16 School Street

Architectural Description: 

Greek Revival -

Historical Narrative: 

This property was once part of the 2 1/2 acres of the Hall / Pratt /Scott property next door at 14 School St. The property was acquired by Warren F. Draper on Nov. 4, 1898 from George R. W. Scott. This parcel lot was divided off in May 6. 1899 and sold to Edward S. Beach, of Brookline, MA, George X. McLanahan of Washington, DC and Alfred E. Sterns of Amherst, MA, all a committee representing the Kappa Omega Alpha Society of Phillips Academy. KOA.

The KOA was the first "Secret Society" to be formed at Phillips Academy. KOA organized in September 1874, with just five members present, lead by Roland David Swope, of the Class of 1876. As these secret societies had been banned by the Academy Trustees, members met at off campus locations. "Hatch's" restaurant at 123 Main St., later purchased by Ovid Chapman and renamed "Chap's", let the boys meet in the basement of the building. The societies may have been establish as a way to upgrade living and eating conditions as the Academy had limited dormitory space. The several private Boarding Houses near the campus, although approved by the Academy Trustees, were often sources of complaints from students and their parents for sub-standard accommodations.

The KOA grew in membership and stature and as the Trustees attitude of the Societies changed, Professor Graves became the faculty guardian of KOA. The society then moved into a new house at 10 Locke Street.

Once the property on School Street was acquired, a meeting was held with "a large number of the graduate and active members of the K.O. A. Society was held at the University Club in New York City, NY, on the first day of February 1902. At that meeting it was the consensus of opinion that a corporation be formed under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, to be called the Blodgett Association, for the purpose, among others, of holding the real estate of the K.O. A. Society, the title of which was held by Edward S. Beach, George X. McLanahan and Alfred E. Stearns.

KOA House served the student membership and their alumni for nearly 50 years. The Societies were all phased out by the Trustees of Phillips Academy by 1950. On June 3, 1950 the KOA membership voted by more than 2/3 vote to transfer the deed to the Trustees of Phillips Academy which was done on June 15, 1950.

In October 1950 the former KOA House was changed to Alumni House. The house then served as a meeting place and "teas after football games and a lodging facility for returning young alumni." The house has three floors, with a large living room, small study and kitchen of the first level. The second floor had a large recreation room and the top floor was dormitory space.


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Inventory Data:

StreetSchool St
PlacePhillips District
Historic DistrictAcademy Hill NRH District
Historic NameK.O.A. House/ Alumni House
Present UseAlumni House
Original UseKappa Omega Alpha KOA Society of Phillips Academy
Construction Date1902
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleGreek Revival
Roofslate - gable
Major Alterations1950 and 1977
Acreage0.111 acre
Map and parcel56-4
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, 12/31/15