189 Abbot Street

Architectural Description: 

Part of house ell-shaped, may be early; wood frame; 5 fireplaces, The second story bump out suggests it was added later. The original home may have begun as a Cape. Alfred Poore's History on Andover, printed in the Andover Advertiser July 11, 1863 and Aug. 29, 1863 states there was a house on Porter Rd. opposite Hayward's which was dismantled and moved. "Now this part of it is the cottage of Dr. Whiting’s place, and one part is incorporated into the lower story of Mr. Goldsmith’s house, and was removed there when the house was taken away about 1790."

Historical Narrative: 

The property deeds "with buildings" go further back than originally stated. In 1778 we find John Sawin & Louis Sawin selling a two acre parcel with building at the north end of Preston's Plain to John Herrick on Oct. 16, 1778. Herrick paid 240 pounds 15 shillings for the property. Herrick purchased a second six acre parcel from Samuel Abbott Jr. of half improved land and half wooded on the Pond Meadow on April 10, 1783 for 19 pounds 10 shillings.

John Herrick sold to William Chandler Jr., wife Elizabeth on Sept. 3, 1784, with buildings there on for 86 p 7s 4p. Chandler held two years then sold for 90 pounds to Bosinger Foster, wife Mary, a merchant in Cambridge, MA on Nov. 23, 1786. Bosinger owned for ten years then selling to William Foster on Aug. 5, 1796. William was a Boston merchant. Upon his death Commissioners were assigned to divide up his real estate and this property was assigned to Mary S. Apthrop, wife of John Apthrop. They sold to Thomas C. Foster of Andover for $300 on June 1, 1825.

Isaac Goldsmith Jr., a carpenter, purchased the property for $300 from Foster on Dec. 15, 1826, recorded on Aug. 21, 1827. This home was the Isaac Goldsmith Jr. homestead and in the family for 98 years. Goldsmith most likely enlarged the house during his ownership. The house lot parcel was about 2 acres of land on the east side of the "Olde Boston Road". The road would later be named Woburn St. which began at the intersection of Phillips St. and ran to the Wilmington Line. About 1900 the Abbot St. name was extended to this junction point at Porter Rd. and what is now the beginning of Woburn St. today.

In the Andover Valuation of 1850 The Goldsmith dwelling house is valued at $400. barn and shed $100. The eleven acre farm value $280. His farm stock was $95. and he owned 3 Railroad shares $150. Issac Goldsmith Jr. was born in Andover on Feb. 25, 1803, son of Isaac & Martha (Burnham) Goldsmith. Isaac Jr., a carpenter, married on Sept. 26, 1832 to Lydia Favor, b. Oct. 11, 1801 in Weare, NH. daughter of Joseph & Hannah (Burnham) Favor. They had three children; Maria Lucinda b. Jan. 26, 1836 and two adopted; Abbie Cadelia b. 1849 in Maine, dau. of William Henman, and son George Henry b.in Tewksbury, came on May 2, 1853 at age ten. Both took the surname Goldsmith. .

Poore's discription of the property in May 1863:
"Descending a little we come to the residence of Isaac Goldsmith, where this and South Street (Porter Rd) unite. This house faces south with a basement under and next to this St. close to the S.E. corner of the house is an Elm tree, nearly a foot in diameter, and farther along as the corner of his land are two very beautiful Elms which are about three times as large. In front of the house and west of these Elms he has 54 native grape vines embracing many varieties which he has selected from the woods about Andover and Wilmington.

West of the barn the rising ground is terraced and set with apple trees. This place was formerly owned by William Foster; his brother Timothy was here in 17__ when his son, the present Capt. Thomas C. Foster was born. Since that time Kendall Parker the hatter, whose shop stood where the vineyard is; a Mr. Dalion was here about 1813, who returned to Charlestown or vicinity; Levi Trull, whose blacksmith’s shop stood in, the angle on the opposite side of the street left in 1819, the year Mr. Goldsmith purchased it and came to reside; Eaton Green was here in 1839-40; and John Trampleasure from the autumn of 1845 to spring of 1849."

In the 1865 State census only son George is listed at home. In the 1870 Census grandson Arthur age 5 is living with his grand parents and a John Wiannah age 14 is working on the farm, Mattie Kenneson age 13 is a servant girl. Isaac died of Dropsy on August 10, 1870 and was buried in the new town cemetery Spring Grove. His widow Lydia died in May 1886 and was interred on the 25th.

Daughter Maria L. Goldsmith married Macellus Weld and had three children; Arthur B. b. 1865, Fred M. b. 1869 and Myra J. b. 1870.
Lydia left the Goldsmith estate and homestead to her grandchildren; Myra J. (Weld) Harding and Fred M. Weld.

In 1917 Fred M. Weld bought the property from Myra. Fred held the property until his death in 1924. Clover J. Stone, administrator of Weld's estate sold the property to Elizabeth Stickney on Jan. 3, 1925. Elizabeth was the wife of Charles C. Stickney, and owned 43 acres on the east side of the road which she had purchased from the Abbott heirs in 1886.

Elizabeth died in 1935 and her estate was sold to Walter E. Stickney of Salem, NH on December 1936. Walter divided u the parcel into 3 smaller parcels and sold the homestead lot "B" to his son Walter Stickney Jr. and wife Bertha in 1951. Stickney sold the property two years later to Paul & Natalie Cahill in Sept. 1953. Cahill owned for just 15 months then selling to Roger & Marjorie Stillman of Wilmington, MA. Stillman held the property for three years then moved to Short Hills, NJ. The house was then sold to Keith B. & Elaine Chisholm on Dec. 10, 1957.

The Chisholm family owned the homestead for 14 years then sold to Raymond A. and Rosemary (King) Nelson in June 1971. Nelson held for six years selling to current owner Warren R. Stone on October 20, 1977. Stone family has restored and meticulously maintained the home for 37 years of their stewardship. They received a Preservation Award in 1993 for their efforts.

1993 Preservation Award; see vertical file "Structure" at Andover Historical Society


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Inventory Data:

StreetAbbot St
PlacePhillips District
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameIsaac Goldmith Jr. House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1778
Architectural StyleGeorgian
Foundationstone & granite
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresmodern garage
Acreage1.19 acres; 52,000 sq. ft.; approx. frontage 333'
Map and parcel118-4
MHC NumberANV.16
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, updated 12/2014, 10/21/2018