26 Central Street
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Architectural Description: 

Classic Colonial Revival, utilitarian school building of the period. Large multi paned windows to allow natural light to enter the building.
Limestone trim with niche over the front entrance housing statue of St. Augustine.

Historical Narrative: 

This site was formerly the location of the Henry G. Tyer homestead which faced on Chestnut Street. Henry G. Tyer founded the Tyer Rubber Co. in Andover and developed the compo shoe design and white rubber used for pharmaceutical purposes. His home was later the residence of his son Horace H. Tyer who took over as president of the company after his father's death. This corner lot had extensive gardens and a barn to the rear. The house and property were purchased from Catherine Tyer on July 30, 1913 by Thomas M. Smith of Boston.

Thomas Smith then transferred the property to the St. Mary's Church Society of Lawrence, James J. O'Rielly president. The site would become the first Roman Catholic School in Andover. In 1907 St. Augustine's Parish welcomed the Very Reverend Frederick S. Riordan to the church and it was through his efforts the school was establish. "Not waiting for the school to be erected, the Sisters fitted up the lower floor of their convent into classrooms, and began teaching in 1914" on September 8. Sister Helen Bernadine was the first principal serving twice from 1914-1921 and 1927-1931.

May 11, 1917 AT - Contract for the new Parochial School - The contract for the new parochial school has been awarded by Fr. Riodan to Phillip L. Hardy, of this town. The building will be of two stories with eight rooms and an assembly hall. The school will front on Central Streer with entrances from that street and Chestnut. Work will start at once and the large barn andcarriage house on the present property will either be sold or torn down. The new school will be complete and modern in every respect.
June 1, 1917 AT - Ground broken for the new Parochial School Monday should be ready by January 1918
Sept. 21, 1917 AT - Corner stone of St. Augustine’s School laid – Long article and drawing of the school on back page.

The new schoolhouse was formerly opened on September 8, 1918. Fr. Riordan had left several months earlier to become head of a Lawrence parish.

The former Tyer house then served as a convent for the teaching Nuns until 1961 when it was razed to build a new addition to the school building.
Mar. 23, 1961 Andover Townsman p3 – Photo - St. Augustine’s demolish house just behind school which was used as a convent.


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Inventory Data:

StreetCentral St
PlaceAndover Center
Historic DistrictCentral Street NRH District
Historic NameSt. Augustine School
Present UseParochial School
Original UseParochial School
Construction Date1918
Architectural StyleOther
Major AlterationsAddition on northeast end of school 1961
Acreage1.070 arces
Map and parcel55-108
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date enteredApril 17, 2014