197 Shawsheen Road

Architectural Description: 

Greek Revival
Architectural features similar to Jacob Chickering's style and he may have had a hand in carpentry here. He was still in partnership with Whittier during this period.

Historical Narrative: 

Original owner Rev. Samuel Cram Jackson
Theme - Architectural, Community Development and Religion. The West Parish Center District has been the focus for the social and religious activities of Andover lying west of the Shawsheen River. This district is characterized by 18th and 19th century farmhouses and the green at the crossroads of Lowell St., Reservation Rd., Shawsheen Rd. and Beacon St. This green once held the Church Vestry and horse sheds, the local Grange Hall and a private home. The site of the West Center District School, built in 1808 was just north of Lowell St. on the east side of Beacon St.

Solomon Holt gave this half acre lot to Samuel C. Jackson for $1 on April 1, 1830. Jackson had agreed to build his house upon it. Additional funds were procured via a mortgage loan of $1200 from Joseph Faulkner on Feb. 11, 1831 which the deed states "with buildings there on." The Jackson house was the first West Parish parsonage. Possibly designed and built by local builder Jacob Chickering. Its style is an excellent example of the transition from the earlier Federal style to the Greek Revival. Rev. Jackson owned and lived here during his pastorate at West Parish Church which began on June 6, 1827.

Samuel Cram Jackson was born on March 13, 1802 in Dorset, Vt., son of William & Susanna (Cram) Jackson. Samuel attended the Andover Theological Seminary from which he was hired as the first Minister of West Parish Church, in Andover on June 6, 1827. Samuel married Caroline R. Truse, b. Feb. 17, 1807 in Portland, ME, daughter of William & Rebecca True. Samuel and Caroline had six children; Carrie Rebecca b. Jan 5, 1830, Susanne Elizabeth b. Dec. 26, 1832, Samuel William b. May 1, 1838 d. May 22, 1839, Samuel Charles b. May 28, 1841 - d. 1869, William True b. Nov. 17, 1843, and Mary Angeline b. May 28, 1847. Jackson closed his service to the West Parish congregation on September 25, 1850 and retired. The Jackson family then moved to 158 Main St. at the corner of Wheeler Ave. Rev. Jackson then became State Librarian and Assistant Sec. of Education under Horace Mann.

Rev. Jackson sold house to his successor Rev. Charles H. Pierce on Oct. 10, 1851 for $1900. Rev. Pierce, with wife Mary R. began his duties on Oct. 9, 1850 and served as minister until Jan. 1, 1855. Pierce took a loan of $1200 from Lydia Faulkner which was paid off on Sept. 10, 1855.
The Deacons of West Parish Church; Peter Smith, Solomon Holt and Joseph Shattuck bought the former Jackson home for the official Parsonage via a promissory note of $1500 in Sept. 1855. The deed was transferred to the West Parish in Andover, on April 8, 1859. At total price of $2,300. The home then served as the Parsonage for 67 years.

Rev James H Merrill began his pastorate on April 30, 1856 and continued until Dec. 1, 1879.

In 1926, West Parish Church sold the property for $9,000 and purchased smaller house across from The Green at 185 Lowell Street for their Minister's new Parsonage.

The old Parsonage was purchased by John D. and Margaret J. Little on August 9, 1926. Two other parcels were later purchased from Frederick S. Harvey and Grace Merrick. The Little family owned the property for 50 years. Margaret J. Little was the Principal of Pike School. The property was placed into the Margaret J. Little Trust in 1973 with her son John D. C. Little as Trustee.

The property was sold on March 25, 1976 to Richard W. & Susan K. Morris.
The Morris family owned for 20 years then selling in Oct. 1993 to current owners David S. Drinon and Cynthia A. Egan.

1997 Preservation Award


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Inventory Data:

StreetShawsheen Rd
PlaceWest Parish - West Andover
Historic DistrictWest Parish Center NRH District
Historic NameWest Parish Church Parsonage
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence/parsonage
Construction Date1832-1833
SourceCampbell, Eleanor/style - njs
Architectural StyleGreek Revival
Foundationstone & granite
Roofasphalt - gable
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresbarn ell attached
Acreage1.48 acres
Map and parcel89-16
MHC NumberANV.530
Recorded byStack/Mofford; James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, updated 12/2013