129 Lowell Street

Historical Narrative: 

May 22,1897, Charles A. Hardy & son Frank Hardy purchase ½ acre lot for $150 from George Averill. (bk. 155 pg. 82 NERDL) They obtain a mortgage from the Punchard Free School Trustee, a corporation for $1000 to be paid back in one year at 5 ½%.
(bk. 155 pg. 83 and discharged 1898 bk. 265 pg. 157.)
Frank Hardy builds a house for himself and his wife Edith directly across the street from his father’s home, the Phelps stone house at #183 Lowell Street. Frank’s boyhood home is where he began his brush making business in the barn behind the house.

1898, September 20, Charles Hardy conveys his interest in property over to son Frank Hardy – (bk. 183 pg. 506)

1900 Tax Evaluation for Andover. Hardy, Frank H. House $1200. ½ acre of land $100 = $1300. (AHS archives)

1901, March 11, Frank H. Hardy from Charles Hardy - (bk. 183 pg. 506)

November 3, 1908, William M. Wood purchases the land from Frank H. Hardy;
North by Lowell St. 7 rods 9’, easterly by land of the Grange 13 rods, southerly by land, late of Averill and westerly to Lowell St.(bk. 265 pg. 157)

William Wood acquires this property along with the adjoining Grange land for the creation of the Green in front of the church and for the cemetery expansion and new main entrance. The Church Vestry building and horse sheds also were removed to locations east of Reservation Rd.

The “Hardy House” was sold to Grandville K. Cutler, Purchasing Agent for the American Woolen Company, a member of the West Parish Church and the Andover Grange. He was also Chairman of the Cemetery board committee. The Hardy house was moved about ½ mile east to #129 Lowell Street north side of the road. The new lot was owned by the Burtt/Cutler family who owned the 16 acre farm at #161 Lowell St. Cutler's wife was Gertrude Burtt who grew up in the homestead at #161 was purchased by her sister Angie and brother Albert Burtt in 1902

November 2, 1908, Edith E. & Frank H. Hardy purchase the John Morrell home at 202 Shawsheen Rd. directly behind the church. (bk. 267 pg 367)

1908 – Old Hardy house moved to 129 Lowell Street. Granville K. Cutler and wife Gertrude A. Burtt are the new owners as they create a lot to the east of their farm at 161 Lowell St.

1910 – Frank Hardy moves his brush manufacturing business into the empty mill buildings of the Smith & Dove Company in Frye Village from his father’s barn at #183 Lowell Street. AT- October 7, 1910 – Frye Village – Work commenced on the brush factory on Haverhill Street on Monday (Oct. 3rd)

“Hardy House” at 129 Lowell Street - 1909, Feb. 23 Paul Burtt to Grandville K. Cutler – (bk. 269 pg. 314 Col. Deed.)
Angie M. Burtt to Gertrude B. Cutler 1902, March 7 (bk. 192 pg. 186)

June 25, 1919, Gertrude B. & Grandville K. Cutler sell to Albert E. & Rose A. Gilman
(bk. 402 pg. 436) - except for a triangular piece of land by Trow property.
Oct. 2, 1936 (bk. 601 pg. 426 & 427) then included by Trow.

April 14,1944, Albert & Rose Gilman sell to Ernest W. & Kathleen Ann Halbach.
(bk. 663 pg. 394)

July 14,1950, Ernest & Kathleen Halbach sell to Clara & Harold Libby
(bk. 738 pg.402 plan #2250)

June 2, 1960, Harold & Clara Libby sell to George & Constance Abodeely
(bk. 916 pg. 44)

2008, George & Constance Abodeely sell to Laura Luff Stamp.


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Inventory Data:

StreetLowell St
PlaceWest Parish - West Andover
Historic DistrictWest Parish Center NRH District
Historic NameFrank Hardy House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1890's
Architectural StyleQueen Anne
Foundationstone & granite
Wall/Trimwood, shingle
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresgarage
Major Alterationsfront porch removed addition added to east side 1960's
Move Details1908
Acreage1.17 acres
Map and parcel70-2
Recorded byB.Thibault - James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Historical Society
Date entered1990, 02/28/2006, 12/2013