221 Lowell Street

Architectural Description: 

Federal period home, original roof was hip
Federal door frame and vestibule, main house one room deep.

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: Architectural, community development.

Benjamin Ames sold for $200 to Paul Hunt Jr., a 1½ acre lot west of his father’s dwelling house (Paul Hunt Sr.) on Oct. 16, 1805. We now know that this lot was the 221 Lowell St. property and Paul Jr., also a Cordwainer, had the house built.

Paul Hunt Jr. was born on July 24, 1783, Andover, MA, son of Paul & Elizabeth (Shattuck) Hunt. Paul married on Sept. 26, 1811 to Mary Butler Durant b. May 25, 1786 in Andover, daughter of Amos & Sarah Ballard. Paul & Mary B. had six children; Edwin b. July 9, 1812, Isaac b. July 28, 1814, Amos b. Oct. 29, 1816, twins John W. & Mary Ballard b. Aug. 19, 1819 and Hannah Jane b. Oct. 20, 1821.

On June 8, 1819 Paul Jr. & wife Mary B. sell the 1 ½ acre lot with buildings for $500 to William Foster & Zebediah Abbott. The sale also includes his undivided half share of the Daniel Chute farm purchased in 1806 with his father, a portion of which had been sold to Herman Abbot. Foster & Abbott then sell the property to Timothy Ballard 1½ acre with dwelling house for $500 in July 1819. Paul Hunt Sr. then buys it back on June 19, 1819. That same day Elizabeth Hunt buys 23 acres for $150, owning ½ undivided share, this, the other half of the Chute farm. The Hunt farm is now 100 acres and two dwelling houses.

Sadly Paul Jr. died on Oct. 15, 1826 at age 43. Leaving his widow Mary B. and six children ages 5 to14. His father Paul died five years later on Nov. 28, 1831 age 78 years. Paul Sr. died intestate and the courts appointed Solomon Holt Administrator of his estate in April 1832. The property is sold at auction on May 3, 1832 to pay off debts of $1600. Edward R. Dike, a Cordwainer, buys a portion of the property and the “decease's Dwelling House and 1 acre 48 rods”, and also the woodland lot across the street for $498.03. Edward Dike then sells to Nathan Abbott 4th on May 4. 1832. Nathan Abbott would later be known as Nathan Abbott 2nd. Some deeds also list him as Nathan Abbott 3rd. Nathan held the home at 221 Lowell St. for 12 years then sold and moved in with the Hunt family heirs at 215 Lowell St.

Nathan Abbott 3rd sold this farm property to John I. Nourse on June 28, 1844 for $3600. The farm came with 7 parcels of land totaling 113 acres. John I Nourse was b. Sept. 1, 1808 in Lynn, MA son of John & Elizabeth (Ingalls) Nourse. John married on Apr. 28, 1831 in Marblehead, MA to Mary Carr Thurston, b. Nov. 9, 1804 in Stratham, NH, daughter of John & Elise (Leavitt) Thurston. Both were living in Salem, MA at the time of marriage. John & Mary C. had five children, Nathaniel Thurston b Dec. 3, 1832 - d. May 1, 1857, Ruth Jones b. 1848 Exeter, NH, Mary Susan b. Apr. 3, 1843 Marblehead, Sarah Elizabeth b. Jan 15, 1847 in Andover, MA. John was a farmer.

The Andover Advertiser published this story of John J. Nourse, April 23, 1853 - Personal - We have in our town probably the largest man in New England, in the person of Mr. John J. Nourse. He is a native of Lynn; has resided here eight years; weighed last fall three hundred and eighty-eight pounds! and is now forty-four years old. Mr. N. was no above the ordinary size until about twelve years since, when he had a severe fever, became convalescent, afterwards experienced a relapse, which brought him so low that his life was despaired for some time. When at the age of twenty-one he weighed only one hundred and forty pounds. Since he attained to such a remarkable size, his health has been invariably good, his appetite never fails, he rest as well, and sleeps as soundly as others. He has not been under the necessity of calling a physician on his own account since he has lived in this place, is seen often about town both summer and winter, is always in good spirits, never out of humor, keeps posted up on matters and things in general, a shrewd farmer and worthy citizen. Mr. N. seldom if ever has any one with him, from the fact, we presume, that his horse is not above the ordinary size and there is but one seat in his wagon.
The late Stephen Holt of N.Y. weighed 306 lbs. Hon. Myron Lawrence, 345 lbs., and we believe there is a Doct. Brown now living at Springfield, who weighs 360 lbs.

