14 School Street

Architectural Description: 

Queen Anne elements, decorative shingle work in front gable and porch entry. Palladian window in gable. It has been state that the Pratt family occupied a cottage on this property. We from the deeds that a dwelling house was here in 1833. It is unknown if the origianal home was moved off site or remodeled into the present structure. The entrance porch and roof line are a new addition to an older structure. The cut corner board on the front facade to carry the clapboarding over to the porch, suggests the original outline of the front.

Historical Narrative: 

Themes - Architectural, Community development and Education.
Present owner Phillips Academy (9-27-56). Abbot Academy land bought by W. Draper.

The property was once owned by Rev. Samuel R. Hall and his wife Mary D. They purchased the 2 acre property in 1833 and took a $2000. mortgage from Lydia Faulkner on Aug. 31, 1833. It appears that Rev. Hall paid the annual interest but not the principal as Lydia Faulkner takes possession of the property on Sept. 5, 1843. Lydia Faulkner was the widow of Joseph Faulkner, one of the business partners of John Smith & Co. in Frye Village, manufactures of cotton machinery. Joseph died in 1831.

In 1846 Peter Temple, Yeoman, and wife Abigail purchased the property via three deeds; One from Lydia Faulkner on June 1, 1846, a second small strip of land of 18 rods for $17. from Rev. John C. Taylor on Apr. 23, 1846 and the release deed of Rev. Samuel R. Hall for $475. which included the 2 acres with buildings. Rev. Hall at this time was living in Craftsbury, VT. Temple also purchased a 22 acre parcel of land in Frye Village, east of the Town Farm in the area now occupied by Enmore St. from the Trustees of Phillips Academy and a 30 wood lot in West Parish. The 1850 Andover valuation schedule lists Peter Temple with Dwelling house, barn and 2 1/2 acre adjoining $2300. 22 Trustee land $660., 30 Young wood $800. Farm stock $95.

Temple owned the property for five years then sold to Rev. Minor G. and Maria H. Pratt of Auburn, MA on Mar. 5, 1851. The Pratts owned for 26 years. Rev. Minor Pratt was named an Abbot Academy Trustee in 1851. Rev. Pratt then transfers the deed to Edwards H. & Sarah L. Pratt of Danville, NY on July 17, 1877. The M. G. Pratt deed states "a certain messuage occupied by me." "with all household furniture, books, and personal property in said messuage and house belonging to me." The deed also states excluding the $1800. owed to Lydia Faulkner. Edward & Sarah Pratt owned for five years. It appears that Temple and both Pratts assumed the original Faulkner mortgage. Lydia Faulkner died in Dec. 1865 and her estate would have gone to her daughter Lydia A. Faulkner. Lydia A. died on June 22, 1881. Edward Pratt sells his indenture deed to Warren F. Draper on Aug. 12, 1882 for $3300. The deed states a friendly unopposed possession by Draper.

On June 25, 1883 Draper sells the property to Mary Dow Scott of Fitchburg, MA, wife of George R. W. Scott. The deed was later placed in both names on Nov. 11, 1891. The Scott family owned for 15 years then moved to Leominster, MA. Scott sells the property back to Warren F. Draper on Nov. 4, 1898. Draper holds the home for three years then deeds the property to the Trustees of Abbot Academy on Dec. 12, 1901.

The Academy used the home for faculty housing. In 1942 the house was occupied by Prof. Walter E. Howe, music director at Abbot.
Abbot Academy owned the property for 48 years selling to Kenneth S. and Rita C. Semple on Sept. 6, 1949 for $16,000. The Semple family owned for seven years then sold to the Trustees of Phillips Academy on Sept. 25, 1956. The Academy did renovations to the home in 1956 and it continues in their ownership in 2015 as faculty housing.

A portion of the property to the NE was sold to the Fraternal Secret Society of Phillips Academy boys for their fraternity house.


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Inventory Data:

StreetSchool St
PlacePhillips District
Historic DistrictAcademy Hill NRH District
Historic NameHall - Pratt - Scott House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1890-1900
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleQueen Anne
Wall/Trimclapboards, shingles
Roofasphalt - gable
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuressmall modern garage
Major Alterationsremodeled 1956
Acreage0.551 acre; 24,600 sq. ft. 72' frontage
Map and parcel56-5
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, 12/30/15