130 Argilla Road

Architectural Description: 

Georgian/Federal vernacular
L-shaped farmhouse; center chimney; orig. 3-bay facade facing south (entry now on ell facing street); cornice molding

Early farmhouse in area of mid- 20th century tract development. Simple, not elaborated mass with satisfying compact proportions; relocation of entry from gable end of old house to new ell in the 1960's by Robert & Gerry West. Mrs. West says she removed old ell & barn and relocated entrance from gable end to new ell. Barn set very close to Argilla Rd. north of house.

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: architectural , community development

A portion of this house dates back to the 1700's and was an ell off the original homestead that was located across the street approximately where Bateson Dr. connects with Argilla Rd. and the home at 127 Argilla Rd. The deeds trace back to Samuel Abbot who sold the property to Stephen Holt on Mar. 6, 1748 rec. June 17, 1749 which included a dwelling house and barn on a 50 acre parcel and an additional three other parcels of land. The 3rd lot was about one acre, "parted by the road" and may have been the lot now occupied by this home at 130 Argilla Rd. Stephen Holt held the property for six years then selling to Josiah Ballard on March 30, 1754, signed Mar. 1, 1756. and rec. Oct. 29, 1765. The deed states the "Province of Massachusetts Bay in the 27th year of is Majesty's Reign". Josiah paid 486 pounds, 13 shillings 4 pence for the 93 acres included in the farm.

Josiah Ballard, a Yeoman, married on August 7, 1721 to Mary Chandler. Children: Josiah b. Aug. 14, 1721, William b.Oct. 2, 1723, Lydea b. Mar. 12, 1727-8, Hannah b. Jan. 3, 1732-3, Sarah b. July 20, 1735, Phebe b. July 25, 1738, Dorathy b. June 24, 1741, and Rebecca bpt. June 23, 1745. The farm was sold to their son William Ballard, Husbandman, for 200 pounds on Sept. 1, 1762, "in the 2nd year of his Majesty's Reign", rec. Oct. 19, 1765. His father Josiah died in Dec. 1780 age 81 years and was interred on Dec. 26th in the South Parish Cemetery. Wife Mary interred on Apr. 3, 1779 age 75 years.

William married Hannah How on Feb. 7, 1750-51. William & Hannah Ballard's children; Hannah b. May 18, 1751, Lucy b. July 10, 1757, Sarah b. Feb. 17, 1760, William bpt. June 10, 1764. William died in Feb. 1782 age 58 years and was interred on Feb. 25th. Son William was Administrator for his mother Hannah on Feb. 27, 1793. He sold the farm to Joseph Martin on Feb. 25, 1793 for 166 lbs 10 shillings. The farm contained the 781/2 ace homestead lot and 32 a. 150 pole woodland lot near Paul Hunts' property on Lowell St. (#215).

Joseph Martin then sold to Asa Towne, a Carpenter and Housewright, wife Dolley on Feb. 25, 1793, rec. Mar. 11, 1793. Towne paid 240 pounds for the same property. Towne held the farm for six years then selling to Enoch Chase, Cordwainer, (shoe maker) on Sept. 24, 1798, rec. Feb. 26, 1799. Enoch paid $800 for the 78 1/2 farm, dwelling house and barn.

Enoch Chase sold his farm to sons, John Chase b. 1785 and Joshua Chase b. 1787 in two undivided half’s of the farm. John Chase leased ½ of the farm to his father Enoch, for $150, for the remainder of his natural life. Anna Chase wife of Enoch died on Jan. 18, 1829 age 76. Enoch born 1750 died the following year on Sept. 19, 1830. John Chase purchased his brother Joshua's half of the farm on May 9, 1831. He sold off most of the farm land reserving the homestead and barn lots of about 14 acres for himself and family. John would take a loan mortgage of $551 from William Foster, wife Sarah W. on May 17, 1831. John lists his occupation as a Cordwainer.

