13 Barnard Street
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Architectural Description: 

This building was only 30' x 42', with two retail units when built. The front facade was wood and the sides and rear were brick veneer. A shallow gable roof was hidden on the front by a decorative rectangular panel above the store front display plate glass windows. Each store entrance had double doors, both inset, to create a porch like entry. A dividing wall down the middle of the building separated the two units. The period photo of H. F. Chase's Bicycle shop in 1891 gives a glimpse into the decoration of the fish scale shingles and wooded panels across the top facade. The Queen Anne and Eastlake blended styles of the pillars that frame the showcase windows speak to the period.

With the introduction of Art Deco and Art Moderne style from the 1920s through the 1940s many store fronts lost their Victorian style as owners and tenants updated their look to keep current. This little jewel box lost most of its original charm during that time. In the 1970s the triangle pediment was added to go on trend with the Neo-Colonial look that many buildings in the town center had renovated to that style.

The center dividing wall was removed to create one large store when the Dolans' Sea Food market opened.

Historical Narrative: 

The business block that now occupies 15 Barnard St. is new construction and was built in 2008 - 2009 by the Lally II Realty Trust. The design of the building was modeled after the Jacob W. Barnard Shoe Manufacturing building (1885) next door at #9 - #11 Barnard. This site also once held the historic Shed House, moved to this location in 1883 at the east end (#17- #19.) A one story wood and brick store building occupied the west end of the parcel (#13 - #15).

This small retail business block was built by Jacob. W. Barnard beteen the former Shed house on the east side and his Shoe Manufacturing building on the west side. The building was originally built with two storefronts on Barnard Court.
AT Apr. 10, 1891 - Brainerd Cummings has staked out the land on Barnard’s court for the addition to Barnard’s Block. Mr. Cummings will do the wood work and M.E. White the brick work.
Andover Townsman - April 10 1891 p. 1 - It is expected that rooms in J. W. Barnard's new building will be occupied by Allan Hinton and by H. F. Chase. Brainard Cummings has staked out the land in Barnard's Court for the addition to Barnards Block, Mr. Cummings will do the wood work and M. E. White the brick work. AT - April 24, 1891 - John McCarthy is progressing quite rapidly with the foundation for J. W. Barnard's new building.

AT - April 10, 1891 - Brainerd Cummings has staked out the land in Barnard’s Court for the addition to Barnard’s block. Mr. Cummings will do the woodwork, and M. E. White the brick work.
AT Apr. 24, 1891 - John McCarthy is progressing quite rapidly with the foundation for the J. W. Barnard’s new building.
AT - May 8, 1891 - p.1 - M. E. White's masons are causing the walls of J. W. Barnard's new block to ascend quite rapidly.
AT - Aug. 14, 1891 - T. J. Farmer, our well known fish dealer, has hired and will occupy the large store in J. W. Barnard's new building.
AT Aug. 21, 1891 - H. P. Chase has moved into his new quarters in J. W. Barnard's building on Post Office Avenue.
AT Sept. 11, 1891 – T. J. Farmer to open a new market in Barnard’s Building on Post Office Ave. A fish market.

It should be noted that this dirt lane running from Main St. to Bartlet St. was first referred to as Barnard Court. Then referenced as Post Office Avenue, the first time it was used for this location. The Post Office was located in the Town House at this time. In 1896 it was moved to the new Musgrove Building in Elm Sq. and occupied the rear portion of the building. The road now called Post Office Ave., a block away to the north, was then used to gain entrance off the south side of the Musgrove building. The main entrance was through the arched center entrance facing Elm Sq. This street then became Barnard St.
Sept. 9, 1892 AT - H. F. Chase has a novel sign over his shop door in the shape of the representation of a large bicycle wheel.

Herbert F. Chase had a very successful bicycle business and shop. He expanded into athletic equipment and sporting gear. When the Musgrove building was built he moved his store to that location in 1896 and then later when the ARCO Building opened in 1907 he was also the first tenant there.

