249 River Road

Architectural Description: 

Style: Georgian and Federal

Other features: Federal doorways - front and west side; sits very close to road; dirt floor cellar (1975)
House was re-sided with wood clapboard, was cedar shingles

Historical Narrative: 

Original owner: David then Johnathon Abbot
Themes: Agricultural, Architectural, Community development

249 River Rd.
Historical significance: Col Dudley Bradstreet farm and George Abbot, 19th settler in Andover was grandfather of Jonathan Abbot.

This property was once a 400-acre farm owned by Col. Dudley Bradstreet. Dudley married on Nov. 12, 1673, to Mrs. Ann Price. Their home was located in North Andover. Dudey died on Nov. 13, 1702, and his estate was administered by Benj. Stevens, authorized by the courts on May 18, 1707. The farm was sold for 150 pounds on April 11, 1709, to three people: Ensign William Lovejoy, Widow Sarah Abbott and Samuel Peters. The land had been divided up into eight equal lots (50 acres) with 54 rods (907’) on the Merrimack River, 46 rods (758.5’) in the middle of the lots and the south end 37 rods (610.5’). William Lovejoy took lots #1 and #7, Sarah got half the farm with lots #2, #4, #5 & #6 and Samuel Peters lots #3 and #8. Sarah’s homestead was #239 River Rd.

Sarah (Farnum) Abbott was the widow of Benjamin Abbott who died on March 30, 1703. They lived in the Abbott homestead at #9 Andover Street. Sarah was b. Jan. 14, 1661, dau. of Ralph & Elizabeth (Holt) Farnum and married in 1685. Sarah and Ben had seven children: Benjamin b. July 1, 1686 - d. Nov. 26, 1748, Jonathan b. Sept 1687 - d. 1770 m. Zerviah Holt, David (1) b. Jan. 18, 1688-9 - d. Nov. 1753 (m. Hannah Danforth), Sarah b. 1692 - d. 1794, Samuel b. May 8, 1694 - d. Oct. 29, 1762 (m. wid. Mary (Preston) Lovejoy, no issue), Jeremiah b. 1700 - d. 1748, and Jacob b. 1701 - d. 1760

Wid. Sarah Abbot deeded the farm at #239 River Rd. to son David (1) on Mar. 1, 1721/2. It has been stated that David built that house in 1711. David Abbott b. Jan. 18, 1688/9 was the third son of Benjamin & Sarah (Farnum) Abbot. He married March 20, 1717-18 to Hannah Danforth b. 1698 of Billerica. David is listed as Husbandman, Yeoman and in one deed, as Housewright. David received a 350 acre farm on Merrimack River from his mother Sarah, “for Love, goodwill & affection, my part of the farm (formerly called Bradstreet’s Farm) in two parcels, one parcel between Samuel Lovejoy & land of my son David Abbott – The other parcel lying between of my said son & land of Caleb Johnson and both parcels together contain three hundred & fifty acres to have, hold, use, occupy & possess the same. Signed the 8th year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George of Great Britton, King. Anno Dom, One Thousand Seven Hundred & Twenty-one –two”.

David purchased additional parcels: a 3-acre meadow named “Johnson’s Brook” from Daniel Poor in 1717. Ten acres of Johnson’s Brook from the Great Division to his father Thomas Johnson from Josiah Johnson in 1722, Joseph Wright’s six aces in “Den Meadow” in 1722. From David’s brother Benjamin on Jan. 16, 1723-24 several pieces of land laid out to me by the Committee of Common Land, “Brook Meadow” one between land of Thomas Chandler in Andover and one moiety on Swamp called “Woodhill Swamp” in Proprietors Books of Andover, together with one half of all after Divisions.” (His brother Benjamin got the homestead farm at 9 Andover Street.)
The farm extended from Fish Brook, west to the Ferry Rd. and along the Merrimack River. The Essex Company, who built the dam in Lawrence, had to acquire all the river shoreline land from abutters that might be lost when the river height increased.
David & Hannah had eight children: Elizabeth bp. Jul. 1719, Hannah b. Oct. 10, 1721-d. 1722, Hannah b. Dec. 1, 1723, Sarah b. Apr. 9, 1726, David Jr. (#2) b. Mar. 17, 1727/8, Solomon b. Feb. 14, 1730/31, Elizabeth b. July 23, 1733-d. Oct. 21, 1753, Josiah bp. Feb. 5, 1736, d. Nov.26, 1853, Jonathan b. Oct. 24, 1739, and Benjamin Jan. 16, 1742/3- d. Nov. 9, 1753. David Sr. gave 24 acres, the west part of his homestead, with, “love, goodwill and affection” to son David Jr. on Dec. 15, 1752.