John Chase married Anna Cochran on May 28, 1809. Children Seth b. July 28, 1809, Eliza Ann b. Aug. 8, 1811, Sarah S. b. Oct. 1813, Andrew Jackson b. May 9, 1815, John Edwards b. Dec. 9, 1817, Eunice A. b. May 15, 1820, Enoch Bartlett b. Oct. 4, 1822 - d Feb. 22, 1823, Abigail M. b. May 2, 1824, Fanny Evelyn b. Sept. 14, 1826 Caroline Augusta b. Feb. 15, 1829, Samuel Milton b. Apr. 30, 1831, and Franklin Newton b. Sept. 3, 1833.

John Chase died on Feb. 24, 1843 at age 58. William Foster died on Aug. 30, 1843 age 85, and his estate went to his wife wife Sarah W. Foster and son Wm. Phillips Foster. On May 17, 1844 Sarah W. Foster, via son Wm. Phillips Foster, took possession of the property from John Chase's estate. when defaulted on the loan. Foster held the Homestead for three years then selling to Joseph J. Abbot on Oct. 11, 1847, rec July 5, 1848 for $800.

Joseph Ingles Abbott b. June 6, 1810 in Groton, MA son of Joseph & Prudence Abbott. Joseph married on June 11, 1835 to Phebe Lovejoy d. Nov. 20, 1814 in Andover, dau. of Ebenezer & Phebe (Russell) Lovejoy. Joseph was a Painter. Children Waldo Lovejoy b. Dec. 17, 1836 NY, Rachel Abbott b. Mar. 2, 1837, Josephine Abbott b. 1841 NY, Eunice Tuttle b. Aug. 31, 1847 Andover, Warren Joseph b. July 30, 1850 and Nelson E. b. 1854 both in Andover. Joseph I. died in Lawrence on Dec. 16, 1857 of Consumption of the bowels. He was just 47 years old. He is interred at West Parish Garden Cemetery. His son Waldo L. Abbot, was the Administrator of the estate and the home was sold to
David & Sarah Jameson on May 9, 1859 for $1025. The property contained two parcels totaling 10 aces 147 rods with house and barn.

"David Jameson of Andover was born in Scotland 1826, came here with his mother and sister Alice. Alice married John Flint, a cousin to the John Flint of Ballardvale. David married Sarah Jane Farnum, daughter of Jeremiah & Sarah (Wardwell) Farnum, who was born 1827. Her mother was a daughter of John Wardwell and Sarah Trurrell; Capt. Levi Farnum was an uncle. Children of David & Sarah Jane Jameson; David Trurrell b. 1851, John Trurrell b. d.y., William Lewis b.1853, Charles Albert b.1854, George D. b.- d.y., Julia Ann b.- d.y., Mary Ellen b.- d.y., David Mooar b.1856, Eddie Francis b. 1858, and Sarah Ann b. 1859 ("One of these, Eddie, I think, shot the Parker boy by mistake".) notes of Charlotte Helen Abbott

"Jameson bought the old yellow house (May 9, 1859) - the Blanchard place - under the big elm tree, which was torn down in 1863 possibly." On the 1852 map it is marked Joseph J.. Abbott who m. Phoebe Lovejoy. "Jameson began to build the old house over from an ell, but stopped because he could get the house above, the Stratton place (97 Argilla), at an auction. Jameson moved the ell portion across the street in 1863 and added the front portion." [CHA]

David & Sarah J. Jameson did purchase the Stratton farm on Apr. 9, 1867 for $3700. The 1856 and 1872 maps still locate the home on the east side of the road. It is most likely that Jameson moved to the Stratton place and then worked on rebuilding the home across the street in 1873. Jameson then sells the home to Timothy C. & Mary Sullivan on Mar. 30 1874.

Timothy C. Sullivan was born in Ireland on Sept. 14, 1839, son of Daniel & Mary (Toomey) Sullivan, immigrated to America and was first engaged in mining in the west, in Nevada, Colorado and California. Timothy came to Andover in 1864. He married Feb. 1, 1874 to Mary Cronin daughter of Michael & Catherine Cronin and they had thirteen children, 12 survived to adulthood; Mary Ann, Julia L., Daniel B., Michael A., Catherine, Margaret, Timothy P., Helen "Nellie" C., Christina, Stephen P., Agnes S., John F., and Anne G. The Sullivans would purchase the home at 49 Red Spring Rd. in 1899 and moved the family there. Sullivan held both properties then sold this home to Jennie L. Turner on May 9, 1907.

