22 Pearson Street

Architectural Description: 

Corner pilasters and frieze board, porch appears later

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: Architectural, Community Development, Transportation and Education.

The east end of the parking lot on Pearson St. of the St. Augustine's Church was once the site of a Greek Revival home that was dismantled in 2007. Expansion for parking and construction of the new church Educational Center on Essex St. forced the removal of the house. Moving the home to a new site was first considered but it was later dismantled by Michael Ristuccia and boxed into storage. It has been stated that the house was rebuilt in New Hampshire at a later date.

Early deeds reference Moody Russell as owner of the property and then
Daniel Logue. Both men were Andover merchants.
James Donahue then purchased the property then sold to Patrick H. Madden - on July 8, 1893.

The Madden family remained the owners of the property for 105 years. The house was converted from a single family home to a two family and one side rented for income property. Sarah G. Madden had the house after Patrick, until her death on Jan. 26, 1975. The property then went to Margaret P. Madden, by will on Nov. 8, 1977 through probate and land court. The property was transferred to Edward J. Madden on Nov. 18,1977. The title deed was changed to Edward J. & Barbara M. Madden on June 27, 1986.

The Madden family sold their property to the St. Mary's Church Society of Lawrence on July 10, 1998. The property deed was then transferred to the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston on May 10, 2006.


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Inventory Data:

StreetPearson St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameDaniel Logue House
Present Useparking lot St. Augustine's Church
Original Useresidence
Construction Dateearly - mid 19th century
Architectural StyleGreek Revival
Foundationstone and brick
Roofasphalt - gabel
Move Details2007
Demolition Details2007
Acreage.17732 acre; 7,930 sq. ft., 63' frontage
Map and parcel55-76
MHC NumberANV.426
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, 1/5/2015