161-163 North Main Street

Architectural Description: 

door and window trim intact. Double house. Late Greek-picturesque.

Historical Narrative: 

Themes - Agricultural, Community Development and Industry.

This property was once thought to be mill housing for the Marland Manufacturing Co. but a recent deed search has revealed a different ownership lineage. The property was once a portion of the Joseph L. Low estate who built his home at 70 North Main St. at the corner of Lewis. His farm estate included all the land now occupied by the Town Yard, Lewis St. & Buxton Ct., and this parcel down to Harding St. Joseph Low sold off this lot to Erastus Gile on Oct. 30, 1850.
Gile was a brick mason. Gile and B. F. Thompson a house-wright are attributed in the deeds as the builders of the duplex home.

Erastus Gile sells the north side of the house and lot to Thompson for $1000. on May 1, 1851 and retains the south side for his family home. Erastus Gile was born on Jan. 29, 1818 in Lee, NH, son of George & Clarissa (Durgin) Gile. Erastus married in Andover on Aug. 27, 1842 to Amanda G. b. 1814. The Giles had six children, Amanda G. b. 1844, Mary E. b. 1845, Sarah M. b. 1847, Clara b. 1849, Edward E. b. 1851 and Sylvia Annie b. 1854. Prior to moving into this side of the home Gile rented half the house at 53 Red Spring Rd. Erastus Gile was also hired by the Town of Andover as one of the masons for the Old Town Hall on Main Street. Gile died on April 23, 1893 at age 75 years. His estate went to his wife Amanda and the children were named as the Executors of his estate. Daughter Amanda was a seamstress, Mary & Sarah became teachers, and son Edward followed his father's occupation as a mason. The Giles continued ownership until Apr. 29, 1930 when the entire duplex was acquired by Cornelius F. Howe.

North side;
B. F. Thompson owned this side of the house for seven years. It appears that Thompson did not live her but used it and income property. The 1855 Mass. State census lists Rev. Caleb E. Fisher age 40 as living here. Fisher was the 4th pastor of the new Free Church, then located on Railroad St., Fisher was the pastor from June 1, 1855 - May 4, 1859. Rev. Fisher, wife Mary, and children, Francis E., John M., Mary E. and Catherine, most likely lived here until the Free Church Parsonage was built next to the church.

B. F. Thompson sold to James S. Dodge for $550 on Jan. 28, 1858. Dodge was a Trader or merchant in Andover. His store was located on Red Spring Rd. near Essex St. Mar. 10, 1855 Andover Advertiser – “New firm of Dodge & Beard – purchased C. G. NcNeil’s stock of Goods, consisting of Dry Goods, Groceries, Farming tools, Grass & Garden Seeds, Bondi Common & Fancy Crackers. James S. Dodge & Horace P. Beard.” Mr. Beard had worked for McNeil before his business failed. Dodge & Beard did a good business at this location and their partnership continued for ten years until dissolved on July 31, 1865.

The next owner was Hannah Graham on July 14, 1884. Graham owned until her death at which time the property was inherited by her daughter, Emily E. (Graham) Barton. Emily held the property then sold to Cornelius F. Howe on April 29, 1930. With the purchase by Howe the entire house and property was united under one owner.

The home is similar in design to the Harding House at 6-8 Harding St. which is listed individually on the National Register. This home may have originally had the same front facade tongue and groove boarding with clapboards on the sides and rear. The front entrance is slightly modified but retains that classic Greek Revival styling.


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Owners; #161 - South side of home
Joseph L. Low - 1850 - land
Erastus Gile - Oct. 30, 1850 - b. 436 leaf 133
Erastus Gile estate, Amanda Gile heir - Apr. 23, 1893 -
Erastus Gile estate, Children Executors - June 5, 1893 - Probate #74185
Cornelius F. Howe - June 23, 1922 - b. 460 p. 236 - North side of house
Georgette A., Mary E. & S. Annie Gile - Apr. 29, 1930 - b. 552 p. 467 - South side of house
Cornelius F. Howe - Apr. 29, 1930 - b. 552 p. 467 - South side of house
Cornelius F. Howe estate; heirs Catherine B., & Mary E. Howe - Probate #211380
Alfred L. & Eva B. Parizo - Oct. 1, 1945 - b. 690 p. 198
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Owners; #163 - North side of home
Joseph L. Low - 1850 - land
Erastus Gile - Oct. 30, 1850 - b. 436 leaf 133
B. F. Thompson - May 1, 1851 - b. 449 leaf 59 - $1000 1/2 house
James S. Dodge - Jan. 28, 1858 - b. 568 leaf 88
George K. W. Gallishen - June 29, 1860 - b. 608 leaf 260
Catherine P. Cooke - June 23, 1866 - b. 706 leaf 45
Hannah Graham - July 14, 1884 - b. 77 p. 153
Hannah Graham estate, Maude E. Walsh Admin.
Emily E. (Graham) Barton heir - Mar. 28, 1922 - b. 460 p. 434 North side
Cornelius F. Howe - Apr. 29, 1930 - b. 552 p. 467
Georgette A., Mary E. & S. Annie Gile - Apr. 29, 1930 - b. 552 p. 467 - South side
Cornelius F. Howe - Apr. 29, 1930 - b. 552 p. 467 - South side of house
see above for 1930 - 2015

Inventory Data:

StreetNorth Main St
PlaceAndover Center District
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameErastus Gile House
Present Useresidence-3 apartments
Original Useresidence - two family
Construction Date1851
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleOther
Architect/BuilderB. F. Thompson & Erastus Gile
Wall/Trimclapboard/wood/asbestos siding
Roofasphalt - gable
Acreage0.216 acre; 9,390 sq. ft. , approximate frontage 63'
Map and parcel38-91
MHC NumberANV.393
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, 12/15/2015