26 Shawsheen Road

Architectural Description: 

Greek Revival
Seven room, 4 bedroom home
Fan light window in gable end

Historical Narrative: 

5 Cuba Street is the site of Abbot Village's first Schoolhouse. Here at the corner of Cuba Street and Shawsheen Road look across to 29-33 Shawsheen Road (c. 1812). Along with this house, the property once included a carriage house, small house and two barns, all belonging first to mill owner Abraham Marland and then to businessman Francis Cogswell.

Abraham Marland (1772-1849) learned the textile business in his native England and nearby Beverly before coming to Andover in 1807. His first manufactured cotton yarns in Abbott Village and then relocated his factories down river at Marland Village.

Francis Cogswell, Esq. (1800-1880) married Marland's daughter Mary S. on June 8, 1829. and was at one time President of the Boston and Maine Railroad Company.

Shawsheen Road was once known as Village Street and this area was called "Cogswell Hill". Numbers 26, 28 and the former house at 30 Shawsheen Rd were buildings from the Marland-Cogswell estate. They were moved across the street when Smith and Dove began construction of Brechin Terrace in 1906 - 1907. The former carriage house and barn was converted to employee housing.

Smith & Dove Manufacturing Co. recognized the need for operative housing by 1900 and slowly acquired several homes in the immediate area of Abbott Village. They built quality housing for their working force at 62-84 Essex St., the double homes on Brechin Terrace and the now razed "Hillside" at 25 Shawsheen Rd. The company reorganized in twice once in 1864 and again in 1912 bringing all their properties together into one master deed.

The company supplied their workers with a Village Hall (#77 Essex St.) for community gatherings, built “Hillside” at #25 Shawsheen Rd. for single women workers; providing childcare services, a bowling alley, laundry and large dining room used for meetings and parities. S & D Co. also bought the old Cricket Field for the company soccer, football and baseball teams and sponsored many field day outings for their employees.

In 1927 the Smith & Dove Manufacturing Co. was sold to the Ludlow Co. The housing real estate was placed in the Smith & Dove Tenements, Inc. that year, later changing the name to Andover Homes, Inc. All the housing properties were then sold off to private individuals. The company operations were moved to Ludlow, MA and the mill closed in 1928.

The Smith & Dove Tenements Inc. George Endicott, Pres., sold this house to Stewart & Betsy Fraser on Mar. 31, 1927. Steward Fraser died on March 18, 1934 and three years later his widow Betsy sold the property to Alexander & Elizabeth G. McLauchlan - July 13, 1937.
Sadly Alexander died three years later on Oct. 5, 1940. Elizabeth G. McLauchlan would later marry Henry Hill and then sold the property in April 1945 to Michael J. & Eva I. Lynch.

The Lynch family lived here for 21 years. Michael is listed in the 1961 street directory as born in 1899, sexton, wife Eva a housewife b. 1908. A son Charles J. b. 1934 a Field Repr., and daughter Ethel b. 1940 as an I.B. M. operator. The Lynch family would sell in March 1966 to Johann & Gerta F. Todt Jr. who would own the home for 37 years.

Shawn R. Williams & Diana B. Garcia purchased the house from Todt on Aug. 29, 2003. They remained for ten years selling to
Erica & Edward D. Ross III on Feb. 26, 2013.


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Inventory Data:

StreetShawsheen Rd
Historic DistrictAndover Village Industrial NRH District
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence - mill housing
Construction Datecirca 1900
Architectural StyleOther
Wall/Trimwood cedar shingle
Major Alterationsattached two car garage - 2008
Acreage0.169 acre
Map and parcel72-48
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, 7/2014