Sadly the next four years were difficult on the Nourse family. Thier daughter Sarah E. had died at 9 on Jan. 15, 1847. Son Nathaniel died May 1, 1857 followed by John 3 months later on on Aug. 1, 1857. The A.A. - Sat. Aug. 8, 1857 - Died in this town, August 1st, John I. Nourse, aged 48 years. Mr. Nourse was formerly a seaman and quite slender. A few years ago, he experienced a sever fever, and after recovering continued to increase in flesh until his last sickness, weighing at that time four hundred pounds. For three months previous to his death he took but very little nourishment, and at times was a great sufferer. He was probably the largest man in the State.

His widow Mary C. remained on the farm with her daughter Mary Susan as they had both inherited and the estate had been placed in a Trust. The 1860 Census finds Mary C. 36 and Sally Thurston 72, employed as Shoe binders. Daughter Mary S. 16 at school, and Elmira Jone 22 and her dau. Lauretta age 4 share the home. Daughter Mary Susan married on March 22, 1865, to Abalino B. Cutler b. b. Dec. 25, 1841 Tewksbury, MA, son of William Kenneth Amelia (Haven) Cutler. Abalino served in the Civil War, Co. H First Mass. H.A. He was in the battle of Spotsylvania, with his brothers Granville and Charles, both who died. Mary & Abalino would live in the homestead and raise their children here. Issue: Granville Keith b. May 4, 1866 Nathaniel Abalino b. Feb. 12, 1868, William B. b. Oct. 15, 1871 and Grace Webster b. Aug. 19, 1874.

Mary C. (Thurston) Norse died on Aug. 9, 1884 at 79y 9m and is interred in West Parish Cemetery in the Nourse family lot. Daughter Mary Susan (Nourse) Cutler acquired the property on Oct. 10, 1911 from the estate of her family. Her children quit claimed their portion of the estate to her. Son Grandville K. Cutler, Extr. of of the will and Trust. Six years later Mary sells the farm to Alice B. Lewis on Aug. 6, 1918 and Margaret E. Walsh then transferred the deed Feb. 20, 1928 to Herbert & Alice B. Lewis.

The Lewis family were farmers and not only farmed their land here but also managed Granville K. Cutler's farm at 161 Lowell St. They operated a farm stand until the early 1950's. The large barn on the property just west of the house was destroyed by an arson in 1931.

The house lot was sold to Ernest J. & Annie (Hill) Couture on Sept. 4, 1942. After WWII Ernest and Annie opened a small roadside restaurant called "Cappys" in a building west of the present garage. It was still open in 1953 and operated for a shot time as an ice cream stand. Ernest J. Couture died on Sept. 21, 1966 and the estate went to wife Annie (Hill) Couture. Their son Normand J. & Lorraine D. Couture acquired the property in June 1969. Normand J. Couture died Mar. 29, 1987 and Lorraine D. (Loroche) Couture remained until selling to Stephen P. & Maureen A. Wood - Mar. 31, 1995 b.4235 p. 31

The Wood family later renovated the old home, removed the hip roof with the gable roof to create attic space for a bedroom and bath. Then converted the house into two condo units creating the "221 Lowell Street Condominiums" - master deed recorded on June 15, 2007
Unit #1 - Stephen P. & Maureen A. Wood - June 20, 2007
Unit #2 - Ronny Lizardo - June 15, 2007 - b. 10820 p. 46


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William Foster & Zebediah Abbott - June 8, 1819 - b. 220 leaf 94 - two parcels $500
Timothy Ballard - June 19, 1819 - b. 223 p.1 - 1½ A w/dwelling house $500.
Paul Hunt - May 18, 1820 - b. 223 leaf 290 - 1½ A w/dwelling house $500.
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Edward Dike - May 3, 1832 - b. 265 leaf 185 - $498.03 at auction
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John I. Nourse - June 28, 1844 - b. 346 leaf 92 - $3600 - 113 acres
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221 Lowell Street Condominiums - June 15, 2007
Stephen P. & Maureen A. Wood - June 15, 2007 p. 10800 p. 152 Master deed
Unit #1 - Stephen P. & Maureen A. Wood June 20, 2007 - b. 10800 p. 184
Unit #2 - Ronny Lizardo - June 15, 2007 - b. 10820 p. 46

Inventory Data:

StreetLowell St
PlaceWest Parish - West Andover
Historic DistrictWest Parish Center NRH District
Historic NamePaul Hunt Jr. - Nourse - Cutler house
Present Useresidence - 2 condo units
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1820's
Sourcestyle -njs
Architectural StyleFederal
Foundationstone & granite
Wall/Trimvinyl clapboards & trim
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresmordern garage
Major Alterationspool & utility bldg. 1972 barn 1976 late 1990's condo conversion, original hip roof replaced with gable roof. Now two Condo units.
Acreage26,196 sq. ft. approximate frontage 140'.
Map and parcel110-8B
MHC NumberANV.313
Recorded byStack/Mofford; James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, 03/04/2006, Dec 2013, 4/2/2017