19 School Street

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Themes - Architectural, Community Development and Education.

Mrs. Mary (Hooker) Cornelius original owner.

David Hidden built the home for Mary (Hooker) Cornelius, widow of Rev. Elias Cornelius. They previously lived at Samaritan House, 1826-29, when he was secretary of American Education Board (1826-31). Mrs. Cornelius wrote a famous cookbook here in her new house. David Rice lived here for a time. He was a partner with David Hidden, and the seminary carpenter at one time. David Hidden's Tally Book reads "Aug. 19, 1833 - began work on Mrs. Cornelius's fence. There was 12 days work done." 1850 Valuation Schedule - Wid. Mary Cornelius, 1/2 acre House lot, Dwelling house $2000.

The property was sold by Mrs. Cornelius for $2600. to Thomas W. Dearborn of North Reading, a Sea Captain on May 3, 1852. Thomas W. and wife Mary owned just one year then sold to Edward Buck Esquire of Boston on Mar. 2, 1853 for $3000.

Edward Buck was born in New York City on Oct. 13, 1814. He attended Harvard and Yale, becoming a lawyer, with his office in Boston. Edward married on June 8, 1841 in Boston to Elizabeth Greene Hubbard, b. Feb. 11, 1817 Boston, MA, daughter of Samuel & Mary A. (Greene) Hubbard. Edward placed his property into a Trust for Eliza, with her father Samuel Hubbard the Trustee. The Trustees were changed to James S. Amory and Charles Amory when Edward purchased the Andover property.

Edward & Eliza had two children; Alice Buck born Apr. 3, 1842 in NYC and Walter Buck b. Sept. 29, 1847 in Boston. The 1855 Mass. State census lists the Buck family along with three domestics, Abby N. Alger age 22 b. MA who would become their long term servant and Mary Ann Davenport age 45 from Nova Scotia, and Mary Caple 35, from Ireland. Also listed are J. S. Copley Greene age 46 student, J. S. Copley Greene Jr. age 9 and Elizabeth G. Greene age 7. and Edward Bucks sister Rebecca C. Buck age 38 as a boarder born in NY.

Edward Buck died on July 16, 1876 and is interred in the Phillips Academy Cemetery. His widow Eliza G. was the Executrix of his estate. On Nov. 7, 1882 the Trust was turned over to Eliza. Eliza died on May 14, 1890 and the home was then occupied by her children Alice Buck and Walter and his wife Mary W. (Laurie) Buck. Walter, a real estate broker, was married on Apr. 10, 1888. Mary W. was born on Oct. 31, 1861.

Alice Buck was the moving force to save the "Indian Ridge" property from development as a sand pit, and preserve it as open space as a passive recreational area for townspeople. Now part of AVIS Reservations in town, a memorial plaque to Alice Buck's efforts was placed atop the ridge off Red Spring Road. Alice died on March 29, 1907 in Andover. Her brother Walter then inherited the home. Walter died twenty years later on March 7, 1927 and his widow inherited the estate. Mary died on Feb. 16, 1946 and was interred in the Buck family lot at the Phillips Academy Cemetery. The Buck family had owned the property for 93 years. William H. Eaton was the Executor of Mary W. Buck's estate and the property was then sold to Charles D. & Katherine S. McDuffie on Sept. 4, 1946.

Charles McDuffie died on Dec. 20, 1964 and widow Katherine S. McDuffie and Charles H. McDuffie, both Conservators of the estate sold the property to the Trustees of Abbot Academy on Jan. 1, 1966. The house was then named the McDuffie House by the Academy. With the merger of Abbot & Phillips Academies on June 2, 1973 the property deeds were transferred over to the Trustees of Phillips Academy on June 30, 1973.


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Mrs. Mary (Hooker) Cornelius, widow of Rev. Elias Cornelius - abt. 1832
Thomas W. Dearborn - May 3, 1852 - b. 460 leaf 26
Edward Buck - Mar. 2, 1853 - b. 474 p. 94 - Dwelling house & lot
Edward Buck - Mar. 14, 1853 - b. 474 leaf 242 - corner lot of School & Greene (Morton)
Elizabeth G. (Hubbard) Buck Trust - James S. Amory & Charles Amory, Trustees - Mar. 14, 1854 - b. 491 leaf 30
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Elizabeth G. Buck - Nov. 7, 1882 - b. 69 p. 538
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Charles D. & Katherine S. McDuffie - Sept. 4, 1946 - b. 689 p. 302
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Trustees of Abbot Academy - Jan. 1, 1966 - b. 1053 p. 13
Trustees of Phillips Academy - June 2, 1973 - b. 1222 p. 85

Other parcels;
Fitz William Rogers from Rev. Amos Blanchard - Dec. 13, 1849 - b. 421 leaf 49 - 1 acre 19 rods corner to Main
Edward Buck from Fitz William Rogers - Dec. 13, 1849 - b. 421 leaf 49 - corner lot School & Morton
Edward Buck from Amos Blanchard - Mar. 14, 1853 - b. 474 leaf 242 - corner lot School & Morton
Edward Buck from Fitz William Rogers - Sept. 14, 1867 - b. 731 leaf 169 - strip of land

Inventory Data:

StreetSchool St
PlaceAndover Center District
Historic DistrictAcademy Hill NRH District
Historic NameEdward & Eliza Buck House -McDuffie House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1838
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleFederal
Architect/BuilderDavid Hidden
Roofasphalt - gable
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresgarage
Major Alterationsbays and projections
Acreage0.756 acre; 32,940 sq. ft.; approx. frontage Morton - 168', School - 240'
Map and parcel40-21
MHC NumberANV.515
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, 12/29/15