David Sr. made his Will on Nov. 7, 1753, a week before his death on Nov. 14, 1753. David gave his widow Hannah 1/3 of all his real estate, the East half of the house “cellar & upper chambers”, 1/3 of all the household goods, and a 20-pound note of James Danforth. Son Solomon all the land above Pond Brook (Fish Brook) and 3 acres on the north side of the Mill lot near Merrimack River. His remaining children, David, Josiah, Jonathan and Benjamin all got equal shares of the farm which was divided “into four equal parts for quantity & quality” between them. “David shall have his part on the West with Poor’s meadow & land joining to the north end of it and my orchard by Zebadiah Chandler.” Jonathan the East part adjoining Isaac Lovejoy’s. Josiah’s part joined the West side of Jonathan’s and Benjamin’s parcel was between David’s & Josiah’s. Daughters Hannah and Sarah, all the remaining land and household goods and buildings, half as much as one of the sons, but also 1/5 of any sale of land. Two sons, Benjamin and Josiah sadly died, just after the will was completed. Ben on Nov. 9, and Josiah on Nov. 26. Widow Hannah died Jan. 8. 1788 of old age at age 90.
David Abbot Jr. #2) first married on Aug. 10, 1741, to Hannah Chandler 1725, dau. of Joseph Chandler. Hannah however died two years later in 1743. David waited nine years before he married Prudence Sheldon of Billerica on Dec. 28, 1752, in Billerica. David & Prudence had nine Children: Elizabeth b. Feb. 26, 1754, son b. Feb. 15, 1756-d. Mar. 2, 1856, Prudence b. Oct. 3, 1757, Josiah b. Dec. 29, 1759, Hannah b. Jan. 9, 1762, Samuel b. Mar. 27, 1764, David (#3) b. Mar. 4, 1766, Benjamin b. Jun 26, 1768, Olive b. July 24, 1770, and Dorcas Dec. 5, 1773.

The Abbot Homestead at 239 River Rd. then went to their son David Abbot (#3) b. Mar. 4, 1766, who married on May 26, 1789, to Priscilla Chandler b. June 31, 1768, dau. of Nathan Jr. & Phebe (Abbot) Chandler. This union brought 11 children: Priscilla b. 6/10/1790, Mary b. 6/1791, David Jr. #4) b. 12/23/1792, Jonathan b. 6/12/1796, Nathan b. 7/5/1799, Ezra b. 4/19/1801, Phebe b. 8/5/1803, Serena b. 7/8/1805-d. 9/20/1805, Joshua b. 9/1/1806, Serena 9/8/1808, and Herman b. 1/15/1814. David died June 21, 1823, age 59y. Priscilla died Feb. 19, 1831. Both interred at West Parish Cemetery.

David Abbot Jr’s (#2) brother, Jonathan Abbot born Oct. 24, 1739, appears to have gotten the house at #249 River Rd. Jonathan married on Nov. 8, 1770 to Mrs. Mary Abbot. b. 1740. Jonathan fought during the Revolutionary War, was a Captain. He died intestate on April 10, 1817 at the age of 77. His widow Mary receives life tenancy in the house as right of dower. Nathan Abbot, great nephew was the administrator of Jonathan’s estate and at auction in 1818, Nathan’s brothers David Jr.(#4) and Jonathan purchased parcels of the farm at auction.

