26 Boston Road

Architectural Description: 

This home would be listed as a Colonial Revival home built from about 1905 - 1920s and is known as the "American Four-Square" The boxy form with hip roof above wide eaves and including one dormer here, is derived from early prairie house designs of Frank Lloyd Wright. The Four Square has been adapted to many different forms from Classical style to minimal design elements. “Variations on a theme” to suit the owners taste and budget.

This home appears to have had a front porch, now enclosed.

Historical Narrative: 

Boston Road has had several names through the years including, Old County Rd (1915), Foster’s Pond Rd. 1930-1935, Old Boston Road and then Boston Rd. by 1937. Deeds can be confusing at first and street directories misleading, as we now have a County Rd and Foster’s Pond Rd adjoining Boston Rd. What appears as a move to another street is actually a street name change. Andover Valuation Schedule in 1920 adds to the issue by listing the road as Main St. This area is in the South District in the Valuation list and within the Scotland School District from 1785-1902. Only one house is listed on the road in 1906 at #5. With development came an influx of French Canadians who purchased lots on Boston Rd. It was sometimes referred to as “Frenchville” by locals.

William P. Shattuck purchased this 16 acre track of land between South Main St and Boston Road on Mar. 29, 1902. Eleanor Fairbrother purchased the entire parcel on July 16, 1909.

Eleanor Clemmons was born Aug. 1872 dau. of Charles E. & Ella J. (Nichols) Clemmons. Eleanor married on June 26, 1897 in Epping, NH to Charles Fairbrother b. Mar. 1850 in China, Maine son of Wm. V. & Mary A. (Jackson) Fairbrother. Charles, a farmer at the time of marriage, would become a Veterinarian. They lived in Wilmington in 1900. Eleanor and Charles had four children; Charles R. b. July 1898, Lafayette b. Dec. 1899. Viola G. b. 1905 and William H. b. 1907.

Eleanor & Charles lived in the home at 1 Cottage Road and had the land surveyed and parceled off into house lots in September 1911 by Ralph D. Hood Civil Engineer (Map #147). Three new roads were created to access the properties off Boston and County Roads. Two roads remain undeveloped "Paper Streets" today although they appear on a plan in 1966 as Jackson Street north of tjis lot and Lafayette St. to the east.
Charles died on Feb. 19, 1912 in West Newbury, MA. His occupation is listed as Real Estate. Eleanor remarried on Dec. 6, 1913 to Edgar Manning Earley
b. Dec. 13, 1873 in Topsfield, MA, son of Charles and Mary E. (Margeson) Earley. Edgar was married before and had five children. Edgar died on Dec. 26, 1917 in Andover.

Mary G. Peters purchased lot #48 on Nov. 20, 1913 and the lot was divided into two parcels A & B. The 1920 Andover Valuation Schedule lists Mrs Mary G. Peters - Main St. (Boston Rd.) - House $600, House (unfinished) $300, 1/2 acre land $300 = $1200 assessment. Her husband Peter was assessed for a Barn & Shed $100. 3/4 acre on Old Boston Rd. and three other parcels on Old County Rd. This home occupies lot B.

Peter Peters was born on May 2, 1862 in Canada. Peter, a farmer, married Mary Gaudette b. Mar. 15, 1874 in Canada. They had four children: Joseph b. 1893, Rosie b. Feb. 11, 1895, Irene b. 1899 born in Canada and Bert b. Mar. 24,1902 in Phippsburg, Maine. Daughter Rosie had married to Mr. Goddri (Goody) who died. Rosie had two children Melvin Goody b. 1915 and Irene Goody b. 1917. Rosie re-married in Andover to Phillip Peters.

Mary G. & Peter Peters sold the property to their daughter Rosie (Peters) Perry on June 30, 1922.The Perry family owned for 62 years. Rosie had two children from her first marriage; Melvin Goody b. 1914 and Irene 1920. Rosie and Phillip had three children; Genevieve Perry b. 1924, Milton b. 1925 and Edna b. 1926.


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Inventory Data:

StreetBoston Rd
PlaceScotland District
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameRosie & Phillip Perry House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1915-1920
SourceERDS, NERDL, style,
Architectural StyleColonial Revival
Foundationstone & granite
Wall/Trimcedar shingle/wood
Major Alterationsfront porch enclosed, replacement windows, added bay window, former dormer window enclosed and vent added
Acreage0.128 acre
Map and parcel83-11
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered01/30/2006, 5/1/2018