213 Chandler Road
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Architectural Description: 

This house was once the barn of the Bailey Homestead next door at 221 Chandler Rd. Gabel ended barns facing the street with central doors and drive through center bays were a classic New England style barn. This construction technique began in the late 1830's replacing the traditional English Style barn such as the Amos Blanchard barn of the Andover Center for History & Culture.

Barns this size were typically 40 x 60 feet. The conversion of the front bay into a residence and the remaining 3 bays for farming purposes was unique to Andover, but can often be found in Europe.

Historical Narrative: 

Owner: Helen Maranian (from 5/26/47)

Themes: agricultural, architectural, community development
Original owner - Timothy Bailey 2nd
This property shares the same history as 221 Chandler Rd. as it was once part of the Bailey farm.
The division occurred in 1925.

Timothy Bailey 2nd was born on Oct. 18, 1786 son of Lt. Moses and Elizabeth (Moore) Bailey. The family homestead was at 72 Brundrett Ave. Timothy married on June 7, 1827 at West Parish Church to Sarah "Sally" Poor b. Apr. 9, 1794, daughter of Theodore & Sally (Dowling) Poor. They had two sons, Timothy Palmer b. May 25, 1828 and Moses Albert b. Mar. 5, 1835. Timothy, a farmer, continued to expand his farm and at the time of his death it totaled over 302 acres. The 1850 Andover Valuation lists Timothy Baliey 2d assessment: Dwelling house $700. barn $275, 130 acres adjoining Building $3250., 11 acre Lower wood lot $1100., 13 acre Young wood lot $695, 14 acre High Plain lot $450. and the Nathan Abbott Place - Dwelling house $200., barn $100, 83 acres adjoining buildings $1411, 18 acres Abbott pasture$270., 14 acre Pine Island $182., 20 acre Rea Lot - $200 for totals of 303 acres and $8803.
Timothy Bailey died on Jan. 8, 1875 at age 88y 2m 21d. His estate was later sold at public auction and son Timothy Palmer Bailey purchased it for $11,250. His mother Sally died on April 21, 1882 at age 88 years 12 days. Both are interred at West Parish Garden Cemetery.

Timothy Palmer Bailey built his home across the street at 210 Chandler Rd. Timothy P. married Mary Jane Morse b. 1825. Timothy & Mary Jane had a daughter Anna Morse Bailey who married Hudson E. Wilcox.

Timothy sold to his brother Moses Albert Bailey, known as Albert, 1/2 share in their parent's home for $5000 on Apr. 19, 1886. The homestead lot consisted of 144 acres 104 rods, and the second lot of 22 acres adjoining the first. M. Albert Bailey died on Oct. 20, 1904 age 69y 7m 14d. His estate was administered by Clover J. Stone of Andover who probated the will on Mar. 1905 and sold off the farm at auction on April 29, 1905 for $4150 to Timothy Augustus Holt. Holt then transferred the deed to Mary Elizabeth (Holt) Bailey on May 3, 1905. Mary E. held the property until her death on Nov. 11, 1916.

Louis A. Dane then held the property through Mary E. Bailey's estate and will. Louis and wife S. Annie lived at 7 Florence St. but the 1920 Valuation also lists House & shed Chandler Rd. $1200, Barn $1000, 144 acres $2800 and ¼ acre Schoolhouse lot, the former Abbott District School site on the corner of Chandler Rd. and Brundrett Ave. Louis sold the Bailey farm to Peter Hagopian & Peter Mararian on Oct. 28, 1920. The property then contained 154 acres with the house and barn.

Peter Hagopian, wife Julia & Peter Mararian, wife Helen, held the farm jointly for five years then transferred the deed to John Franklin in Nov. 1925 with the intention of dividing the farm and creating two separate properties. Franklin then deeded the Homestead farm at 221 Chandler Rd. to Peter Hagopian's with 66.8 acres of land. Peter & wife Helen Maranian were deeded the remaining 87.4 acres adjoining land with the barn.

The front portion of the barn was converted into a residence for the Maranian family. Peter Mararian was born April 12, 1892 in Harport, Armenia. His WWII registration card lists Shamashan, Turkey as his birth place. Peter was a Truck farmer growing produce for the market. Peter married in Armenia to Helen Kervokian b. June 1, 1899 in Cypress dau. of Solomon Kervokian at the Armenian Monastery. Peter returned to the States on June 5, 1923 on the S.S. Romeric via NYC. Helen arrived on Oct. 24, 1924 on the S.S. Aquitania in NYC. They had two sons Michael b. March 24, 1928 in Lawrence, and Peter Jr. b. Sept. 19, 1929. Peter died on May 25, 1947 age 55 years and is interred at West Parish Cemetery.
. The farm continued in the hands Helen and son Peter Jr. Parcels of the farm were sold off by Helen for development. The property had been reduced to about 10.1 acres in two parcels by the 1970’s. Helen signed an agreement to sell to the Ninety-Three Building Trust in June 1979 and sold on Oct. 10, 1979 the 3.44 acre house lot and 6.4 acres to the rear of the house to the Trustees, Robert J. M. O’Hare, J.A. Dolben and Thomas G. Taylor. Helen died on Nov. 20, 1989 in Methuen.

The property was later sold to the G.C.A. Corp. and the home was razed. The land is now part of the 48 acre parcel owned by Lincoln Andover LLC at 7 Shattuck Rd. off River Road.


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Inventory Data:

StreetChandler Rd
PlaceAbbott District - West Parish
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameBailey Barn - Peter & May Mararian House
Present Useresidence
Original Usebarn
Construction Datemid 19th century
SourceERDS, NERDL, style,
Architectural StyleOther
Wall/TrimAluminum siding
Roofasphalt - gable
Major AlterationsOne shed razed (1967)
Acreage10 acres; approx. frontage 400'
Map and parcel167-13
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, April 30, 2022