25 Central Street

Architectural Description: 


Style: Greek Revival

Other features: small barn at rear; Italianate entrance porch and one-story polygonal bay on south side. Two entrances / one in back earlier; 6 fireplaces; gable roof end facing street.

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: Architectural, Commerce, Community development, Religion
Present owner: Christ Episcopal Church
Early owner: Dr. Samuel Johnson
Subsequent uses: tenement house (1850 - 1860), then church guest house, administration offices from 1904.

Historical significance: Given to Christ Church Parish, 1901 by George K. W. Gallishan. This home, with rectory, burial ground, once described by Bishop William Lawrence as "probably the largest church property owned by any parish in Massachusetts" Now named Glebe House by the church, "Glebe" is an ecclesiastical term from medieval times, meaning land belonging to or yielding revenue to a parish church. In the past, the church rented out rooms to boarders for additional income. Also used as guest house for church visitors at conferences, and administrative offices for the church.

The property was once owned by Abiel Upton, Jr. a "Trader", who married Abigail A. Carlton of Bradford, MA in July 1816. intentions recorded on July 13. A deed reference states a loan mortgage of $1000. from Nathaniel Abbot on Oct. 1, 1817 rec. Dec. 3, 1817 when Upton sells the property. Abiel Upton sold the property with buildings for $1500 to Samuel Johnson Jr., a Physician on July 23, 1827. The deed was not recorded until May 16, 1832. Abiel Upton died on Aug. 15, 1831 age 74, and is interred at South Parish Cemetery. Dr. Johnson may have held deed and then had it registered to aid in settling Upton's estate.

Dr. Samuel Johnson Jr. was born in Andover on May 10, 1800 son of Samuel & Mary Johnson. Samuel married on November 21, 1827 to Susanna Barker b. Jan. 29, 1806 daughter of Nathan & Sarah Barker. Samuel & Susanna had five children; Samuel b. April 20, 1831, John b. Oct. 10, 1833, Mary Elizabeth b. Mar. 28, 1835, Charles Henry b. Nov. 14, 1840 and Susan Maria b. Aug. 14, 1843. Johnson would own the home twice. Samuel first sold the property to brothers, John Marland and William S. Marland on Dec. 24, 1835. for $3500. The property was 3 acres then and included the current site of the Christ Church Vestry and Parsonage and a portion of the lot behind the house at 8 Brook Street. That strip of land would be later sold to Pamela Wood foe $25. which was 12' wide on Brook St., 82' deep and 13' across the rear of the piece. The deed to the Marland's stated no buildings could be built or trees planted on the piece.

The Marland brother's divided the lot up and sold to the Proprietors of the Protestant Episcopal Church on Andover about 2 acres of the Johnson property between the Johnson house and Mark Newman's property, now the site of the current Christ Church Sanctuary building and the section of School St. to the depot.

Andover historians have stated that "Originally built by Dr. Samuel Johnson for use as store, because it was on old Post Road to Boston. ("Central St. is the oldest through-road in town - Bessie Goldsmith) The Old Andover - Wilmington railroad (1838-1848) passed almost through front yard as it crossed Central Street to the depot on Essex St. Later Johnson converted it into a 2 story tenement." The sale price to the Marland brothers suggests the home was much improved since Johnson purchase in 1827.

John & William S. Marland held the property just four years then selling on May 11, 1839 to James Clark, a Physician and William P. Millett, a Tailor, who owned a men's clothing store in the Derby Block at 2 Main St. on Elm Sq. Clark & Millett paid $3500 for the one acre property and two family house. The home was owned jointly for six years then sold for $3800. to Hannah Towne, wife of Moses on May 10, 1845. Towne owned just four years and had moved to Danvers, MA when she sold the property back to
Dr. Samuel Johnson Jr., and wife Susanna on May 9, 1849 rec. Apr. 15, 1851, for $3500.

