273 South Main Street

Architectural Description: 

The house has a mix of architectural elements. The steep roof line and dormers with gable pointed windows nod Gothic Revival cottage. The bay wind with engage roof line hints a shingle style. The original wood cladding had been covered in asbestos by the 1970s and recently recovered in Vinyl. The side entrance to the south and asymmetrical facade create a unique look.

Historical Narrative: 

Formerly 281 Main Street.
Themes - Architectural and Community Development.

This property was owned by Mary B. Gould in the 1890s, wife of Abraham J. Gould. Mary lived at 238 So. Main St. Mary died on Nov. 30, 1893 at age 94y 9m. and the property was sold to Joshua Milner in July 1899. There were two parcels of land, the first containing the house lot of 1.55 acres and an adjoining back lot along Hidden Rd. of 1.1 acre. Joshua’s wife Kate F. Milner inherited the property after the death of her husband in 1900.
Kate sold the two parcels to Walker Holden and his older brother William Holden. Both were born in England and came to the US in 1888. In 1900 they were working as dormitory janitors for Phillips Academy. Walker b. April 1865 and his wife Edith J. (Waite) Holden first lived on Phillips St. before moving to this home. Edith was born in Jan. 1868 in Canada and immigrated to the US in 1890. William Holden sold his half of the property to his brother on Nov. 19, 1910 and died a few days after. William’s wife Margaret had died in Dec. 1909. Walker remained at the Academy later becoming foreman of the janitorial service. The Holden’s did not have children. He had retired by 1942 and died on May 18, 1945. His wife Edith died seven months later and was interred in the Holden family lot at Spring Grove Cemetery on Jan. 1, 1946. Byron Bentley was the administrator of the Holden estate and sold the property to George & Esther Johnson on Nov. 6, 1946. The Johnsons remained for four years selling in July 1950 to William B. & Selma C. Payne who resold three months later to Margaret E. Bolton.
Margaret bought the property in Oct. 1950. She was the daughter of James E. & Pamela J. Hill. In 1954 She sold the house to her parents. The Hills held for one year then selling to Gerard & Beverly W. Bradford Jr. in March 1955. The Bradfords remained owners for 17 years before selling to Marc G. & Elaine P. Jasmine in Sept. 1972. Jasmine sold in 1982 to Henry B. & Sandra L. Nazzaro who remained the owners for 32 years in 2014.

1906 Holden,
1888 map Heirs P. Curtis live next door at 271. This house is not listed on the map suggesting that it was built by Mary B. Gould or Joshua Milner.


1888 map - Heirs P. Curtis. (Putnam Curtis)
Essex Northern Registry of Deeds - Lawrence, MA

Mary B. Gould Estate 1893
George Gould Extr. Jan. 8, 1894 Probate
Joshua Milner – July 3, 1899 – b. 171 p. 320 - 1.55 acres
Kate F. Milner – wife of Joshua
Walker Holden & William Holden – Feb. 4, 1902 b. 191 p. 542 – 2 parcels #1 1.55 acres, #2 1.1 Acre
Walker & (Edith J.) Holden – Nov. 19, 1910 – b. 298 p. 31 - 2 parcels #1 1.55 acres, #2 1.1 Acre
Edith J. Holden, estate, Bryon Bentley Adm. Oct. 29, 1946 Probate
George V. & Esther A. Johnson – Nov. 6, 1946 – b. 689 p. 228
William B. & Selma C. Payne – July 10, 1950 – b. 738 p. 450
Margaret E. Bolton – Oct. 16, 1950 – b. 742 p. 416
James E. & Pamela J. Hill – Apr. 9, 1954 – b. 793 p. 26
Gerard & Beverly W. Bradford Jr. – Mar. 18, 1855 – b. 809 p. 467
Marc. G. & Elaine P. Jasmine – Sept. 20, 1971 – b. 1203 p. 178
Henry B. & Sandra L. Nazzaro – Apr. 8, 1982 – b. 1569 p. 12

Inventory Data:

StreetSouth Main St
PlaceScotland District
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Datec. 1890's
Sourcestyle, njs
Architectural StyleOther
Foundationstone & granite
Wall/Trimvinyl clapboards & trim
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresmodern garage
Major Alterationssome remodeling, vinyl siding and replacement windows.
Acreage1.55 acres, 23' frontage
Map and parcel78-27
MHC NumberANV.535
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, updated 2/2014