243 Lowell Street

Architectural Description: 

Greek Revival farmhouse

Historical Narrative: 

The Moses Dorman map of Andover 1830 lists a M. Parish at this location and a D. Jones in 1852. The Census records of 1850 list Darius Jones age 48, Caroline 18 and Lucinda Jones 15. They were tenants but not owners. The 1850 real estate holdings in West Parish list Nathan Abbott 2nd as the property owner as does an 1854 deed. Assessor’s valuation of 1850 however does not list a dwelling house or barn only a carriage house valued at $60 and twelve parcels of land totaling 210 ¼ acres. His farm stock was $178 and 2 shares in Chelmsford Co. stock valued at $300.

Nathan Abbott 3rd married Hannah Phelps on December 11, 1792. The Abbots were charter members of the newly established West Parish Church in 1826. Nathan is the eighth member to be received at the first service on December 5, 1825. A note after his name includes (2nd in 1826) a change of his name when becoming a member. Hannah is listed as member #9. The carriage house listed in 1850 may have been a horse shed that parishioners built on the green to shelter horses while attending church at West Parish. Nathan died on April 7, 1850. Hannah died on December 17, 1853.

Solomon Holt is the trustee of Nathan’s estate and sells the property with buildings to David Abbott and; Ezra Abbott, Mary Bailey, Leona Abbott of Andover, Phebe A. Wilson of Peabody, widow of John Tuck and Sarah Tuck of Haverhill, and George Hutchins of Milford NH. Presumably relations of Nathan & Hannah Abbot. They hold the property for 17 years and most likely rented to Darius Jones and others. In the 1860 census Joshua Lovejoy age 41 a Trader, wife Mitilda D. 37, and daughters Gertrude 4 & Miltilda D. 2. Joshua sadly died on November 5, 1860. He is interred at West Parish Cemetery as are his family. The property was sold to Calvin Edwin Goodell and wife Harriet (Lovejoy) Goodell in 1871

Calvin & Harriet married in Andover on April 5, 1836. Calvin born in Vermont on Feb. 4, 1808 was living in Boston at the time marriage. Harriet was born in Andover July 20, 1808, daughter of James B. & Hannah Lovejoy. They lived in Woburn in 1850 and returned to town purchasing the old Timothy Frye home at 277 Lowell St. in April 1854, next door to Harriet’s brother William B. Lovejoy at #289 Lowell Street. Goodell is listed as a farmer in 1860. They joined West Parish Church by letter on Jan. 4, 1857. They had one daughter Susan Elizabeth Goodell b. 1849 who also joined West Parish Church in Sept. 6, 1863 at age 14. Susan later married Moses L. Farnham b. 1846, a Civil War veteran. The Goodells moved down from their former home that spring of 1871. By 1891 Calvin Goodell is now age 83 and they sell the farmhouse to Harry P. Abbott. Calvin died in Feb. 1894 and Harriet on March 19, 1898. They are interred at West Parish Cemetery as are their daughter and son-in-law.

Harry Abbott owned the property for 18 years then sold to Mary G. Linehan wife of Patrick. They lived here nearly two years and then sold on May11, 1911 to John W. & Winifred M. Godin. They have a daughter Clara B. who lives with them. John was also a farmer and had purchased the Shattuck homestead next door #241 in 1905. After moving his family into this house he sold the larger farm in Dec. 1911. John died in 1944 and the executrix of his estate Clara Yost sells the property to Norman R. & Nada Morgan who now own and are living on the adjoining former Charles Shattuck Farm #241 Lowell St.

The Morgans used the house as rental property. Everett L. & Mary A. Coit rent the farmhouse in 1945. Everett is a farm laborer. Ernest Couture a poultry man rents in 1947. In August 1952 Raymond Rurneaux wife Frances and Rita Furneaux purchase the house as joint tenants. Raymond is a clerk at Sutherland’s Department store. Rita is employed at NE Telephone & Telegraph. Frances died on April 25, 1955 and the house is put on the market.

John E. & Christine Keene purchase the property on Aug. 3, 1955 and then resell seven months later in March 1956 to James T & Mary A. Edgar . James is a wool merchant and they are also short term residents selling on November 1, 1960 to George D. & Marie K. Donovan from Lawrence, MA.

George Donovan is listed as a technical writer and system engineer. They had five sons, Daniel J., David M., George D. Jr., John L. and
William C. Donovan. The Donovan family were long term residents here selling after 39 years of ownership.

Heather A. Lauten purchased the property on July 29, 1999. The deed was revised in 2005 to include Frederick S. Lauten and then back to Heather on July 16, 2008.


Nathan Abbot II - 1850
Solomon Holt Extr.- 1854 - N. Abbot estate
David Abbott & hiers - May 30, 1854 - b. 494 lf. 197 Salem with buildings
Calvin E. Goodell - May 13, 1871 - b. 9 p. 327
Harry P. Abbott - July 3, 1891 - b. 113 p. 546
Mary G. & Patrick Linehan - July 20, 1909 - b. 276 p. 204
John W. Godin - May 11, 1911 - b. 290 p 229
Clara A. Yost, extrx - May 25, 1944 - Godin estate
Norman R. & Nada Morgan - Oct. 24, 1944 - b. 668 p. 344
Raymond, Frances and Rita Furneaux – JTs - Aug. 21, 1952 - b. 766 p. 376
John E. & Christine Keene - Aug. 3, 1955 - b. 817 p. 412
James T & Mary A. Edgar - Mar. 22, 1956 - b. 830 p. 366
George D. & Marie K. Donovan - Nov. 1, 1960 - b. 931 p. 242
Heather A. Lauten - July 29, 1999 - b. 5520 p. 55
Heather L. Lauten & Frederick S. Lauten - June. 15, 2005 - b. 9569 p. 290
Heather L. Lauten - July 16, 2008 - b. 11252 p 122

Inventory Data:

StreetLowell St
PlaceWest Parish - West Andover
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameNathan Abbot 2nd House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence farmhouse
Construction Datecirca 1850
SourceERDS, ENRDL, Andover Bldg. Survey
Architectural StyleGreek Revival
Foundationstone & granite
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresgarage barn
Major Alterationsbarn razed 1970's
Map and parcel110-2
Recorded byStack/Mofford; James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77 updated 2013, 1/2015