National Register Listing
Historic NameDascomb, Jacob House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence with blacksmith shop
Construction Date1758
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleGeorgian
Outbuildings / Secondary StructuresLarge barn; small stable
Major Alterationssouth part added 1800 ell lengthened 1941
Acreage1.27 acres; 366 feet approximate frontage
Map and parcel179-7
MHC NumberANV.168
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Historical Society, Andover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, 1/8/2016