183 Lowell Street

Architectural Description: 

NRDIS, NRMRA, This Greek Revival home is unique in its stone construction from local granite rubble stone taken from a quarry off Cutler Road near Oriole Drive. The West Parish Church,Chapel, cemetery office and stone walls were also built from the same stone ledges. Often thought to be the old parsonage of the church but it was never used as such. A former wooden ell and connecting garage along with a front porch were removed and new ell built during the Camber ownership of the property.

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: Architectural, community development.

1846. The stone house was built for Herman Phelps and possibly constructed by local mason Benjamin Gleason. Some have attributed it to Ruben Frye, who built West Parish Church but Frye died in March of 1845. Keystone in gable has 1846.

Herman Phelps was born on May 30, 1816 son of Chandler & Lydia (Parkhurst) Phelps. His father Chandler b. 1786 and Uncle Henry Phelps b. 1783 lived in the homestead at 7 High Plain Rd. Herman's marriage intention on October 26, 1841 in Andover to Esther Bean Merrill b. Mar. 3, 1821 in Newbury, NH dau. of Israel & Betsey Merrill. They had two sons, Frank C. b. Feb. 20, 1850 and Herman Sydney b. Mar. 25, 1852. The 1850 Valuation schedule list Herman: West Parish Dwelling house & shed $650. No acreage is listed. We conclude the property lot was still part of the Phelps farm of 112 acres. Chandler sells to Herman for $1000 the parcel with buildings “where he now resides” on Dec. 29, 1859.

The 1860 Valuation Herman Phelps; house $700, ½ acre adjoining $30, 24 acres on Bald Hill $483, 4 acre Meadow $65 = $1278 and 28 ½ acres. Farm Stock $411. Henry and Chandler's dwelling house, barn and home farm is 68 acres, a 15 acre Rough meadow is valued at $3850. No farm stock given.

Herman’s mother Lydia died on Sept. 6, 1830 at age 39. Chandler remarried on May 7, 1834 to Hannah Frye Ballard. Hannah died two years later on July 7, 1836. Uncle Henry, a blacksmith and a bachelor, deeded his half of the homestead to his brother Chandler on July 4, 1839 with a life tenancy for himself.

Henry died Jan. 31, 1865 of old age at 81y 6m. Chandler died on Dec. 27, 1868 age 82y 10m. Herman inherited the homestead and moved over to 7 High Plain Rd.

April 23, 1869 AA – Herman Phelps has sold his stone house and land connected to it near the West Parish Church, to William Bailey. On April 20, 1869 the stone house on Lowell St. was sold to William and Hannah M. Bailey for $1000. Esther Phelps died on Nov. 26, 1876 and Herman died of Heart disease on Oct. 11, 1878 at age 62. Herman's sons Frank C. and H. Sydney Phelps would both inherit the homestead farm.

Bailey’s Valuation in 1870; House and shop $550, ¾ acre $150 = $700. William Bailey, a shoemaker was born in Andover on Sept. 20, 1808, son of William Jr. and Rebecca (Gillson) Bailey. William married on Nov. 13, 1832 to Rhoda A. Ames, b. Nov. 6, 1814, dau. of Simeon & Sarah Ames. Children: Joshua H. b. 1834, Sarah b. 1836 and Rebecca b. 1842. Son Joshua married on July 28, 1862 in Lowell to Victoria A. Merrill dau. of Israel & Betsey Merrill and sister of Esther B. wife of Herman Phelps. Sadly Victoria died on Nov. 11, 1865. Joshua remarried on March 26, 1867 to. Mary F. Towne.

Rhoda A. died on Mar. 29, 1872 age 57. William remarried on Oct. 1, 1872 in Lowell to Hannah M (Kendall) Griffin b. Tewksbury, dau. of Seneca & Lydia Kendall. William died Oct. 27, 1889 and is interred in West Parish Cemetery- Probate case #68440 Real estate $1500, - personal estate $1354.60
On Feb. 17, 1891 - Hannah M. Bailey, late wife of William Bailey sells to Lizzie Hardy of St. John, New Brunswick, Canada for $1800.

May 1, 1891 AT - C.A. Hardy of St. Johns, NB has recently purchased the Bailey property near the church in West Parish. Mr. Hardy has been a successful brush manufacturer, and will commence soon the manufacture of all kinds of brushes at his new home. Power will be placed in the small shop connected with the property and we can see a large industry develop from a small beginning.

1900- Tax Evaluation in Andover, Charles A. Hardy; house & shed $1000, Barn $175. Store bld. $150 and ¾ acre $150 for total $1475.

April 21,1913, Lizzie Hardy of Andover sells to Frank H. Hardy for $1 and other considerations – land and buildings. - "Frank Hardy and his son, who ran a store at corner of Lowell and Beacon Streets also operated a brush factory in a barn behind this house" - [Campbell, Eleanor: West of Shawsheen, History of West Parish Church, 1976]
Nov. 13, 1918 - Frank Hardy sells to George M. Carter of Andover, land and buildings. George Carter died in June 1940 and Bessie L. Carter Haartz and Herbert P. Carter his heirs inherit. (also see #181 Lowell St.)

The 1920 census lists Harry A. Wright, wife Emma P. and two daughters Raymah and Emeleyn, renting the house. Harry was a clerk in a woolen mill (A.W. Co.) They were members of West Parish Church and Harry served on the cemetery committee.
Nov. 6,1943 - Bessie Carter Haartz, (formerly Bessie L. Carter,) sells to Arthur & Sarah Lewis.
Arthur & Sarah Lewis are members of the West Parish Church and the Andover Grange. Arthur was the Superintendent of the West Parish Cemetery from 1952 -1977. He died at age 86 November 10, 1981. Arthur was a member of the Andover School Committee for 12 years, a WWI Army Signal Corps veteran and member of St. Mathew’s Lodge, AF & A.M. Children; Warren A. Lewis, Mrs.Marilyn L. Breitenfeld of PA., and Barbara L. Melnikas of Wells, ME.

June 1990, Andover Preservation Award for sympathetic addition.


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Inventory Data:

StreetLowell St
PlaceWest Parish - West Andover
Historic DistrictWest Parish Center NRH District
Historic NameHerman Phelps House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1846
Sourcedatestone in gable
Architectural StyleGreek Revival
Architect/BuilderHerman Phelps
Foundationstone & granite
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuressmall garage attached,
Major Alterationsformer wooden ell, connecting shed & garage and front porch razed - New addition added by Camber family
Acreage12,007 sq. ft. approximate frontage 141'
Map and parcel88-4
MHC NumberANV.310
Recorded byStack/Mofford
OrganizationAndover Historical Commission
Date entered1975-77 03/04/2006