16 Pearson Street

Architectural Description: 

One and a half story cape style -
High-posted form, bracketed entry

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: Architectural, Community Development, Industry, and Transportation

Pearson Street was named for the Rev. Eliphalet Pearson, L.L.,D, born 1752 in Byfield, Newbury, MA, graduate of Harvard in 1773, taught at Andover Grammar School in 1774, first Principal of Phillips Academy 1778-1786. In 1806 he helped found the Andover Theological Seminary. Pearson moved to Harvard, MA in 1820 and died on Sept. 12, 1826. It should be noted that the B&M Railroad had not yet been built, opened in 1848., but the Andover - Wilmington Railroad line 1838-1848 did cross on the upper east end of Pearson Street.

This property on Pearson St. was once owned by Eliphalet Pearson. Pearson's land was sold by Trustees of his estate, Ephraim Abbot and Stephen Gardner, to
Amos Abbott on Sept. 30, 1830 the third parcel mentioned in the deed 100’ x 70’ x 100’ x 70’.

Bartholomew Carney purchased the lot from Amos Abbot and then placed it in a Trust with Amos Abbott on May 13, 1834 Carney paid Abbot $60. Carney was a Laborer and later a Yeoman when he dissolved the Trust on July 3, 1839. The lot now bordered 70’ on Pearson x 100’ on A.W.R.R. to the east x 70’ x 100’ by Thomas C. Foster's lot to the west. Bartholomew Carney added a second parcel on Oct. 21, 1840 for $100. This was the Foster lot (18 Pearson St.) measuring 55’ x 100’ x 55’ x 100’. The 1850 Andover Valuation Schedule lists Carney as Non-Resident - Lawrence, MA - 1/4 acre & Dwelling house $800.

William P. Millett, a tailor, purchased the Carney property on Sept. 30, 1851 for $850. Millett had a tailor shop in the Derby building a 2 Main St. Millett sold to Charles Sugrue, laborer, on Mar. 21, 1855 for $600. This small one and a half story house Cape style had four rooms with living room and kitchen on the first floor and two bedrooms on the second level. 1860 Tax records show the house and land valued at $350 on 5/8 of an acre lot.

It appears to have been rented by John & Margaret Barry in 1860. John & Margaret Barry purchased the property on Oct. 31, 1863 for $850. Barry then acquired a strip of land 3’ wide and 55’ long bordering on his lot on June 7, 1865. He paid $25 which was conveyed by Geo. L. Abbot & Moses Clement of the firm of Abbot & Clement. Abbot & Clement had acquired it from Jacob Chickering on March 5, 1863.

The property was sold to Garrett Cotter in 1869 and the valuation assessment of 1870 shows an improved property. House $550, barn $100, 1/8 acre of land $125 for a total assessment of $775. Farm stock valued at $115. Cotter must have added the ell addition to the rear which served as his barn and shed. Cotter remains here for three years selling in 1872 to John Buckley and wife Hannah for $1500. Four years later the Buckley sells to William Jenkins, one of the partners of the Abbott & Jenkins Co., local builders and contractors. The construction company was first owned by Jacob Chickering who also built a Piano Forte factory building at #8 Pearson. He later sold to Moses Clement & George L. Abbott in March 1863. With the death of Moses Clement, George Abbott then took William Jenkins as a new partner in the Abbott & Jenkins Co.. They remained until 1890 when it was then sold to Lewis Hardy and Joseph F. Cole under the name of Hardy & Cole. Many of the former Andover & Wilmington railroad barns, 1838-1848, were adjacent to the house between Pearson and Essex Streets and were used a carpentry & paint shops and lumber storage.

The house was rented out to local workers. Hardy and Cole and contracting company bought most of the Abbott & Jenkins holdings in 1890.

1900 Real Estate Valuation - Town of Andover lists Hardy & Cole "house" - builders/contractors, active in Andover in 1890's-1900's. Did much work for railroad endeavors, mill, village and tenement construction, as well as individual house contracts.

The house returned to private ownership in 1901 when David J. Donovan, a mason, and his wife Catherine purchased it in November 11. Margaret M., Patrick and Michael J. Donovan are listed in 1958. The house remained with the Donovan family for 58 years before being sold to Amie F. & Ann E. Reming in 1959.

Amie Reming was born in 1936, occupation is listed as an expeditor in 1964 and Ann born in 1938 is a housewife. Ann died March 19, 1997. The Reming sisters must have moved and rented their property as Alma A. Curry born 1904 retired and James J. Curry b. 1936 a writer are living here in 1981.

In 1995 Jane A. Baker b. 1945 a dental hygienists and Jodi Jangro b. 1971 a hairstylist are residents at this address.

In 1998 Michael E. & Kathleen F. Tanner purchased the property. Michael was born in 1961 and Kathleen in 1962. The property was well cared for by the Tanners. The Town of Andover needed additional parking for the public library which now adjoined this property on the east. The town public safety center was across the street to the north. The town approached the Tanners and two other residents on Pearson Street about selling their property at fair market rate to the town. The resident owners of both #16 & #18 agreed to sell and at the annual town meeting on 2007 the voters approved the purchase of the properties by a slim margin.

As this property was one of the oldest surviving cottages in the downtown business district the Preservation Commission made the plea that this structure was historically significant and should be preserved if at all possible. The demolition delay ordinance was imposed by the commission and public notice of sale given in March 2010. The house was put up for auction in the April with the provision that the house be moved off the lot.

Peter B. & Shirley A. Schwarz of 1 Stinson Road in Andover purchased the house. Schwarz also purchased from the Town of Andover a nonconforming lot at 1 Shaw Drive through a tax title auction of town owned property for the purpose of moving the house to this new location. Rob Bramhall of Andover is the architect on the project. The rear ell addition was razed prior to the move in November 2011 to the 1 Shaw Drive address. The home is now listed as 7 Chatham Rd. Preservation Restriction is filed with the Registry of Deeds.


16 Pearson St. – Bartholomew Carney – John Barry House – 1840 – 2009, moved to 7 Chatham Road November 2011

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parcel #2 was conveyed by Geo. L. Abbot & Moses Clement of the firm of Abbot & Clement for $25. The land was a strip 3’ wide and 55’ long bordering on Barry’s land. Abbot & Clement had acquired it from Jacob Chickering on March 5, 1863 - b. 649 leaf 182.
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Peter & Shirley Schwarz - April 2010 - Public auction - moved house -

Inventory Data:

StreetPearson St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NameBartholomew Carney - Wm. Millett - John Barry
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence, builder's shop
Construction Date1855, early 19th century
Architectural StyleFederal
Foundationstone & brick
Roofasphalt - gabel
Major Alterationspool razed 1975 Rear wing removed 2011 House moved Nov. 2011
Move DetailsNov. 2011
Acreage0.17732 acre; 7,800 sq. ft. 80' frontage
Map and parcel55-74
MHC NumberANV.425
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Historical Society - Andover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, 1/5/2015