139 Andover Street

Architectural Description: 

Style: Late Greek Picturesque

Other features: attractive and large corner site; Bracketed door hood

Attractive old-style building on 1.108 acres of land on a corner lot. Placed in center on a rise from the street. Built about 1857 of clapboard exterior; asphalt gable, brickstone foundation. 1 3/4 stories; 1920 garage; barn; 1900 - 2 leantos - 8 rooms, 2 baths, 4 bedrooms, kitchen. Believed to have been built late 1859s.

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: Architectural, Community development

From the deed search we find the property was once owned by John Howe Jr. a co-partner of John Marland in the Ballard Vale Machine Shop. The deeds do not mention with buildings until the sale from Milton Moore to Edward Scott in 1886. Milton Moore, wife Abigail, purchased the property on July 20, 1875 for $300 which was a little over an acre of land. Milton was a carpenter, born on Jan. 28, 1806 in Manchester, NH, son of John Goff & Emelia (Stark) Moor. Milton married Abigail Martin b. 1812 on Nov. 14, 1830 in Lowell, MA. Milton & Abigail had ten children; eight survived and the last six were born in Ballardvale. Charles b. June 13, 1832, Orin b. March 1833 - d. Nov. 1833, Adeline A. b. Dec. 27, 1834, Laura A. b. Nov. 1, 1837, Ann Frances b. May 31, 1839, Charlotte M. b. May 18, 1841, twins,John Milton b. Jan. 31, 1845 and George N. who died on Aug. 14, 1835.,Mary Etta "Marietta" b. May 5, 1846 and Elda Victoria "Elvina" b. June 27, 1848.

The Moores in Ballardvale, Massachusetts, 1863 - Ballardvale, Massachusetts
"A Genealogical-Historical Visitation of Andover, Massachusetts in the Year 1863", by Alfred Poore, M.D. (Vol 49, p 244), of "Essex Institute Historical Collections"
"Called on Mrs. Milton Moore, who said that their house was built in 1840 and that they moved here from the large, brick house where Butler resides. They boarded in the White block before they began to keep house in Ballardvale, having come from Peterboro, N.H. in 1839. Mr. Moore is son of John and Emily (Stark) Moore, and was born in Manchester, N.H., in 1808 [sic], his mother being a granddaughter of Gen. Stark. Mrs. Moore is Abigail Ann, daughter of Aquilla [sic] and Eunice (Jocelyn) Martin, born in Amesbury, Feb. 13, 1812. Her mother was daughter of John and Lucy (Loudon) Jocelyn of Pembroke.
Children: Charles, watchmaker, b. Lowell, June 13, 1831, mar. Mary A. Whitman of Waltham, where they reside, his wife's brother having a share in the watch factory; Orin, died young; Adeline Augusta, b. Lowell, Dec. 27, 1834, mar. John Porter, city marshal of Laurence, and stable keeper, child, John Stark, b. 1855; Laura Albina, b. Peterboro, N.H., Nov. 7, 1837, mar. Henry Bacon Brown of Malden, a school-teacher, and also a musician in the army, 1861-2, now at Holmes Hole, Martha's Vineyard, child, Edwin Stiles, b. Illinois, 1859; Annie Frances, b. May 31, 1839, resides unmarried at Stoneham; Charlotte, b. May 18, 1841, mar. George Turgeson [sic] of St. John, N.B. [sic], a carriage maker, resided in Laurence, child, Leona May, b, Lowell, May 17, 1861; George Newton [sic], b. Jan. 31, 1845, and his twin brother, John Milton, who is in the factory forging files; Mary Etta, b. May 5, 1846; Edna Vena [sic], b. June 27, 1848."

As Milton was age 69 in 1875 when he purchased the property he most likely had the house built but did the finish work. Moore sold to Edward Scott on Sept. 16, 1886 for $1500 which included 1 acre with buildings.

