170 Lowell Street

Architectural Description: 

Typical modest ranch style home built post WWII. All one level living space.

Historical Narrative: 

This property was once part of the larger farm at #166 Lowell Street. The property was purchased by Grace E. Merrick in 1913 from Addie M. Howarth. Grace sold off several house lots through the years of her ownership. She died in 1948 and the remaining estate was administered by her son Lathrop B. Merrill who acquired the farm house at #166 with his wife Barbara H. Merrick. This parcel lot was sold to Jean G. Rogers and Angenette Floyd of Reading, MA on Nov. 27, 1951. Jean a widow at the time sold to John S. & Angenette Floyd on Feb. 26, 1964. Three and a half years later the property was sold to Ernest W. & Sheila C. Fleming in Oct. 1967. The Flemings would also acquire the abutting property and home at #168 in March 1988. They held both properties until November 2003 selling off #170 to Richard R. & Linda M. Desmarais who are the current owners in 2014.


Lathrop B. & Barbara H. Merrick
Jean G. Rogers & Angenette Floyd - Nov. 27, 1951 - b. 758 p. 52
John S. & Angenette Floyd - Feb. 26, 1964 - b. 1005 p. 170
Ernest W. & Sheila C. Fleming - Oct. 24, 1967 - b. 1093 p. 353
Richard R. & Linda Desmarias - Nov. 19, 2003 b. 8410 p. 242

Northern Essex Registry of Deeds, Lawrence, MA
See amp #2452 Lathrop Merrick Oct. 1951

Inventory Data:

StreetLowell St
PlaceWest Parish - West Andover
Historic DistrictWest Parish Center NRH District
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1952
SourceAndover Bldg. Survey
Architectural StyleOther
Acreage.336 acre
Map and parcel89-11
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered02/28/2006, 1/2014