2 Poor St

Architectural Description: 

Commercial building, Post WWII, modern, simplified structure, built in the mid 1950's, contains 5 store fronts, on corner lot of Poor & Lowell Streets.

Historical Narrative: 

This corner lot was once the location of Poor Street as it turned past Hussey’s Pond, crossed Lowell Street and continued down the drive along the west side of Wood Park, and ended back on North Main Street where the Christian Science Church is today. Poor Street was the ancient county road that led north to the Andover bridge over the Merrimack River and on to Concord, New Hampshire. When the Essex Turnpike was constructed about 1810 the route was straightened reducing the time traveled. This turnpike is now Route 28 or Main Street through Andover. With the development of Shawsheen Village Poor Street was straightened and terminated at Lowell St. and Shawsheen Square.

William M. Wood acquired the land in 1914 which was connected to the old Faulkner homestead at 9 Lowell St. Hussey’s Pond became a swimming area for the residents of the village. A corner park was constructed here, enclosed with a stone wall, a curved entrance flanked by lantern posts. A place to relax under the Elm trees and watch children swim in the pond. Wood also built three bathhouses on the edge of the pond. A memorial water fountain with a horse and pet trough was placed between two Elms at the curb of Poor Street. It was in memory of his daughter Irene Wood Sutcliff who loved animals but died in the influenza epidemic in October 1918. The fountain now adorns the opposite corner in the garden in Wood Park. Mr. Wood also built the bungalow home at 7 Lowell St. which was part of this corner lot.

The first commercial building erected or moved here was a small wooden building tucked neatly between the entrance posts about 1930. The bungalow was purchased by the Bredbury sisters, Susan, Florence and Esther on April 5, 1930. The Bredburys opened a bakery business here named the Shawsheen Home Bakery which continued for twenty years. All three women had worked in the mills in Lawrence and lived in North Andover with their widowed mother Mary. Their brother Thomas was named Agent of the Shawsheen Mill in 1921 and lived at 459 Lowell St. Susan died in 1949 and Florence in 1950. Esther Bredbury then sub-divided the property selling the corner lot to Donald A. & Catherine P. MacNeil on Nov. 1, 1951. Esther also sold the bungalow in September of 1951.

The former bakery building then became the Shawsheen Pharmacy in September 1953 with Paul Upson as the proprietor and registered pharmacist. Mrs. Lucy Upson assistant. Also called Upson’s Pharmacy.

Donald McNeil of Nahant, took over the Shawsheen Bakery and opened the Shawsheen Lunchette at 3 Lowell Street. McNeil built the retail space that wraps around the corner on the lot. McNeil sold the restaurant in 1956 Roland “Rollie” & Janet E. Boisvert who purchased the building on Feb. 27, 1981. The Boisverts renamed it the Shawsheen Luncheonett - 1956 – 1989. They sold the restaurant to Bryan & Amy Guay in 1989 which continued until June 30, 2019. They had a loyal breakfast and lunch crowd here for 63 years.
Coco’s Barber Shop was also a long term tenant at #6 Poor St. for 50 years from 1961-2011. They relocated to the Aberdeen Building at 354 North Main St. next to the Post Office.

Some tenants:
3 Lowell, Shawsheen Lunchette 1953 - 1956, Shawsheen Luncheonette 1956 – June 2019 -
4 Poor - Shawsheen Pharmacy, Upmans Pharmacy 1953-1962
4 Poor - McCracken’s Liquor & Wines 1962 -1980, Village Liquors, 1986 - present
4 Poor Andover Hockey Shop 1977 - 1985 moved PO bld. Closed 2015?
6 Poor St. Coco’s Barber Shop (1961-2011) moved to 354 No. Main St.
6 Poor - Maddox Chiropractic 2018,
1 Lowell Sutton Travel, 1966, Andover Realty Agency 1975
5 Lowell Divot’s (golf) 2000


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2 Poor St. and 7 Lowell St.
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Inventory Data:

StreetPoor St
PlaceShawsheen Village - Frye Village
Historic DistrictShawsheen Village NRH District
Present Usecommercial business
Original Usecommercial business
Construction Date1953
SourceERDS, ENRDL, AHS file, njs, style
Architectural StyleOther
Roofasphalt/gravel- flat
Major AlterationsNow four stores as Shawsheen Liquors expanded into former barbershop on Poor St. The facade was updated about 2010.
Acreage0.304 acres
Map and parcel52-90
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date enteredJune 4, 2015, 5/1/20220