28 - 30 Salem Street
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Architectural Description: 

Built in 1891, a mirror image triple decker six unit apartment building. Wood clapboards painted deep yellow, with front bay window banding in decorative cedar shingles, eave bracketing at the roof line and on the triple bay windows added visual interest and texture to the large façade. Evidence of original window shutters (most likely in Paris Green) would have created a handsome appearance when first constructed. Turned column posts flaked the entrance porch.
The building was clad in a gray asbestos shingle siding in the 1930's encasing the original fabric below. Only the eave brackets remained.

Historical Narrative: 

28 – 30 Salem Street – Samaritan House - 1891 41-26 0.48 acre – 22,368 sq. ft.
Andover Advertiser - March 27, 1891 - p. 1 Mrs. R. A. Carter intends to build a 6 tenement block near her present residence on Salem Street.

Known as “Samaritan House" by Phillips Academy during their ownership, this mirror image triple decker tenement building was built for Ruby A. Carter as income property in 1891. This apartment building was the only one of this type ever constructed in Andover and held six units. Ruby Carter lived at 57 Highland Rd. (at that time listed as #24 Salem St.) and held the property until her death in 1914. Ruby’s daughter Mary E. Carter inherited the estate.

The 1897 Andover Directory lists three residents at #28 – #30 Salem St.
#28 George H. Graffman, foreman of the Phillips Academy farm, #28, A. K. Packard, Carpenter boarding here and #30 Rev. Charles C. Starback. In 1899 F. E. Newton an Instructor at Phillips Academy and his wife are at #28 Salem St.
The 1900 Census lists a full complement of residents:
#28 George Johnson age 37, Superintendent of Andover Public Schools, wife Alice W. 30, Steven age 2, b. April 1898 and Rachael D. b. Feb. 1900 3 months old and Eva C. Brackett age 33, servant from Maine. George lived at 67 Bartlet St. until his marriage then moved here until 1901 when he resigned his position.
#28 William S. Jewett, teacher, wife Gladys A, son Frederick C 11, William Jr. age 8.
#28 Frederick Newton age 26 from Vermont, teacher.
#30 – Frederic Kline 40, wife Jennie U. 40, Edith 7, Ethel S. 5, Clergyman, Germany.
#30 –William Watson age 30, Coachman, Scotland, wife Ellen 30, Emily F. 5, Joseph W. 3, Bertha H. 1
#30 – Erwin Hitchcock, 26 Photographer, wife Florence G. 22, Erwin Jr. 3, Lauretta M. 2, Ida S. 7 months and Ann J. Lynch 22, servant.

The 1920 Andover Valuation lists: House, 24 Salem St. & Highland $4800, House 34-36 Salem St. $3500, House 28-30 Salem St. $5500, ¾ acre cor. Salem St. & Highland Rd. $3000 = $16,800.
In 1923 Mary had her property surveyed and sold off the double house at 34-36 Salem St. on April 28, 1923 to Mary J. Mayer and Thomas B. Gorrie.

On Dec. 19, 1928 Mary sold her home at 57 Highland Rd to the Trustees of Phillips Academy. The sale must have included an agreement for a life tenancy as Mary resided there until her death on Aug. 25, 1947 at age 90 a total of 69 years in the house.

The last property sold was this apartment house on Sept. 30, 1935 to Charles B. Roberts and his mother Elizabeth E. Roberts. This purchase was also just investment property as Charles lived at 400 North Main Street. Charles is listed as a prison officer. Elizabeth Roberts died on July 21, 1939.

The apartment house was completely cladded over in a gray asbestos shingles during the Roberts ownership. Only the bracketed eave details and entry porch posts and railings remained exposed. Charles Roberts owned the property for 21 years then selling to the Trustees of Phillips Academy on May 8, 1956. The building then served as units for faculty and employees of the Academy and was named “Samaritan House” at that time.
1963 Directory
#28 – Wiford Freeman, b. 1897, Instructor , #28 – Aloysius & Lillian T. Hobausz, Audio Tech & Secretary, #28 – Robert & Susan Lloyd b. 1934 & 1935 Teacher
#30 – Harriet F. Burkland b. 1916 Secretary, #30 – Brendon M. & Mary E. Harrington, Asst. Mgr., #30 Douglas M. & Nancy F. Schumann, Instructor.

In October 1997 several Academy properties were proposed for demolition including Samaritan House. The building had been vacant by 1996. The first step was removal of all the asbestos from the structure. This revealed the original exterior character of the building. The Ugly Ducking got one last moment to show off its true colors.
1995 Directory; only one resident is listed in the building; #30 Thomas J. Soderburg, b. 1960 Illustrator.
#28 apt. B, vacant, #30 Apt. F, vacant.

On a personal note my Grandmother Isabella “Bell” Batchelder and her daughter Priscilla lived at #28 Salem St in the first floor apartment from 1949-1951. Gramma Belle would baby sit the children in the building and iron shirts for the faculty at the academy.

For a historical overview on the property of Carter, Griffin, Hammond, see 46 Salem Street and 57 Highland Road.


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Inventory Data:

StreetSalem St
PlacePhillips District
Historic DistrictAcademy Hill NRH District
Historic NameSeminary House
Present Useopen land
Original UseSix family apartment building
Construction Date1891
SourceECRDS, ENRDL, style-njs
Architectural StyleItalianate
Wall/Trimclapboard/ asbestos shingles
Major AlterationsAsbestos shingles covering original wood and cedar shingle siding 1930's
ConditionRazed October 1997
Demolition DetailsOctober 1997 by Phillips Academy Trustees
Acreage0.48 acre
Map and parcel41-26
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James S. Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, 2/3/2022