24 Central Street
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Style: Four Square

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Historical significance:
Tax valuation 1900 - Eaton, Lucy C., residence 26 Cherry Street, Bellows Falls, Vermont
1896 Sanborn map of Andover shows the L. E. Eaton house.

1920 City directory: Francis, Charles and Mary K. owners of "The What Not" 6 Park street, live in the house until 1950's

The property was once owned by Anna H. & James F. Richards. Anna was the daughter of Nathaniel Swift Jr. who lived in the mansion at 53 Main St. site of the TD Bank today. Anna was married to Dr. James Richards who had built a house on Chestnust St. but later another house at 96 Main St. The lot was sold to Horace H. Tyer, president and founder of the Tyer Rubber Co. The Tyer Estate was at 1 Chestnut St. at the corner of Central St. now the location of St. Augustine's School addition.

Tyer sold the lot to Lucy Eaton in October 1892 and it was Eaton who divided the property and sold a house lot off on the north side of her lot next to Roger's Brook to Lucy Roach That house would become know as the Sweeney House razed in 1971-72.

The house was built for Lucy C. Eaton about 1893-95 and after her death inherited by Abby P. Fuller and May Bottomley. They sold the property to Cora E. Whitcomb, wife of Monte Z., on July 14, 1909. Monte was a clerk at J. H. Campion & Co. at 1-7 Main St. in the Carter Block. He was later listed as manager. They owned the house for 10 years before selling in 1919. The Whitcombs moved to Main St. Terrace.

Mary K. Francis, wife of Charles J. Francis on June 23, 1919. Charles Francis was co-partners with Charles S. Buchan und er the name Buchan & Francis furniture and upholsterers as early as 1901. Their shop was on Park St. March 17, 1905 p.5 AT Advert.- Buchan & Francis – upholsters and furniture Dealers – 10 Park Street (store lately occupied by A. Kaiser) They later moved in 1911 to the new Barnard Block, the first to occupy the center store at #12. Buchan & Francis were here from 1911-1930 and also used the second floor store rooms. At #14 Main John P. Wyllie & Co. shoe opened March 4th, 1911. Wyllie later sold his "Family Shoe Store" to C. J. Francis & Geo. W. White in 1915. Francis remained with Buchan until the early 1920's. His wife Mary K. Francis opened a variety store in 1920 around the corner at 6 Park St. called the Whatnot Shop. Francis would later sell the shoe store to Henry Hyland’s Shoe Store in the mid 1920's. Charles and Mary then ran the "Whatnot Shop" later moved to 32 Park by 1931. They sold a variety of items but in 1935 Charles lists himself as an Antique China Restorer.

In the 1926 directory a "Brookside Art School and China Painting is listed between 22 and 24 Central St. His wife Mary may have been an artist, as their daughter Polly is an art student in 1935. They also had a daughter Grace. Charles had retired by 1939.
Charles & Mary owned until 1940 when it was sold to Edna Levitt, Grace Jenkins and Mary K. Loesch that December. Charles Francis is still listed here in 1947 renting until the new owners sold to the Andover Baptist Church on Oct. 29, 1949.

The Andover Baptist Church used the house as their Parsonage from 1949-1963. Rev. Roy E. Nelson Jr.and wife Eunice from Marblehead were the first Baptist clergy to reside here. (1950-1956). Followed by Rev. Donald J. & Judith Ryder who came from Maine (1956-1960) and last the Rev. W. Carter Johnson and his wife Emma Jean from Manchester (1960-1964). With a dwindling membership and increased expense burden on the congregation the parishioners voted on May 15, 1963 to sell the home.

John D. & Wilma M. Clancy purchased the house on September 30, 1963. Sadly John Clancy died just three months later on Jan. 1, 1964. Wilma Clancy continued to live here with her daughter Paula M. until her death in 1992. Maureen Clancy, executrix of Wilma Clancy estate held the property in August 1993.

AT - March 11, 1993 - Look to Expand Business District - Andover Bank has property under agreement - Mrs. Wilma Clancy and daughter have moved to California. The bank is to create 23 parking spaces for employees. The bank employs 170 people.

It was acquired by A.S.B Development of the Andover Bank and deeded over to them in 1993. The house was razed and the parking lot built.

Demolished in 1994


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see map; #12337 - Oct. 19, 1993

Inventory Data:

StreetCentral St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictCentral Street NRH District
Historic NameLucy E. Eaton House
Present Useparking lot
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1893 - 1895
Architectural StyleOther
Foundationstone & granite
Outbuildings / Secondary StructuresGarage also razed
Demolition Details1994
Acreageless than one acre
Map and parcel55-84
Recorded byMay Bell & Karen Herman, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Historical Soc. & Andover Preservation Commission
Date enteredSummer 1987, 4/2014