The Andover Valuation Schedule for 1850 lists Johnson's real estate; Dwelling house & barn on 1 acre $3500., 20 acre High Plain lot $750., 27 A. Woodhill $400, 20 A. Preston Plain $500, 20 A Blanchard land $200, and 5 acres near M. Goodhue $45. for a $5395 assessment. Dr. Samuel Johnson died of Consumption on Feb. 28, 1854 and his wife Susanna inherited the estate. Susanna held the property another 12 years before selling to George K. W. Gallishan on Mar. 15, 1866.

George K. W. Gallishan was born in Portland, Maine in 1810, son of Isaac & Rebecca H. Gallishan, formerly of Newburyport, MA. George was a Hatter and fur trader. George first married to Elizabeth E. Atkinson of Newbury, MA, their intention published Feb. 11, 1831. George & Elizabeth had six children of which 3 survived; Mary Little b. Oct. 31, 1832, George Lewis b. May 28, 1836, Moses Henry b. July 10, 1837 - Sept. 18, 1837, Elizabeth Atkinson b. May 2, 1839 - d. Aug. 7, 1839 and Charles Atkinson b. May 25, 1840. Elizabeth Atkinson b. Aug. 1845 - d. Aug. 19, 1845. Sadly his wife Elizabeth dies of Consumption on Aug. 3, 1845 at age 35 years after giving birth to their daughter Elizabeth.
George would remarry on Mar. 30, 1848 at Plaistow, NH to Ruth Ann George of Plymouth, NH, b. 1826 dau. of Eaton & Ruth W. George. They would have a son Frank Willis b. June 2, 1849 who died of dysentery on Sept. 17, 1849.

George & Ruth lived here after moving from Main St. The 1870 Census lists George & Ruth with a Ann F. Carey age 18, house servant. A Mary H. Clement age 55, and her family May F. 27, Sarah A. L. 35, Clara E. 17 and Hattie A. 14 reside on the other side. A Moses H. Goodwin 19, carpenter boards with the Clements. Ruth Gallishan died of Cngestion of the Brain on Oct. 16, 1874. It is stated that Ruth's sister, "Mrs. M. W. Blodgett ,who came from Haverhill to keep house." George's Fur business was located in Boston at 180 Washington St. in 1870. George died of Apoplexy on April 24, 1878. Gallishan willed house to church and Mrs. Blodgett remained several years as housekeeper. (1904). 1915 - it was also home to Nellie Bliss.

Andover historian Charlotte Helen Abbot says "David Hall lived here. He was killed in explosion at powerhouse, during the American Revolution." This would make a portion of the house older than the circa 1825 date listed.


Building marker: 1997

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Samuel Johnson, Jr. - July 23, 1827 rec. May 16, 1832 - b. 263 leaf 258 - $1500. - w/blds
John Marland & William S. Marland - Dec. 24, 1835 - b. 287 leaf 93 -
James Clark & William P. Millett - May 11, 1839 rec. May 16th - b. 313 leaf 68 - $3500
Hannah Towne, wife of Moses - May 10, 1845 - b. 354 leaf 286 - $3800.
Samuel Johnson Jr., wife Susanna - May 9, 1849 rec. Apr. 15, 1851 - b. 443 leaf 75
Samuel Johnson Jr., estate, heir wife Susanna - Feb. 28,1854 -
George K. W. Gallishan - Mar. 15, 1866 - b. 699 leaf 169
George K. W. Gallishan estate - April 24, 1874 died - Probate Will
Protestant Episcopal Church Parish - 1901 by will.

Inventory Data:

StreetCentral St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictCentral Street NRH District
Historic Name Dr. Samuel Johnson House & Store. Also "Glebe house" or "Gallishan House"
Present UseChrist Church offices, administrator
Original Useresidence and store
Construction Date1825
SourceBessie Goldsmith
Architectural StyleFederal
Roofasphalt - gable
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuressmall barn
Major Alterationsfront entry porch added later
Acreageless than one acre; lot size: 16,400 sq. ft.; approx. frontage: Central Street - 93', Brook Street - 131'
Map and parcel55-37
MHC NumberANV.107
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-1977, 5/2014, 3/21/ 2017