Capt. Jonathan Abbott b. June 12, 1796, brother of David #4, and son of David & Priscilla (Chandler) Abbott married on Feb. 16, 1826, to Lydia Phelps b. Nov. 10, 1804, in Andover, dau. of Joshua & Mary (Gilson) Phelps. Jonathan was one of the founding shareholders of the Westerly Meeting House Company in 1826, purchasing 1 share with his brother Nathan Abbott 3rd, to help finance the construction of the new church. Lydia joined the West Parish Church on Jan. 4, 1829. Jonathan & Lydia had two sons, Jonathan Edward b. Jan. 5, 1828 – Oct. 8, 1855 (Jonathan E. joined the church on Jan. 4, 1852.) and David Warren b. Aug. 3, 1830 – d. June 3, 1861. Lydia died on July 16, 1839. Jonathan was a church Assessor in 1834. Jonathan would remarry on June 6, 1840, in Brookline, NH to Susan Jane Corey, b. Dec. 23, 1810, in Brookline, NH, dau. of Nathan & Deverd (Wright) Corey. This union produced one son: Charles Henry b. Dec. 31, 1842.

Jonathan & Susan moved to Brookline, New Hampshire. (Their grandson, Charles Edward Abbott, son of Jonathan & Sarah, became a Physician in Andover, lived at 70 Main St. in Andover and was a charter member and 1st President of the Andover Historical Society in 1911.)

Jonathan Abbott sold the homestead and property for $4000 to David McClary of Dracut, MA on Feb. 15, 1845. The farm consisted of two parcels of 55.4 acres on the north side of the road adjoining the house, and 93.38 acres across the street.

David McClary, born Sept. 12, 1790, in Londonderry, NH, son of Capt. John & Nancy (Anderson) McClary. David was a farmer, married Elizabeth “Betsey” Campbell b. 1793 in Litchfield, NH. David & Betsey had eight children: David N. b. 1823, Joseph L. Jan 1, 1826, Juliann b. 1828, James Smith b. Mar. 1830, Elizabeth b. 1834, Catherine b. 1837 and Sarah Elizabeth b. 1841

The 1850 Census lists most of the family members and a John Hardy. The 1850 Andover Valuation schedule lists David McClary: Dwelling house $1000, barn and other building $200, 140-acre farm $3500 and Farm stock $216. On May 11, 1852, David sold the farm to his sons David N. McClary wife Julia H. of Lowell and Joseph L. McLary, wife Frances H., of Lawrence.

David reserved the right to occupy the west side of the house for the remainder of his life, and if his wife survives him, the same life tenancy. David N. & Joseph L. held the property 6 months then sold to their brother James S. McClary for $2000 on Nov. 15, 1852. The property at that time with the house included 25 acres. The State census of 1855 lists, David 65, Betsey 57, James 24, Sarah Eliz. 14 and Horatio Gleason age 9. Also residing here was Henry Kimball 66, a shoemaker, and wife Rebecca 56.

Elizabeth McClary died in 1858. In 1860 Census: David, James and Jane H. reside on one side of the house and John H. Bailey 42, shoemaker, Lucy J. 42 and Walter Bailey 33 farm laborer occupy the other side. The McClarys owned for 21 years then sold to Thomas Saunders on July 24, 1866. The McClarys moved to Lawrence, MA.

Thomas Saunders was born in 1815 in Granville, Nova Scotia and immigrated to Boston on Oct. 13, 1838. Thomas was a blacksmith and settled in Medford, Middlesex Co. MA. He married in Medford on April 21, 1841, to Mary Lewis b. Aug. 13, 1816, in New Boston, NH, dau. of Amasa & Polly (Dame) Lewis. Children: Nepza Hall b. July 6, 1842, Warren b. Feb. 23, 1847, and Mary A. b. 1849. With the move to Andover in 1866 reveals a change in occupation to Farmer. The Andover Valuation 1870: House $900, barn $150, Shop $100, 25 acres $700 = $1850. Farm Stock $362. The 1870 Census lists their son Warren 23, as farm laborer, Mary A. 21 no occupation and a boy William F. Barker age 9 at school. The 1880 Census lists only Thomas and wife Mary Saunders but also Samuel H. Bailey 28, wife Ada 24, daughters Alma R. 5 and Clara L. age 1 sharing the house. Thomas died on Dec. 9, 1890, age 74y 8m and his Widow Mary died on April 16, 1895.Their son Warren Saunders then sold the farm to Warren Hackett on May 23, 1896.

