15 R Elm Street

Architectural Description: 

Queen Anne style

Historical Narrative: 

15 Elm Street later 15R – Bean – McLawlin House

Built 1880 - moved to rear of lot in 1928 – razed 1974

The Victorian home that once graced the site of the filling station at 15 Elm Street was built in 1880 for Samuel Bean and his family. The Andover Advertiser reported; Mary 7, 1880 - S. G. Bean has a cellar staked out for a new cottage house which he intends to build on Elm Street, next to the Elm House. It will be 23 by 30 feet and with an L 15 by 25 feet. The interior arrangements are very convenient having parlor, sitting & dining rooms, with three chambers, while the L will furnish kitchen, pantry and woodshed.
Sept. 3, 1880 - The frame of the new residence of S.G. Bean on Elm St. is up and boarded. The main house is 23 by 30 feet, two stories, and the L is 15 by 25 feet one story. There will be two bay windows in the house, each two stories and a piazza in front. T A. Gifford of Boston is the contractor.
January 21, 1881, pg. 3 - Mr. & Mrs. S. G. Bean moved into new house near Elm House. Samuel Bean owned and operated the Elm House, livery and stables on Elm Square from 1860 – 1892.

The house was originally constructed on the lot directly behind the Elm House hotel on the lot now occupied by the Elm Block. It was moved in 1887 to the location in the above photograph. The Andover Spa building was built between the two buildings.

April 3, 1885 AA pg. 2 col. 3. Henry McLawlin is to occupy the Bean House, next to the Elm House. The Beans moved into the Elm House next door and merchant Henry McLawlin, owner of the hardware store at 31 Main Street became the new tenant. His hardware store was originally established by Henry Abbott in Carter’s brick building #1-7 Main Street, sold to Charles L. Carter 1877-1880, then McLawlin & Baker 1880-1885. Baker retired in January 1885 and Henry McLawlin took over sole ownership. Their business was completely destroyed by fire when Carter’s Brick Block burned on Feb. 22, 1884.

March 22, 1884 Andover Advertiser pg. 2 col. 9 - McLawlin & Baker have secured fine business accommodations in Barnard's wooden block opposite the town hall. They open with a full line of hardware, farming tools, and a great variety of other articles such as people frequently want but cannot usually find in country stores. Their entire stock of goods has just been purchased at very low figures, and will be sold at correspondingly small prices. The firm will be glad to serve their ante fire customers and all others who desire to buy such goods as they keep, and we have no doubt they will satisfy all purchases of their honorable mode of dealing. (also see Advertisement on pg. 3 col. 2)
McLawlin & Baker’s hardware store re-opened here the first week of March 1884.

AA June 2, 1887 p. 2 col. 8 – Andover – Mr. S. G. Bean’s house occupied by Mr. Henry MacLawlins, is being moved a few rods to the north. This will enlarge the yard in the rear of the hotel. (Elm House)
The MacLawlins may have moved at this time as the 1891 directory have them residing at 44 Elm Street.

The property was purchased in November 1902 by Bertha S. Torrey, wife of Dr. John Paine Torrey. Dr. Torrey had been living at 14 Essex Street where he also had his practice. The Torrey’s moved to 15 Elm Street and remained here until 1915. Lucien F. Hitchcock, a farm hand, purchased the house and he and Austin F. Hitchcock resided here before moving to Ludlow. Hitchcock sold to Constantine T. Theodoropulos on Mar. 30, 1916. The house was then rented to Charles & Jane Thiras. Mr. Thiras occupation was a peddler in 1918 but he would later open a fruit stand at 42 Main Street by 1920. Thiras had a son Peter who worked as a grocer in Ballardvale. They had two daughters Everdike (Dicky) and Antoinette (Nicky) both who worked at Phillips Academy. The Thiras family moved to 4 Upland Rd. in 1930.

Elise M. & Elizabeth Shorten purchased the property in May 14, 1928. It is yet unknown if the house was moved by the Shortens for the construction of the service station or it was relocated earlier. The newspaper suggests that another structure was on the site; Upon his return from active service in France, Mr. Walter Shorten opened a small auto accessory shop on the site where the new filling station stands.

In 1929 Shorten’s Bros. Auto Supplies is listed at 11 Elm and Charles Thiras at #15. By 1930 Gloria Lunch is at 11 Elm in the left half of the Andover Spa Building. Shorten Bros. is #15 and Gregory Christie and James A. Shorten are living at #15R Elm. The house was converted into a two family and an upper porch added to the front facade. The last occupants of the home were John & Catherine Lee at 15 and Nancy L. West at 15 ½ in 1973. It house was razed in 1974 for expanded parking.


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Property Owners;
Samuel Bean - 1860 -
Mary F. & William W. Jenks
Bertha S. Torrey - Nov. 25, 1902 - b. 199 p. 184
Lucien Franklin Hitchcock - Mar. 4, 1915 - b. 351 p. 263
Constantine T. Theodoropulos - Mar. 30, 1916 - b. 362 p. 461
Elise M. & Elizabeth Shorten - May 14, 1928 - b. 540 p. 289
Shorten mortgage - Oct. 27, 1928 - b. 543 p. 125
Andover Savings Bank - June 2, 1936 -b. 598 p. 400 - mtg deed
Louis M. Eidam - June 27, 1936 - b. 599 p. 343
Joseph W. & Margaret Connor - May 1, 1957 - b. 853 p. 468
Gilman Inc. - June 15, 1972 - b. 1195 p. 217
Burshaw Oil Company - Mar. 14, 1975 - b. 1256 p. 691
ENON Enterprises Inc. - June 30, 1976 - b. 1287 p. 680
DAZ LLC - Aug. 6, 1998 - b. 5139 p. 160

Inventory Data:

StreetElm St
PlaceAndover Center District
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameBean - McLawlin House
Present Usebank parking lot
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1880
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architect/BuilderT. A. Gifford of Boston/builder
Foundationstone & granite
Wall/Trimcedar shingles/clapboard/wood
Roofasphalt - gable
Major AlterationsMoved to rear of site about 1928
Conditionrazed 1974
Demolition Details1974
Map and parcel39-20
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Historical Society, Andover Preservation Commission
Date enteredFeb. 1, 2016