134 Summer Street

Architectural Description: 

Shingle style bungalow - Craftsman style

Historical Narrative: 

This Shingle style bungalow was built for Sidney Symonds Batchelder in 1913.

Sidney Symonds Batchelder, b. January 22, 1892 in North Andover, son of Albert L. & Laura T. (Symonds) Batchelder. Sidney’s first nine years were spent on the Batchelder farm in North Reading on Haverhill Street near the Andover town line. Sidney was eight years old when his father died in 1900. He probably attended the North Ward School in the district while living in No. Reading.

In 1901 his mother Laura purchased the house at 127 Summer Street [ #93 in 1901 ] in Andover and moved her family there. The North Reading farm was sold to Sidney’s two aunts, Anna & Emma Batchelder, who would later sell in 1903. Laura re-married on July 2, 1901 to Gustav Max Lucke of North Andover, a German emigrant who came to the U.S. in 1895.

Sidney was enrolled at Stowe School on September 12, 1901, taught by Miss Marcia S. Richards. Sid was age 9 and in a class of 14 boys and two girls. His aunt Emma visited the school three times that first year on October 9, Nov. 5, 1901 and June 17, 1902. She took a keen interest in the progress of her only nephew, as Emma was a former teacher herself. He completed the 8th grade on June 20, 1907 with Miss Grace Hill at the age of 15.

Sidney worked as a laborer and a grounds keeper at Phillips Academy. It was here that he met Isabella "Belle" Hamilton Gamble, a waitress at the Andover Inn. Belle was the daughter of James A. & Mary Ellen (Hamilton) Gamble of Cambridge, MA. Her parents were from Larne, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Sidney & Belle married on February 11, 1913 just three weeks after Sidney’s 21st birthday. At that time Sidney inherited his share of his father’s estate. He purchased the lot of land diagonally across the street from his mother's house on February 25, 1913 for $1 from Harland Symonds. This may have been a wedding gift from the Symonds family.

Sidney & Belle built the craftsman bungalow and began their family. Five of their seven children would be born here. Sidney held several jobs, as a laborer, carpenter, and farm foreman working for the Downing family on Highland Road at their fruit orchards for a period of time.

On August 26, 1916 Sid was injured by a streetcar. Andover Townsman – Sept. 1, 1916 – Local Resident Injured. Sidney Batchelder of 98 Summer Street was seriously injured on Saturday evening, between 10:30 and 11 o’clock, while boarding a Salem-bound electric at Burnhams’s Turnout in North Andover. The young man was getting on the car on his way home when the inward bound electric for Lawrence, struck him, throwing him to the ground and carrying him along for a short distance. Dr. W. D. Walker of this town was called and after dressing the injuries, Batchelder was removed to his home. His injuries consisted of a bruised shoulder and one of his legs was badly cut, requiring several stitches.

During WWI he register with the draft board but did not serve as he was married with two children and the injury sustained by the streetcar gave him a disability release. This registration draft was also required again during WWII for the older US population. He was listed as 6’1” tall, 165 lbs., blue eyes and dark brown hair.

In 1927 Emma Batchelder returned to Andover and purchased the 120 acre farm at 97 Argilla Road in the West Parish section of town. Andover Townsman – May 18, 1928 p. 5 – The Jamison Farm on Argilla Road owned by Dr. Emma Batchelder, recently of Exeter, is being managed by her nephew, Sidney S. Batchelder who has stocked the farm with some good cattle and established a milk route. Mr. Batchelder engages to supply customers with high quality, pure, raw milk showing better than four percent butterfat and also with cream. Vegetables in season will also be sold to customers on the milk route.

The return to his farming roots began through Aunt Emma. It was a successful venture and in October 1930 Emma proposed a property swap. Aunts Emma and Anna moved to 134 [98 in 1930] Summer Street and Sidney & Belle took ownership of the farm he named “Rolling Acres”. The Batchelder's children; Sidney Abbott 17, Isabel Ellen 15, Albert Longfellow 11, Gertrude Currier 6, and Loring Eugene 3. were born at the Summer St. address. Two children were born at the farm: David Hamilton in 1931 and Priscilla Anne in 1933. Sidney's step-father Max Lucke also moved to the farm after Laura T. died in 1930.

Emma cared for her sister Anna and after her death sold the property to Eugene V. & Isabella K. Lovely on Oct. 19, 1940. Eugene Lovely was a much loved and respected teacher at Punchard High School. Lovely was also the Football coach and later Principal of PHS from 1941 - 1949. He retired and in 1957 moved to Portland, Maine. The current Andover High School football field is named in his honor.

Lovely sold the property to Edmee L. Bradley on Feb. 11, 1957, a realtor. Bradley then sold to John W. & Mable B. McGrath on Feb. 13, 1957 and nine months later the house was sold again to Donald S. & Eloyce C. Anderson on Nov. 25, 1957. The Anderson family held the property for 43 years. The house was placed in the Anderson Realty Trust, Don S. Anderson III, Tr. Jan. 9, 1990.

The property was sold on May 12, 2000 to Jeffrey A. & Michele I. Karlberg the current owners in 2015. The Karlbergs built and addition to the rear of the house about 100 years after it was built.


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Inventory Data:

StreetSummer St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameSidney S. Batchelder House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1913
Architectural StyleCraftsman/Bungalow
Wall/Trimwood cedar shingle
Roofasphalt - gable
Major AlterationsAddition to east rear 2012
Acreageless than one acre
Map and parcel4-63
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date enteredAug 1989, Feb. 21, 2015