23 - 23a Central Street

Architectural Description: 

Other features: south side vestibule entry has blind arches over windows a typical feature of several Andover houses of the period. Extra windows on either side of door - vestibule.
8 fireplaces, 2 entrances one on Brook one on Central

"fine example of a type of vestibule, with small, over-arched side windows, distinctive and local to Andover" (Le Boutillier). These were most likely a later addition and can be seen also at Rose Cottage's outer vestibule. Arches over windows are not only evident in Swift house vestibule but can be seen at sheds or attached carriage house in rear. The carved molding having survived renovation from stables and carriage house to garage. The house features corner trim, pediments on both door-ways and a unique monitor roof - elaborate trim.

The monitor roof at the top of the hip roof is also unique to this home in Andover.

Historical Narrative: 

Original owner: Jonathan Swift

Themes: Architectural, Commerce, Community development

Historical significance: Extract of letter 1795: "Mr. Swift has raised his house and partly boarded it, which is all that's new among us that I can think of". Jonathan Swift's holdings took in much land between Main and Central Street. His inventory includes barn, cottage, tannery, mowing lot, and house. The tannery was located across the street in the area now used for the drive up window of TD Bank. Rogers Brook ran by one boundary.
Jonathan's widow, Silence, died 1817, after selling to her nephew, Dr. Nathaniel Swift. Nathaniel, born Dorchester, 1778, studied medicine under Joseph Kitteredge (North Parish - North Andover), 1803. Nathaniel married Sarah Abbot, daughter of Timothy Abbot. He was a Notary Public, Justice of the Peace, Coroner, and director of Essex Bank. After 1820, until his death, he served as Post-Master, appointed by John Quincy Adams. Postal business took place in the north room of his house until 1828, when moved to Main Street. (building later burned). His sons Jonathan and Nathaniel served as clerks, and Jonathan inherited this house. Jonathan died April 20, 1883 and In 1884, house occupied by Mrs. Jonathan Swift and Dr. Richards. Almena Swift died Jan 20, 1895 and daughters Elizabeth Florence Swift and Kate Adams Swift inherit their mother's estate. The property is placed in two separate trust. trustees of owned in 1946.

House owned by Erma Lara Hill, 1952; Erma Lory Hill estate: John and William Hill, 1963, followed by John Hill.

The Town of Andover took a portion of the lot for the reconstruction of Roger's Brook culvert through the property in 1961. Reginald L. Marden, the owner in 1977 created a covenant deed with the town that would protect the exterior of the house and restricted the business use within. Anthony DiNapoli did extensive restoration of the home during his ownership.

(Preservation Restriction Covenant – Oct. 19, 1978 rec. Jan. 22, 1987 – b. 2413 p. 231 – Reginald L. Marden)


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building marker: (1993)
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Inventory Data:

StreetCentral St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictCentral Street NRH District
Historic NameJonathan Swift House
Present UseProfessional offices
Original Useresidence; subsequent uses: Doctor's office after 1817. Post office 1820 - 1828. Printing office of Galen Ware for several years.
Construction Date1795
SourceAndover Historical Soc. Files
Architectural StyleGeorgian
Foundationstone & granite
Wall/Trimwood clapboards
Roofwood cedar shingle / hip
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresstable attached
Major Alterationsgarage razed (1967)
AcreageLot size: 25,996 sq. ft.; Approx. frontage: Central - 125', Brook - 223'.
Settingresidential/professional offices
Map and parcel55-47
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975 - 1977, 3/2014