Sebastino & Sebastina Marino, and Emanuele Saraceno purchased the property the following year on May 19, 1908. Then sold to Miles R. Ward on Sept. 26, 1912.

Isidor & Helen (Krozer) Shtrumpfman purchased the property on May 31 1914. They were Polish Russian Jews who had escaped the carnage and immigrated to America on Aug. 31, 1907 to NYC. They first settled in Lawrence, MA. Isidor b. July 16, 1885 in Warsaw, Poland and Helen Krozer b. 1885 also in Warsaw. would become farmers when moving to Andover. They built a poultry farm, raising Rhode Island Reds. It has been stated that their breed of Reds developed webbed feet, adapting to the wet grazing yards they were raised on. The barn loft, behind the house, was fitted with windows and converted into a chicken roost. Long low hen houses, all painted white, were constructed across the road all fronting southward and perpendicular to the street. Bateson Dr. is the location of two of the larger ones. Isidor & Helen had two children, a daughter Elsie b. Nov. 8, 1908 and d. 1909 and a son Saul J. b.Aug. 24, 1910. Isidor died young on Nov. 30, 1921. Helen, with the help of their son Saul, continued to work the the farm. Helen almost single handily ran the business after her son wed and had a family of his own. Helen retired in the the early 1960s. AT Dec.2 1921 Obit -" Isador Shtrumpfman had been ill for months at Mass General Hospital. He lived on Argilla road for the past seven years. Born in Russia 37 years ago, came to this country with a desire to be an American and to bring up his son Soul as an American. He is survived by his wife Helen, his son Saul, a brother Solomon, and a sister Freda, who made their home with him and other relatives both here and in Russia. Burial in Beacon Street Cemetery, Lawrence. He endeared himself to many as a neighbor in the truest sense of the word, ever willing to extend a helping had with a smile."

Robert L. & Geraldine J. West purchased the house lot on May 24, 1963. Robert was an Andover Firefighter and Gerry an Elementary school teacher. The Wests began restoration on the home. The had two children and needed space. The sagging English style barn was razed and the small shed ell on the back of the house was removed. With the barn gone, it improved the sight lines for traffic as cars rounded the corner at their yard. The new two story addition to the rear facade included a new entrance, a family room with fireplace, bedroom above and an attached garage. The former front door was closed in and replaced by a window. The West family owned for 27 years and took great pride and meticulous care of the home and grounds.

Andover Maps & Directory Research:
1830 no bldgs on west side, J. Chase on east side
1852 no bldgs on west side, Joseph Abbot on east side
1872 no bldgs on west side, D. Jameson on east side
1884 P. Murphy on east side, unidentified structure on west side, (probably Turner)
1888 P. Murphy house, ell & barn, probably is Sullivan (?)
1885 directory - Patrick Murphy, farmer 30th St. and Timothy Sullivan, farmer, 30th St.
[Murphy and Sullivan both once lived at 111 Argilla Rd.]


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Additional Information: Salem deeds
John E. Chase & Mary A. D. Sanders - May 17, 1831 - bk. 260 leaf 203 part of John & Joshua Chase farm 14 acres+/-
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John Chase's wife Anna, also a John E. Chase, Eunice A. Chase, William Foster, wife Sarah W. Foster Jan. 2, 1838

Ballard about 1710
David Blanchard died 1776 ?
David Towne ?
Joseph Blanchard

Inventory Data:

StreetArgilla Rd
PlaceWest Andover
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NameHolt - Ballard - Chase House
Present Useresidential
Original Useresidence farmhouse
Construction Datepre-1830
SourceERDS, ENRDL, AHS file, njs, style
Architectural StyleGeorgian
Foundationstone & granite
Roofasphalt shingles
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresbarn former chicken coops on east side of road Bateson Drive.
Major Alterationsrazed one story ell and barn about 1964 New two story ell addition on rear. New entrance in addtion
Acreageless than one acre; approx. frontage 60', approx. distance from street 20'.
Map and parcel111-10
MHC NumberANV.604
Recorded byW. Frontiero, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered2-25-80, 01/2014, 8/9/215