16 North Main Street

Historical Narrative: 

This corner lot at 16 North Main and Pearson Streets is now site of the current bank building constructed by Butler Bank in 2006 - 2007. The building was designed with retail space on the SE corner and the Banking office on the NE side. Butler Bank was purchased by Peoples United Bank of Bridgeport, CT on April 15, 2011. The Boston King Cafe has been the retail tenant since the 2007.

The site was once the location of two homes, a cottage at #16 (once #34 No. Main) and later, at the rear, a two family home at #3 - #5 Pearson St. The cottage was a small one story building, front gable end to No. Main St. with an ell off the back facing Pearson St. The second house was built later behind the cottage on Pearson St. It was a two family home of two stories, five bay, center entrance house with gable roof, typical of the homes in the immediate area. It may have been moved to this location from Essex St.

The property was once part of the Andover - Wilmington Railroad line that crossed Main St. near this location connecting to Haverhill. The lower end of High St. is the former rail line bed to North Andover. Boston & Maine Railroad purchased the line and property in 1847. The railroad tracks were moved to the present day location to service the new city of Lawrence. The B & M RR then sold off most of the property in this area.

This property was sold by the Boston & Maine Railroad Co. to Joseph R. Millett on July 7, 1851 for $666.40. Moody Bridges, a housewright, then purchased the property for $750 on Apr. 3, 1854. Moody subdivided the lot and sold the cottage lot to Samuel G. Valpey, a local Butcher & Merchant on May 5, 1854. Valpey paid $366.53.

Samuel Valpey sold the property to John Nolan, a Coachman, on Sept. 26, 1863. Nolan later took a mtg. loan for $1000 from the Andover Savings Bank in May 1875. The Bank foreclosed in 1887 and sold the property to James Gorman for $2500. on Aug. 25, 1887. Gorman later sold to Frederich W. P. Onash on Sept. 28, 1895 for $2900.

Oct. 4, 1895 Andover Townsman - "The Nolan estate at the corner of Main & Pearson Streets, consisting of a cottage and two tenement house, has been sold to Frederic W.P. O’Nash, who has been living in Frye Village." The 1896 Sanborn map of Andover Center list the front of the cottage as a cobbler shop with dwelling the rear addition. The two family home is also on the site.

The Onash family owned the property for 68 years. Heirs Emma L. (Onash) Martin, Wilhelmina I. Lehmann, Ella O. Onash and Herbert P. Onash sold the property to C. Lincoln Giles on May 20, 1963.

C. Lincoln Giles was a property developer in Andover who purchased the former Tyer Rubber Co. building on the adjoining lot to the north. This site is now the Andover Public Safety Center, Police and Fire Departments.

Giles plan was to convert the old factory building into multiple family apartments. He sold the corner lot in April 5, 1965 to the Blake Brothers Company. S. Prestley Blake and Curtis L. Blake were the owners of the Friendly's Ice Cream Corp.

The old Nolan - Onash house was razed and Friendly's Ice Cream and restaurant was constructed on the site. The popular restaurant was in business at this location for 40 years closing in 2005. The building was razed the the new Butler Bank built on the same footprint.

A portion of the north side of this property, now access to the parking lot once held a Greek Revival house at #36 No. Main, connected with the Morrill, Donald & Co. Ink Manufacturing, When Samuel Morrill sold to Henry G. Tyer and George Boice in 1854, he kept the "small cottage". It would later be purchased by John Findley and fish dealer, on Jan. 1, 1864. Findley sold to Horace H. Tyer on Sept. 10, 1890.


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Inventory Data:

StreetNorth Main St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameValpey - Nolan - O'nash cottage site
Present UseBank
Original Useresidence - Railroad employee
Construction Date2007
Architectural StyleOther
Demolition DetailsValpey house 1965, Friendly's Ice Cream 2007
Acreage0.44399 acrea
Map and parcel38-10
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date enteredJan. 9, 2015, 5/23/2017