22 Railroad St

Architectural Description: 

Modern condominium complex, brick veneer, limestone, contains 75 units, 15 units/floor on five floors

Historical Narrative: 

In 1840 nearly all the land west of the railroad tracks and Railroad St. was vacant land and meadows. The Nathan Frye house at 166 North Main was the only home standing at that time. The Boston and Maine Railroad purchased the old Andover & Wilmington Railroad and relocated the tracks to the current position about 1848. The new City of Lawrence, established in 1845, need rail service so the line was moved to accommodate the growing city.

About the some period of time John Smith, President of the Smith and Dove Manufacturing Co. in Frye Village left the West Parish Church over the issue of slavery and established a new Congregational Church called the Free Christian Church. Smith acquired this lot of land, purchased the former Methodist Church building on Main St.. It stood on the northeast corner of Main and Morton Streets. Smith had the building moved to this site, remodeled into a Gothic Revival structure, adding the new tower and steeple.

This church building and a parsonage, also on site, served the congregation until the present Free Church on Elm Street was built in 1908. The old church was dismantled and the parsonage was sold and moved across the tracks to 7-9 Buxton Court.

The Boston & Maine ran spur lines west of Railroad St. to the coal pocket of the new Tyer Rubber Co. plant built in 1912 open in 1913. Later the site held a cement mixing facility operated by the Wilson Co.

George B. Westhaver Trust acquired the property in 1963. A & M Realty Trust , Anastasios Kalogianis Trustee purchased the property.

MTM II Trust held the property on Aug. 11, 1985, William H. Walsh & Thomas Moranian Trustees, form Cambridge, MA. This partnership developed the parcel and built the condominiums. 63 Atlantic Ave. Limited Partnership was then created, a master deeds created on May 25, 1988. The sale of the units began shortly after.


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Essex Northern Registry Deeds, Lawrence, MA
Free Christian Church History
Andover Townsman
Andover Historical Society vertical files

Free Christian Church - 1850 - 1908
George B. Westhaver Trust 1963.
A & M Realty Trust , Anastasios Kalogianis Trustee
MTM II Trust - Aug. 11, 1985, William H. Walsh & Thomas Moranian Trustees -
63 Atlantic Ave. Limited Partnership - May 25, 1988 - b. 2735 p. 173 - Master Deed

Inventory Data:

StreetRailroad St
PlaceAbbott Village
Historic DistrictAndover Village Industrial NRH District
Historic NameAndover Condominiums
Present UseCondo - residences
Original UseFree Christian Church
Construction Date1987
Roofasphalt - gravel
Map and parcel54-57A
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, Dec. 20, 2014