275 North Main Street

Historical Narrative: 

275 North Main Street has long been associated with the Arden estate across the street. Originally the house was built as the Gardener’s cottage, about 1865, on the estate of John Dove of the Smith & Dove Manufacturing Co. The house was located next to the greenhouses north of the Dove mansion and near the original Poor Street beginning where the First Church Christian Scientist is today. One of John Dove’s early head gardeners was Alexander Anderson, a native of Aberdeen, Scotland who lived in Andover in 1843-1853. He was also head gardener for Peter Smith and after moving to Lowell worked for J. C. Ayer. He died on Feb. 22, 1889 in Lowell.
In 1868 John Dove’s gardener was Jackson Thornton Dawson who married Mary “Minnie” McKenna of Andover in 1866. Their two sons, William Francis b. Feb. 10, 1868 and George Walter b. Mar. 16. 1870 were born in this house. In October 1871 Dawson was made head gardener of the Bussey Institution in Jamaica Pain and moved there. Dawson become a world renowned horticulturist and propagator connected with the Arnold Arboretum. A Mr. Weston followed as the head gardener on the Dove estate in 1876.
Ellen Ayer Wood wife of William M. Wood purchased the estate from the Dove family on July 7, 1891. William M. Wood then purchased a two and a half acre parcel of vacant land on the east side of North Main Street from William Poor, the wagon builder, in February 1892. At that time of sale the lot was between William Poor’s homestead to the north and land of Susan Dove to the south. The Wood family later acquired Wm. Poor’s house lot in August 1899 creating approximately 4½ acres between North Main Street and the river. The Gardner’s cottage was moved October 30, 1899 to this location from across the street on the estate. Andover Townsman (AT) October 20, 1899 p.1; The foundation of the gardener’s house of the William M. Wood estate, which is to be located on land recently purchased of John L. Morrison, is finish and awaits the removal of the building. AT Oct. 27, 1899 p.5; It is expected that the gardener’s cottage house of the William M. Wood estate will be moved to its new location next Monday. Contractor Allen F. Abbott will oversee the work of removal. April 13, 1900 AT – The gardener’s house at William M. Wood’s estate is being painted.
Although known as the Gardener’s Cottage it has not been used for that main purpose since it was relocated to this site. Carl Linquist, gardener for Arden, may have lived in the cottage prior to its move. In 1897 his address is given as 2 Poor Street which would be consistent with its location on the estate.
The house was occupied by Daniel J. Mahoney, first as a Valet to William M. Wood and later as his clerk. Daniel and his wife Dorothy (O’Neil) Mahoney were both Irish immigrants. Daniel was the son of Timothy & Elizabeth (Kiley) Mahoney of Ireland. Daniel first occupied the overseer’s cottage in 1901, to the rear of Wood’s estate at 50 Lowell St, before moving into the house at 275 North Main. Mahoney had three children then, Elizabeth b. 1897, James b. 1901 & Dorothy P. b. 1903. They lived here from 1902 to about 1908. Daniel left his valet job and moved to Boston. The Federal census of 1910 & 1920 list the Mahoney family as living at 18 Fairbanks St. Brighton, MA. Daniel’s occupations are listed as a “Rubber” at a Turkish bath and a Traffic Clerk respectively. They had another son William born in 1913. The Andover Street Directory of 1908 lists John & Mrs. McKnight, coachman in 1908 at #275 as also are the Mahoney family. A John McGuire and Mrs. John McIntyre are listed here in 1913 but no occupation given. They are probably husband and wife with one surname listed incorrectly. Peter & Betsey Frederickson, a gardener at Arden, are here from 1916-1920. They would later move to 7 Canterbury St. His brother August & wife Hilma Frederickson, the caretaker of the Arden estate for many years is listed next in 1920-1923. August would then move back to the caretaker’s house located at the rear of the Arden estate listed as 50 Lowell Street.
Daniel Mahoney would return to Andover and this home about 1923 employed as clerk and bookkeeper for Mr. Wood. It is said however that Mahoney was in fact Mr. Wood’s bodyguard. With the death of Mr. Wood on February 2, 1926, Daniel J. Mahoney was listed in the Will for his service and received $1000 from the estate. The Gardener’s house was part of the Arden Trust set up in February 1921 for William Wood’s children. After Wood’s death in February 1926 the Trust turned the property over to the Phillips Corporation of Maine to liquidate the trust holdings. The Mahoney’s became owners of #275 North Main St. and the family continued to live in the home until 1980. Daniel died of stomach cancer on February 20, 1937. His obituary states he was a retired bookkeeper for the Wood Mill. He was 68y 8m old. Burial was in New Calvary Cemetery in West Roxbury, MA. His wife Dorothy died in 1961. Daughters Dorothy P. and Elizabeth Mahoney inherited the property. [Dan Mahoney was William M. Wood's bodyguard (Rosalyn Wood)]
Raymond G. Mansour and Vincenza Mansour purchased the house on Aug. 26, 1980. Jane S. Daniels a housewife bought the house on March 15, 1993 living here for two years with three children; Amy, Matthew and Peter S. Daniels. Mr. V. Anthony & Janet Ansaldi became the next owners on October 10, 1995 followed by Peter E. Lannen of Beaver Realty Trust who purchased the home on July 23, 2003. It was rented to Jeffrey S. & Karen Wetherell, a family from South Africa for a few years. They had a daughter Lauren.


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Inventory Data:

StreetNorth Main St
PlaceShawsheen Village
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Historic NameGardeners Cottage - Mahoney House
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence for gardener
Construction Datecirca 1865
Architectural StyleOther
Foundationstone & granite
Wall/Trimwood clapboard
Major AlterationsRear addition with garage underneath.
Move Detailsmoved to site Sept. 1899 from "Arden" estate
Acreageless than one acre
Map and parcel36-106
Recorded byJames S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered12/19/91 update 12/19/2013