Edward Scott was born in Co. West Meath, Ireland, son of John & Mary (Sievy) Scott. He married Catherine ___________ b. 1825 in Ireland, and immigrated to the US, Boston port on June 4, 1853. Edward & Catherine had seven children: Patrick J. b. Apr. 1853 in Ireland, Horora b. Jan.1857, John W. b. Feb. 1858, James F. b. Feb. 1860, Mary Elizabeth b. May 1864, Katherine M. b. Mar. 1866 and Edward b. 1869. They were living on River St. prior to moving to the Andover St. home. Edward was a carder in the J. P. Bradlee mill in Ballardvale. He would become a foreman and overseer of the wool carder room. His son James F. would follow in his father's footsteps.

The 1900 census has both Edward Scott and his son James F. sharing the house. Edward is widower, Catherine having died in 1896. His four youngest children continue to live with him. Son James married Mary E. Fraser b. June 1866 in New Brunswick, Canada. They have three children Edward F. b. Dec. 1889, William J. b. Sept. 1895 and Beatrice M. b. May 1900. Edward died at age 77 on Oct. 5, 1904 of Pneumonia. Edward's estate went to his surviving children and James F. would buy out his siblings for the home in 1910. James died in 1918 and his widow Mary E. would later sell to James Moss, wife Emma on July 26, 1920.

James Moss was born in England in 1875 and his wife Emma b. 1876 was from Canada. They had four children: Clarence b. 1900, Edgar R. b. 1902, Irving b. 1908 and Edith b. 1910. James Moss first occupation was mason and plasterer. He would later become a watchman. The Moss family owned the home for 23 years. In 1940 James & Emma are renting the apartment to Anthony & Edith L. (Moss?) Lummello. They have a two year old son Richard. Lummello would then purchase the home on Nov. 23, 1943. Edith would sell after after 55 years of ownership to current owners Douglas M. Bell, Mary Patrick "MP" Bogan on Oct. 3, 1998.


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John Howe Jr. - 1848 - land
Ebenezer F. Lovejoy - May 2, 1850 - b. 427 leaf 159 - land
Ebenezer F. Lovejoy estate, Ebenezer Lovejoy, guardian to heirs -Mar. 20, 1865 - Probate
Milton Austin of Boston - Apr. 24, 1865 - b. 683 leaf 51 - $600 ( 1 acre 120 rods)
Frederic M. Putnam - Apr. 2, 1865 - b. 683 leaf 52 - $1000 (5 1/2 acres)
John A. Putnam - Oct. 3, 1865 - b. 690 leaf 256 - $500. (1/2 of property)
John A. Putnam - Apr. 27, 1875 - b. 926 leaf 148 - $750 (1/2 of BV property)
John A. Putnam - Mar. 23, 1875 - b. 35 p. 256 - $750 (1/2 of BV property)
Milton Moore, wife Abigail - July 20, 1875 - b. 35 p. 199 - $300 - land
Edward Scott - Sept. 16, 1886 - b. 87 p. 542 - $1500 (1 acre w/blds.)
Edward Scott estate, Scott heirs; died Oct. 5, 1904 - Probate
James F. Scott, wife Mary E. - Apr. 15, 1910 - b. 287 p. 219
James F. Scott estate, 1918 - heir Mary E. Scott - Probate
James Moss, wife Emma - July 26, 1920 - b. 428 p. 67
James Moss, wife Emma - Aug. 20, 1936 - b. 600 p. 454 Hall parcel
Anthony C. & Edith L. Lumenello - Nov. 23, 1943 - b. 661 p. 462
Anthony C. Lumenello estate, heir Edith L. Lumenello - probate
Douglas M. Bell, Mary Patrick Bogan - Oct. 30, 1998 - b. 5225 p. 89

Inventory Data:

StreetAndover St
Historic DistrictBallardvale Local Historic District
Historic NameMoore - Scott - Moss house
Present Useresidence, 2 family
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1877
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleOther
Roofasphalt - gable
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresbarn at rear
Major Alterationsrebuilt shed connection 2010
Acreage1.108 acres; Lot size: 0.93 acres; Approx. frontage: 285'
Map and parcel137-26
MHC NumberANV.21
Recorded byStack/Mofford; Ruth A. Sharpe Ballardvale Historical District, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975 - 1977; Feb 1996, 11/12/2016