16 Balmoral Street

Architectural Description: 

Adden & Parker of Boston were the architectural firm who designed this handsome building in the Georgian Revival style. Adden & Parker’s other commercial commissions were the Post Office Building 1919-20, the Balmoral Spa 1920, Shawsheen Laundry 1920-21, the Boys Clubhouse 1920, Shawsheen Garage 1921, and the Shawsheen Creamery 1922-1923. Charles S. Patten, general contractor.

The Georgian Revival Administration building is built of Indiana limestone and brick. The front and rear façades have eleven bays and seventeen bays on the north and south facades. The four story building had 129,000 square feet with sixty offices which housed the entire administrative headquarters. The total cost when completed was $2,300,000.
On the exterior façade can be found cast stone reliefs of American Bald Eagle, Shawsheen Indian profile, and the Rams Head keystone logos of the American Woolen Company done by Emerson & Norris Co. and Ornamental iron by Norfolk Iron Co.
Ballustrade; pediments and columns over windows

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: architectural, commerce, community development, education, industry, religion, social/humanitarian

The Balmoral Condominiums now occupy this building which was constructed in 1923 by William M. Wood, President of the American Woolen Company of Boston for their new Executive Administration Headquarters in Shawsheen Village.

This site first held the Timothy Foster homestead built about 1820 on the SW corner of Haverhill & Burnham (York) streets. The house was later purchased by John & Diantha Burnham in 1858 and was known as the Old Burnham House which is now located at 47-49 Balmoral St. William M. Wood acquired the property on June 11, 1908 which included 11acres and to house. When wood began construction of Shawsheen Village in 1919 Balmoral Street was built. Five more old Frye Village houses were moved to this site in 1920. The old mill pond was narrowed to the current river size at this point. In 1922 Mr. Wood decided this lot was ideal for the Executive office building and all six homes were then moved again to Balmoral and Argyle Streets. Construction began in late 1922.

William M. Wood’s office, suit and Boardroom occupied the third floor front rooms 310-312. The rooms had fireplaces, decorative plaster ceilings, wood carvings and pewter chandeliers. The buildings’ interior spaces were opulent with a grand staircase inside the main entrance with inlaid marble floors. Directly below was a 300 seat auditorium hall with sky lighted ceiling. Marble wainscot and oak-paneled walls and doors were used throughout. Some doors were leather covered. The first use of the hall happened on October 19, 1923 when Mr. Wood addressed all the executives, then luncheon at the Shawsheen Restaurant and later inspection of the Shawsheen Mills, the Village and the new Administration building which they would occupy in November.

Mr. Wood’s heath was declining as were the company’s profits in 1924. Wood suffered two mild strokes and on the advice of his physician resigned his 19 year presidency on December 31, 1924. Wood appointed Andrew G. Pierce, Jr. to succeed him and named his son Cornelius Wood as first vice-president.

“In early 1925 President Pierce, son of the man who had given Wood his first job in the textile industry, ordered the closing of the Executive Administration Building in Shawsheen Village.”
William M. Wood died on Feb. 2, 1926 and Cornelius Wood, after an unsuccessful attempt to become president of the company also resigned.

American Woolen Company then began the process of selling off all unrelated manufacturing properties of the company which had been deeded the properties in December 1920.

Once cited as the "architectural gem" of Shawsheen, this administration buildings office spaces were rented out. With the Great Depression of 1929 sales were sluggish and many homes were rented until the economy rebounded. Some properties were held by the Wood family in the Arden Trust. The A.W.Co. Directors authorized its then President, Lionel J. Noah, to deliver all deeds, as deemed necessary to the Textile Realty Co. for sale on Dec. 29, 1931.
The Textile Realty then transferred ownership to the Andover Shawsheen Realty Company on June 30, 1932, holding the mortgage on the properties. T. Edwin Andrew, treasurer, was authorized to sell or lease the properties.

Mrs. Cynthia E. Pike, who founded the Pike School in 1926 in her home on Lowell St. and by 1928 leased space in the building for classrooms until 1944 when they purchased the Forbes home at 5 Porter Rd. and relocated there.

On Nov. 1, 1945 the administration building was sold to the Order of Brothers of Sacred Heart of New England (rec. Dec. 7, 1945). The Sacred Heart boarding school for Catholic boys in grades four through eight was founded by Brother Peter Claver in 1946. The purchase included Balmoral Athletic field and the former Shawsheen Restaurant/Crystal Ballroom at 45 Haverhill St. which was renamed the Cardinal Cushing Gymnasium with bowling alleys in the basement. In 1961 enrollment had reached 250 students but later declined and the school closed in 1975.

The Town wanted to acquire the open space areas accompanying the total school parcel. Funds appropriated from town in 1976. Included were the Balmoral athletic fields, the former Bowling green with stone Boys Clubhouse and the gym building.

On May 15, 1978 the Shawsheen Village Associates – Crowninshield Corporation acquired building and the former tennis court lot at 7 Balmoral for parking. The developers rehabbed conversion from school to 86 condominium units, mostly one bedroom. The building was renamed The Balmoral Condominium and the master deed established on July 17, 1981 the Balmoral Condominium Trust. The building continues as the "architectural gem" of Shawsheen Village.


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Inventory Data:

StreetBalmoral St
Historic DistrictShawsheen Village NRH District
Historic NameAdministration Building
Present UseCondominiums
Original UseExecutive Office Bldg., Amer. Woolen Co.
Construction Date1923
SourceTown Crier: Dir. Of Shawsheen Village
Architectural StyleGeorgian Revival
Architect/BuilderAdden & Parker of Boston/Charles S. Patten contractor
Wall/TrimBrick and limestone
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresnone
Major AlterationsFor school use in 1946; for apartments in 1977, Condominiums 1981
Acreage1.39 acres
Map and parcel36-91
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, Mar. 24, 2020