185 Lowell Street

Architectural Description: 

The house is a Four-Square often connected with the craftsman style and in the mid-west called Prairie Style. The cube or square look of the home and hip roof define the style. The eyebrow dormer on the roof is an element of the Shingle Style but also used in craftsman as are the scrolled ends of the exposed support beams of the porch roof and brackets.

Historical Narrative: 

In Jan. 1982, the house was listed in the "West Parish Center National Register Historic District" by the Mass. Historical Commission.
This lot was purchased by Granville K. Cutler from William B. Corliss in July 1919 and built by Cutler. He lived at #161 Lowell St. and was married to Gertrude Burtt. Granville was the Purchasing Agent for American Woolen Company for 35 years, member of School Committee and town finance board, overseer of cemetery expansion and Chairman of the cemetery board 1908 - 1933. The house was first rented to brother-in-law Albert B. Burtt. Albert was a carpenter, teamster and laborer during the expansion of the West Parish Cemetery. He then became the 1st Superintendent of the cemetery 1916 - 1923. Albert's wife Elizabeth (O'Hara) died in Jan. 1919 at age 48. They had 5 children; Edward A, Josie M., Jennie Mary, William Henry, and Eva Howarth Burtt. Daughter Jennie assumed her role as housekeeper for her father at age 19. Sadly son William died in Oct. 1922 and Albert died on May 3, 1923 of heart failure. His son Edward A. Burtt then became the cemetery superintendent from 1923-1927. Edward and wife Carolyn lived here four years. Granville Cutler sold the house to the West Parish Church on Aug. 14, 1926 and it was used as the Parish Parsonage from 1926-1960.

Rev. Newman Mathews, the 10th Minister of West Parish Church July 1913 – June 1937 and Minister emeritus 1937 – 1951. was the first minister to occupy the parsonage. Mathews was born 1868 in Drayton, Ontario. Graduate of Phillips Academy 1894, Harvard College 1897, University of Toronto and Bangor Theological Seminary. Ordained in Scranton, PA, Pastor in Randolph, NY, Kane, PA and St. Petersburg, FL before West Parish. Married to Elizabeth Tomlinson. one son Medwin Mathews. Died Nov. 7, 1951 age 82 interred at West Parish Cemetery.

Rev. Donald H. Savage, 11th Minister of West Parish Church Sept. 1, 1937 – March 6, 1945. Born in Pennsylvania Sept. 1, 1907. Graduate of Wesleyan 1929, Boston University School of Theology master’s degree in 1931 and S.T.B. degree in 1932. Pastor of Trinitarian Congregational Church in Norton, MA prior to West Parish. He died in the service of the Parish on March 6, 1945 at the Middleton sanatorium of Tuberculosis. Age 37. Married to Adele Brodhead, two children Robert and Jane. Interred in West Parish Cemetery.

Rev. John G. Gaskill was the next minister to reside in the house followed by the Rev. Hugh Penny. An new parsonage was purchased on High Plain Road and the property was sold to James G. & Gwendolyn Hedrick Sept. 21, 1960.

Deed transferred to Gwendolyn B. Hedrick Apr. 26, 1978. The Hedricks became members of the West Parish Church and Gwen served on the cemetery board for many years. In 1994 the cemetery was incorporated under the name West Parish Garden Cemetery, Inc. Gwen became the first chairwoman of the new board of directors from 1994-2008. During her leadership a complete restoration of the cemetery entrance Arch, Chapel, office building were completed. All the roads were paved and a column-barium built. Gwen died in May 2008 and in her memory was built the "Children's Garden" by her family. The house remains with family under the Hedrick Nominee Trust - 2012. Her daughter Nancy Simili is now on the board of the cemetery.


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Inventory Data:

StreetLowell St
PlaceWest Parish - West Center District
Historic DistrictWest Parish Center NRH District
Historic NameAlbert B. Burtt / Rev. Newman Mathews House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1919
SourceW. P. Church records
Architectural StyleCraftsman/Bungalow
Wall/Trimvinyl clapboards & trim
RoofHip - asphalt
Outbuildings / Secondary Structures2 car garage
Major Alterationssiding 1991 new garage 1992
Acreageless than one acre
Map and parcel88-3
MHC NumberANV.1187
Recorded byB.Thibault - James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered11-23-93, 03/04/2006, updated 1/2014