22-30 Park Street

Architectural Description: 

This commercial business block was built with a symmetrical facade with matching classical arched doorways at either end with two small and two larger stores tucked between. All had similar store front facades.

Historical Narrative: 

This parcel of land was once owned by Charles W. Woodman and sold to John Cornell on Oct. 1, 1873. John Cornell began business as a livery man and then ran a very successful heating company selling fuel of wood and coal. His livery stable was located just north of the library building. With the construction of Park Street in 1873 many of the tradesmen in livery, blacksmith and fuel (coal, wood and hay) businesses built along the north side of Park St.

John Cornell sold his business to his nephew-in-law Frank E. Gleason prior to his death in Dec. 1892. Frank Gleason continued the business from Park Street with an office for customers in the Carter Building at 5 Main Street. Most of the structures along Park St. were wood construction and large barns.

Sept. 15, 1905 AT - New Plumbing Firm – Plumbing business and stock owned by E. C. Pike, recently purchased by B. Rogers & J. H. Campion now in the hands of John S. Buchan & Joseph W McNally. The firm will be known as Buchan & McNally – gives a short history.

On June 10, 1911 the plumbing business of Buchan & McNally purchased a lot from Frank Gleason and moved their business here. In Nov. 1911 they acquired a second parcel from Gleason which included his buildings which he reserved the right to use the Hay shed until Jan. 1, and the remaining barns until April 1, 1912 all rent free. After Frank Gleason died in April 1914, his widow Mary Eliza Gleason sold off the remaining parcel to the partners in June 1914.

Two years later John S. Buchan & Joseph W. McNally announced the construction of a new building. They hire the Boston Architectural firm of Fisher, Ralph and LeBoutellier the same firm that designed the new Punchard High School addition in 1916 and now is the Town Office Building on Bartlet St.

The Andover Townsman Aug. 18, 1916 pg. 2 - Planned new business block on Park St. Two story brick building, Buchan & McNally building. - D. J. Costello of North Andover has the contract to build and 80’ x 50’ building, purchased the lot from Frank E. Gleason. Stores on ground floor, lodge rooms on second. Start construction on Sept. 1 – to open first of the year. Dennison tile and brick facing, Fish lot brick on front, fire struck brick on sides and back – 2 small stores and 2 larger ones, one of which the firm will occupy. Fisher, Ralph [Ripley] and LeBoutellier, 45 Bromfield St., Boston are the architects for the building.

Aug. 25, 1916 p8 – The old barn on Park Street which has been occupied recently by Scott T. Shattuck is being moved to a new location at the corner of Park and Florence Streets, to make room for a new business block to be erected by Buchan & McNally. J. J. Evans of Methuen is doing the moving. [the old barn was then used by Krinksy scrap metal and junk business.]

May 11, 1917 AT - First store in New Buchan & McNally Block opened yesterday by Robert J. Winters, who will conduct a .05, .10, and .25 cent store. The store is well stocked with an endless variety of articles which are always needed and at these popular prices with courteous treatment and efficient service, Mr. Winters hope to receive a generous patronage.

Oct. 5, 1917 AT p.8 Buchan & McNally are handsomely domiciled in their new store on Park Street, Nos. 22 and 24. They invite an inspection of store and stock.
Nov. 21, 1919 Mike Francis, shoe dealer, has moved from Main St. to the store in Buchan & McNally block on Park St. The store vacated is being remodeled for an office for the Lawrence Gas Co.

The business flourished through the 1920s and slowed with the depression. With the death John S. Buchan partner Joseph W. McNally purchased his share from the Buchan heirs. Joseph McNally left the property in trust to the St. Augustine’s Parish in his will. Rev. Patrick Campbell was the priest at that time and his successor by Rev. Henry B. Smith later sold the property to Robert W. & Patricia C. Phinney on June 30, 1961.

The property was placed in the Olde Towne Trust from 1963 - 1988. Andover Park Trust then held the property on Nov. 1, 1988 to Dec. 2008. 22 Park Street, LLC purchased the property on Dec. 22, 2008.

Some listed Tenants;
24-26-30 Park Street Buchan & McNally Plumbing 1916-1937
#24 -Philip Ciampa Beauty Salon,
Kitchen Store
Earth Food Store (to 28 Chestnut Street)
AOUW Hall, 24 Park Assoc. of United Workers
Grecoe Jewelers, 26 Park, 5th location (33, 41, Arco Bldg. and 48
Main Sts., second between Ben Franklin Stores & Miller’s
Shoes, moved in 2013 to 166 North Main St.)
Knights of Columbus on 2nd floor
Buchan & McNally Plumbing, 26 Park Street
Joseph Abbott: Picture Frames, Looking Glasses, etc.
Lee Dodd Realty Co.
Orange Leaf Yogurt, 30 Park Street (2011)
Raven Beauty Parlor
Park Street Travel Agency
The Whatnot Shop (misc. goods)
1926 Andover Battery Service


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22 Park Street, LLC - Dec. 22, 2008 - b. 11409 p. 32

Inventory Data:

StreetPark St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameBuchan & McNally Building
Present UseBusiness/merchants
Original UseBusiness/merchants
Construction Date1916 - 1917
Architectural StyleOther
Architect/BuilderFisher, Ralph & LeBoutellier
Foundationstone and concrete
Roofasphalt - gravel
Major Alterationsfacade changes through the years on first floor level four stores to three then two in 2013.
Acreageless than one acre
Map and parcel39-5A
Recorded byBrian Lee, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Historical Society - Andover Preservation Commission
Date entered8/1992, updated 1/2015