On September 11, 1891 on page 4 of the Townsman the following announcement was published - A Card - I wish to inform the citizens of Andover that on Monday, Sept. 14, I shall open for business at my new market in Barnard's building on Post Office Avenue. With new and increased facilities for serving the people of Andover in a fish market, second to none in the state, I bespeak patronage of old customers and new ones. Oysters on the shell served to order and a line of canned goods in stock. T. J. Farmer

T J. Farmer was formerly located in a small store at 3 Central St. located opposite the Baptist Church, approximately where the drive through is now located for Bank of America. T J. Farmer's advertisement - "Dealer - Fresh, Salt, Smoked, and Pickled Fish, Oysters - Clams & Lobsters.

In the 1896 Business History of Andover page 22 the following:
Thomas J. Farmer - If fish affords excellent nourishment for the brain, the high degree of intellectual power attained by the people of Andover and vicinity, is perhaps, in a great measure, due to their fish dealers.
T. J. Farmer is the proprietor and leading marketman in the place. His stock includes all kinds of fish in season, lobsters, oysters, clams, and a large variety of canned goods. As a special commodity he now calls attention to sterilized Maine cream, which is coming to be in general demand.
This market was first established by J. F. Morse in 1881, who sold to Clement & Farnham, who were succeeded by the firm of Cross & Strout, from whom it was purchased by Mr. Farmer, ten years ago. The original market was on Central Street, near the Baptist Church, and was removed some five years ago to its present location, No. 15 Barnard's Court. Mr. Farmer has given close attention to the details of trade and now commands a large and profitable business.
He employs from three to five clerks and send forth two supply carts and an order wagon. He has many customers in North Andover and Boxford.

July 21, 1899 AT – p1 – The old tree stump at the corner of Main & Barnard streets, near J. E. Whiting’s store, has been removed and the edging reset
The brick sidewalk in front of T. J. Farmer’s market on Barnard street has been repaired this week
Nov. 17, 1899 At p1. The macadamizing of Barnard Street is being finished by Superintendent of Street Lovejoy.

July 6, 1906 AT - Fish Market Changes Hands - ...this week when the fish market owned by T. J. Farmer was sold to John A. Collins and his son Fred Collins. The former has been in the employ of T. A. Holt & Co. for the past 14 years and the later has worked for Mr. Farmer for about three years. They are both well known men and are extremely popular.
Mr. Farmer retires from business life after almost 20 years of success in the local field. He started in the store on Central Street which was located where the Imperial house now stands, purchasing the business from J. Frank Morse. The business so increased that it was necessary for Mr. Farmer to seek new quarters and he removed to the marker on Barnard street which he has occupied up to the time of the sale.
Both Mr. Collins and his son are well known in Andover and they are sure to prove successful in their new business. The firm's name will be John A. Collins & Son.

The building served many businesses through its 116 year existence. A fire in the Shed House next door in June 2004 forced the Lally family to raze the building. When planning for a new business block this building was also demolished in 2007. It is interesting to note that the first and last tenants to occupy the building were Fish and Sea Food merchants.

Business tenants of the store;
13 - 15 Barnard St.
Hometown Seafoods, 15 Barnard - 1992 - 2007
Dolan’s Seafoods (1984 - 1988)
Andover Clock Shop (1972)
Lannam’s TV (1966)
Joe Caruso Shoe Foundry - 1963
Joe Caruso Shoe Service (1955 - 1958) “across from Police Station”
Helaine’s Interior Decorator (1952 - 1962)
Andover Tobacco & Candy Co. (1950)
Robbie’s Furrier (1949) (#2 Musgrove; #3 – 20 Essex, 1955)
Barnard Insurance, 13 - 15 Barnard, 1931
Academy Barber Shop (1929)
Shattuck & Sons Express 1926
Robert Hutcheson, fish and oysters (1913)
John A. Collins & Sons, fish (1906)
H. F. Chase - Bicycle shop 1891-1896
T. J. Farmer, Fish market (1891-1906)


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Inventory Data:

StreetBarnard St
PlaceAndover Center District
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NameJ. W. Barnard's building - The Fish Markert
Present Useretail shops
Original Useretail shops
Construction Date1891
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleQueen Anne
Architect/BuilderBrainard Cummings/Builder
Wall/Trimcedar shingles & brick
Roofasphalt - shallow shed
Major Alterationsseveral over the years as the use and trends changed.
Conditionrazed 2007
Demolition Details2007
Map and parcel39-28
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date enteredMarch 4, 2017