Warren Hacket was born Nov. 21, 1870 in Lawrence, MA, son of Charles W. & Ann S. (Wetherbee) Hacket. Warren was a Locomotive Engineer for the B & M Railroad. Warren married on April 24, 1896, in Lawrence, to Carrie Bailey Lord b. Nov. 1861 in Ellsworth, ME, dau. of John F. & Adelia (Lancaster) Lord. Warren and Carrie had three children; Gertrude Pauline b. June 20, 1896, Charles Dewey b. May 6, 1898, and Warren Wetherbee b. Aug. 25, 1900. The 1900 Census also lists Sarah Lord, b. 1819 in ME, age 84 wid. and two boarders George J. Bailey b. 1881, age 18, farm laborer and Eva L. Stone, b. June 1879 age 20 School Teacher. The 1899-90 school report list Eva E. Stone, teacher at Abbott District School grades 1- 9. Sadly, Carrie died of heart disease and pneumonia at age 40 on June 7, 1902. She is interred at West Parish Cemetery. Warren moved to a boarding house in Lawrence and his children were in the care of a Grand Aunt and Uncle. Warren later sold the property to Letina A. Abbott, wife of Newton S. on April 18, 1911. Warren Hachet died on March 30, 1914, at age 43 of a stomach ulcer hemorrhage.

For the next 33 years the property was once again in the ownership of the Abbott family. Newton Shattuck Abbott was born Oct, 26, 1860 in Andover, son of Josiah M. & Mary F. (Shattuck) Abbott, on his grandparent’s farm at 330 South Main St., which his father farmed with his grandfather Josiah F. Abbot. In 1870 his mother and eight of his siblings had moved to Andover St. in Lawrence. Newton is listed in the 1880 census with his mother and is an Apothecary clerk. Later worked as a retail grocer. Newton married at age 42 on June 24, 1903, in Lawrence, to Letina A. Whitney age 29, b. 1873 in Lawrence, dau. of George C.H. & Annah (Burnham) Whitney. Newton is now a house carpenter. Newton and Letina did not have children. The 1920 Valuation lists. Mrs. L.A. Abbott: House & shad $800, Barn & sheds $200, 25 acres $800 = $1800. Newton’s last occupation was Watchman – Radio in the 1940 census. Newton died on June 5, 1941, age 80y 7m 10d and is interred at West Parish Cemetery. Letina sold the property to Katherine E. Maloney & Patrick A. Cadogan on July 18, 1944. Letina died on Jan. 1, 1948.

The Maloney family owned the property for 44 years and began to be sub-divide the 25 acres in 1981. One acre was sold for a house lot to the east of the homestead. After the death of Katherine Maloney the property and house were sold to developers. The former 25 acres were divided into 19 house lots to create Fossen Way. The homestead is on lot #2.

This old house was in sad shape and vacant when finally restored in the 1990’s by Kenneth H. & Eileen M. Stowe who purchased the house in Sept. 24, 1993. Much of the original interior woodwork and paneling was stripped of its many layers of old paint. The wide pine floors were restored, and all new electrical, heating and plumbing systems installed.


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Inventory Data:

StreetRiver Rd
PlaceAbbott District - West Parish - West Andover
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NameAbbott, Jonathan House
Present Useresidence
Original Usefarm/residence
Construction Date210 years old (1713?), 18th century
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleOther
Roofasphalt - gable
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuressmall barn and sheds attached
Major Alterationsbarn razed and shed addition rebuilt 1990s.
Acreage1.08 acres; lot size: 25 acres; approx. frontage 1010'
Map and parcel204-1
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-1977, 1/19/2016, 5/12/2024