22 Morton Street

Historical Narrative: 

See also 67 Bartlet Street

This property was once owned by William S. Jenkins and was purchased through three different grantors, Willard Pike, Jonathan Towle and George & May J. Kingman. The Willard Pike parcel appears to be the lot of the current parcel #18 Morton St. and the Kingman parcel is #22 Morton St.

Morton St. has had four different names; Greene St, Pike St., East Morton St. and now Morton St. The Bartlet St. extension from Punchard Ave. southward up the hill to Morton was laid out by the town when the school complex of John Dove School built 1878 and Stowe School competed in 1888.

George & Mary Jane Kingman purchased the property on Oct. 1, 1863 from Willard Pike. Kingman owned for fourteen years. They were living in Haverhill, MA at the time of sale on Mar. 1, 1877 to William S. Jenkins which included the building.

William S. Jenkins was a contractor and built quality homes in Andover. He and his family lived at 118 Main St. This house is a two family home with two different addresses, 22 Morton St. and 67 Bartlet Street. The Jenkins family owned the property until 1924 when daughter Kate P. Jenkins sold the former four parcels that then contained the two residences at #18 and #22 Morton Street.

Frances M. Brainerd purchased the property on Sept. 3, 1924 and in May 1949 Frances placed the property in both her name and her sister's Gladys Brainerd. Frances died on Sept. 11, 1959 and Gladys became sole heir. Gladys lived in the two family house at #22 Morton.

"Gladys Brainerd then placed the deed of the property at #22 Morton / 67 Bartlet St. into her name and that of her grandniece Kristina Brainerd Trott on Dec. 20, 1978. Gladys Brainerd died on June 2, 1984 and Kristina B. Trott then placed the property in both her name and that of her sister Karen Ruth Courtenay on Mar. 15, 1985."

Karen Courtenay shared the following information on the homes: "Amazingly, 15 people were living in the house at the 1900 census - most of them theological academy students under the care of two widows, one on each side of the house. I suspect the poor servants were living in one or both of the attics! We knew the students had been here, since one of them wrote his name with a diamond on my west bedroom window - none of these particular ones, though. Then in 1910 there were only four people living in the house."

22 Morton – 67 Bartlet St residents (one house on a corner with two addresses)
1900 census (15 people in house)
61 Bartlet St. (page 32)
WHITNEY, Eliza A. - Head, W, F, b. Jul 1844 age 55 widow, b. Mass. Dressmaker rents
WHITNEY, Alice T.? - Daughter, W, F, b. Jul 1877 age 22 single, b. Mass. Seamstress
NORTHRUP, Edwin C. - Boarder, W, M, b. Jul 1882 age 17 Student, b. Connecticut
DE LA VERGNE, Chester R. - Boarder, W, M, b. Dec 1883 age 16 Student, b. New York
SIMMONS, Herman R. - Boarder, W, M, b. Jan 1880 age 20 Student, b. New York
WOOD, Augustin - Boarder, W, M, b. Jan 1882 age 18 Student, b. Connecticut
SHALEN, ?Davis W. - Boarder, W, M, b.Jul 1879 age 20 Student, b. New York
STEVENS, John N. - Boarder, W, M, b. Apr 1883 age 17 Student, b. Mass, fa. b. Russia
[note: at 65 Bartlet, up the street, lived a theological professor, Edward Y. Hincks, and his family]
22 Morton St. (page 43)
JOHNSON, Elizabeth A. - Head, W, F, b. July 1844 age 55 widow b. Mass.
SHAW, Martha - Servant - W, F, b. July 1867 age 32 married b. Can (Eng) Housemaid, imm 1887
TINKHAM, Jane H. - Servant, W, F, b. Aug 1865 age 34 married b. Can (Eng) Nurse imm 1884
SHELDON, Lewis B. - Boarder, W, M, b. Jun 1879 age 20 single Student b. Nebraska
CHILDS, George A. - Boarder, W, M, b. Mar 1881 age 19 single Student b. Vermont
STEVENS, Clyde G? - Boarder, W, M, b. Jan 1881 age 19 single Student b. Illinois
BLISS, Russell A. - Boarder. W, M, b. Feb 1882 age 18 single Student b. New York

It is interesting to note that the Andover Theological Seminary moved to Cambridge, MA in 1908 then later merged with Newton Theological Seminary, now Andover - Newton Theological Seminary. Phillips Academy purchased the Seminary property and the central campus shifted to the east side of Main St. The Academy then began to build dormitories for all the students eliminating the need to board in private homes. The Seminary only had two brick dormitories, so a large portion of seminary students also boarded in private homes.


Essex County Registry Deeds, Salem, MA
Essex Northern Registry Deeds, Lawrence, MAOwners;
Jonathan Towle - to Jenkins - Jan. 1, 1870 - b.773 leaf 129
Willard Pike - to Jenkins - May 24, 1869 - b. 2 p. 383
George & Mary Jane Kingman - Oct. 1, 1863 - b. 657 leaf 188 Salem deed
William S. Jenkins - Mar. 1, 1877 - b. 45 p. 130 - four parcels
Kate P. Jenkins, Heir of Wm. S. Jenkins - four parcels
Frances M. Brainerd - Spet. 3, 1924 - b. 503 p. 559
Frances M. Brainerd & Gladys Brainerd - May 24, 1949 - b. 723 p. 536
Gladys Brainerd, sole heir - Sept. 11, 1959
Gladys Brainerd and Kristina Brainerd Trott - Dec. 20, 1978 - b. 1359 p. 625
Gladys Brainerd estate, Kristina Brainerd Trott - June 2, 1984
Kristina Brainerd Trott & Karen Ruth Courtenay - Mar. 15, 1985

Four parcels to William S. Jenkins;
#1 - from George & Mary Kingman - Oct. 1, 1863 - b. 657 leaf 188 - Salem deed
Willard Pike
#2 - from Willard Pike - May 24, 1869 - b. 2 p. 383
Trustees of Phillips Academy - with restrictions
#3 - from Jonathan Towle - Jan. 1, 1870 - b.773 leaf 129 - small triangle
Trustees of Phillips Academy - with restrictions
P. M. Jefferson lot
#4 - from Jonathan Towle - Nov. 27, 1883 - b. 74 p. 409 - wedge shape

Inventory Data:

StreetMorton St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Present Useresidences - 2 family
Original Useresidence & boarding house
Construction Datecirca 1860
SourceERDS, ENRDL, AHS file, njs, style
Architectural StyleOther
Foundationstone and brick
Roofasphalt - gable
Acreage0.222 acre
Map and parcel40-46A
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Historical Society - Andover Preservation Commission
Date entered04/01/2006, 4/7/2015, 11/17/15