13 Bailey Road now 11 Bailey Rd
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Historical Narrative: 

This image is the Miles Flint farmhouse originally at 13 Bailey Road, later re-numbered to 11 Bailey Road. The house was razed in 1992.This photograph was taken about 1900. Pictured left to right, unknown man, George E. Flint b. Feb. 1845, Cynthia Ella Flint b. April 4, 1890 (foreground in black), George E. M. Flint b. October 1883, Mrs. George E. (Roxanna Long) Flint b. Nov. 1849, and William M. Flint b. Oct. 1883 holding horse.

In the 1900 Census two boarders live with the Flints; Clara Pearson age 17 a student and a farm laborer Thomas McComb age 47. These may be two of the three unidentified people in the image. (From the collection of the Stephen Kearn family.)

The Miles Flint house visually appears to be mid-19th century building. The deeds confirm that assessment. The property was owned by Simeon Hardy, Yeoman, wife Mary, in 1847. Hardy sold this small 1/8 acre of land on the north side of the road to Miles Flint, a House-wright, on July 1, 1847. Miles paid $12. for the lot, then borrowed $150. from Moses Foster to build his home. Miles paid off the loan on May 5, 1851. The 1850 Valuation in West Parish Miles Flint Dwelling house $500, 14 acres adjoining $308 = $808

Miles Flint was born on Sept. 13, 1813, son of Simeon & Martha (Furbush) Flint. Miles married on Sept. 30, 1838 to Catherine Hardy b. 1816 in Tewksbury, daughter of Stephen & Sarah (Bailey) Hardy.

Miles Flint became a farmer but also listed his occupation as Carpenter. Miles purchased a 16 acre parcel of land across the street from his home and built a barn with connecting sheds. His farm totaled 82 acres along Bailey and Haggetts Pond Roads. Miles & Catherine had six children: Charles b. Oct. 1841, George Edward b. Feb. 24, 1848, Sarah F. b. May 5, 1849, James Seldan b. July 31, 1851, Mary Ella b. 1854, and Simeon b. Aug. 6, 1857.

The 1860 Census lists Miles as carpenter and his son George E. as a farmer. In 1870 son James is also working the farm. Miles died on Sept. 30, 1875 at age 62y 9 d. He is interred at West Parish Garden Cemetery. George E. appears as the head of the household in 1880. With his mother and siblings living together on the farm. George E. married Roxanna Long on April 11, 1882. His mother Catherine died a few months later on Oct. 10, 1882. The farm was inherited by all her four surviving children.

George Edward Flint would later buy out his siblings. George and Roxanna had three children; William M., George D. L. and Cynthia Ella Flint. Daughter Cynthia married Walter E. Pike, an accountant, and built a home in 1922 at 126 Lowell Street. Cynthia, a teacher, founded Pike School in Andover. According to the Pike School history, in 1926, Cynthia began the school with the first classes in the two front rooms. The school moved into rented space in the former American Woolen Co. Administration Building in Shawsheen Village then purchased the former Forbes Home at 5 Porter Rd and converted it into Pike School.

Louis Russell, wife Kathryn M. purchased a portion of the farm from the Flint heirs in 1918. On Oct. 26, 1937 Russell receives the remainder of the farm from Mary Russell Flint.

Louis Russell sold the 82 acre farm to Lawrence A. Thomes on June 9, 1939. Thomes owned until his death in 1992. His estate was administered by James H. Eaton III via Probate on Sept. 23, 1992. The farmhouse lot was sold to Thomas & Mary Ellen Carroll in September 1992. The Flint farmhouse was razed in October 1992 and the new home built on the site. The Carroll family continue as owners of record in 2016.

The barn lot was sold to Herbert Schurion, etc. in 1970's. With the construction of Routes 93 and 495 in the late 1950's and early 1960's, the farm land in Andover was purchased by developers and the agricultural makeup of West Andover shifted to suburban housing neighborhoods.


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Inventory Data:

StreetBailey Rd
PlaceBailey District - West Parish - West Andover
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NameMiles Flint farmhouse
Present Usenew residence
Original UseResidence
Construction Date1847
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleGreek Revival
Architect/BuilderMiles Flint/builder
Foundationstone, granite
Outbuildings / Secondary StructuresBarns across the street from the house,
Major AlterationsAdditions to the original house through the years.
Demolition Details1992 razed for new constuction
Map and parcel218-1
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, May 11, 2016