25 High Street

Architectural Description: 

Greek Revival home, gable end to street, ship-lap boarded gable, wide banding and corner boards. nice period window trim.

Historical Narrative: 

Themes: Architectural; Community Development

John Flint sold two lots on High Street to Robert Simpson in 1845. Robert Simpson was a carpenter and house-wright and built the home at 25 High St. On April 11, 1846 Simpson takes a $3300 loan from Ebeneezer P. and Henry J. Higgins who held the deed with buildings. A second loan was secured from Susan C. Brown of Billerica for $700.

Robert Simpson was born in 1808 and married on Mar. 27, 1841 to Mary Agnes Hayward b. Nov. 12, 1818 in Bradford, MA dau. of Benjamin & Eliza J. Hayward. Robert and Mary had two sons; Franklin Newton b. Sept. 1, 1843 in Newburyport, MA and Milton Eugene b. 1846 in Andover. Young Franklin N. died of dysentery on Aug. 11, 1848 age 4 yrs. 11m. 14d. His father Robert died two months later of consumption on Oct. 10, 1848. His estate was probated and his widow purchased their home and carpenter’s shop at auction on Nov. 28, 1849 for $1600.

The 1852 map of Andover lists a Mrs. Simpson at this location. The Valuation Schedule of that year lists Widow Mary A. Simpson, Dwelling house and shop $1400. The 1850 Census lists Widow Mary A. Simpson and son Milton.
Mary A. would re-marry on Feb. 1, 1854 at Free Church to Henry Russell Abbott, a widower and carpenter. Henry’s first wife was Lydia Luscomb b. Oct. 6, 1821 in West Andover dau. of Richard & Rhoda Luscomb [Liscombe] Lydia died of Scarlet Fever on Feb. 11, 1853. Henry had three young children; Charlotte Helen b. July 13, 1844, Hannah L. b. Sept. 2, 1846 and Henry G. Abbott b. Feb. 24, 1848. Daughter Charlotte H. would become a noted Andover historian and genealogist. She notes in her father’s obituary that Henry was first engaged to wed Charlotte Hayward, sister of her step-mother Mary A. Sadly Charlotte died at age 22 Aug. 14, 1838 prior to the marriage.

Henry and Mary continued to live in the home. In the 1855 State census the blended families are all listed. Milton Simpson attended Phillips Academy class of 1861. Charlotte H. graduated from the first class of Punchard Free School in 1859.

The house was sold to the widow Martha L. (Marland) Punchard on July 1, 1862 and held in trust for her brother John Marland. John born Dec. 19, 1802 was the second son of Abraham & Mary (Sykes) Marland. John married in 1829 to Lucretia Dorr of Boston b. dau. of John & Esther (Goldwaithe) Dorr. John & Lucretia had six children; Lucretia D., Martha P., Frances Ann “Fanny, John T., A. Stewart and William.

John Marland had several business and real estate ventures including the Ballard Vale Mill and The Machine Shop. He built the mansion house at 228 Andover St. but became insolvent in 1849 and his assets were sold. In 1851 John and family went to England and returned in 1856. From 1858-1861 they again resided in England. John returned in 1861 and his family followed in 1862. They occupied the home at 25 High St. John died on April 17, 1865. Martha Punchard died in 1871 and this property was inherited by John’s children: Lucretia D., Martha P., John T., A. Stewart and William Marland, all 1/5 share of the property. The brothers later quit claimed to their sisters in September 1871. Lucretia D. Marland and Martha P. Marland then sell to William Barnett on Aug. 20, 1872. The Marland family moved to Cleveland Ohio.

William Barnett was born Jan. 17, 1819 in Sconnie, Fife, Scotland, son of James & Margaret (Shearer) Barnett. William come to America in 1845 and settled in Andover. He was a tin-smith. William married on Dec. 23, 1852 at Christ Church to Charlotte Busfield b. July 27, 1830 in England, dau. of John & Elizabeth Busfield. They had six children; Elizabeth Alice b. Aug. 6, 1853, Sarah Ann b. Feb. 1, 1855, Thomas Bushfield b. July 11, 1858, William Ellsworth b. May 15, 1862, and twins Katherine H. and Isabella Helen b. Aug. 12, 1869.

William Barnett deeded the property to his children; Elizabeth A. Kitt, wife of George Kitt, Sarah A. Clement, wife of Millard A. Clement, Helen Higgins, wife of William H. Higgins and Katherine Barnett.

William had his tin shop and plumbing business at the rear of the Baptist Church. The Andover Advertiser Aug. 4, 1855 – “William Barnett – Plumber – Tin plate, sheet iron and copper –
rear of the Baptist Church.” He later bought the old Andover-Wilmington Railroad depot at 9 Essex St. and moved his business to that location in 1863.

William deeds his property to his daughters prior to his death on Dec. 9, 1884. The family owned the home until the death of their mother Charlotte on Oct. 14, 1905. The house was sold to Frank P. Higgins on Sept. 5, 1906. The plumbing business was purchased by M. T. Walsh but the Barnett family owned the 9 Essex St. building for nearly 50 years, the heirs selling to Louis Resnik in 1912.


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Inventory Data:

StreetHigh St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictAndover Historic Building Survey
Historic NameRobert & Mary A. Simpson House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1845 - 1846
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleGreek Revival
Architect/BuilderRobert Simpson/builder
Foundationstone & granite
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresmodern garage
Major Alterationspool, 1968
Acreageless than one acre; 10,500 sq. ft.; approximate frontage 65'
Map and parcel38-111
MHC NumberANV.241
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, Oct. 28, 2015