286 South Main Street

Architectural Description: 

Shingle style home, eyebrow window in gable roof, decorative brick chimneys.

Historical Narrative: 

This property was once part of the Amos Holt farm and was inherited by Marcus M. Holt on July 14, 1852. Marcus Holt held the property for 52 years then selling off a six acre 105 sq. rod parcel of land to Abbie M. Smart on June 16, 1904. Fred M. Temple acquired the property on Sept. 27, 1910 which then had approximately 8 acres. The house was built by Fred Temple.

Susan C. Dove, widow of George W.W. Dove purchased the house on Sept. 8, 1913. The Dove's built the "Croft" at 274 North Main St. and raised their family there. They sold in 1895 to Curran & Joyce and built a new home at 24 Phillips St. After George died in Oct. 1908, Susan sold their home and moved down to 43 Abbot St. Susan Dove's son Percival Dove had purchased "Southridge" next door at 290 So. Main in 1912. Susan C. Dove's residency in the home would be short lived as she died the following year on June 14, 1914. Her estate went to her children; Francis W. Lee, hus. of Marion Dove Lee, Edith Dove McHenry, John Dove, Maria Walton Dove, Percival Dove, wife Alice B. Dove and James Howard McHenry. It appears as if the house was rented out for six years by the Dove heirs.

Montez A. Carlisle & Fred B. Carlisle purchased the house on Mar. 10, 1920 and sold to the Pacific Mills of Lawrence on July 21, 1920. The property was then rented to top mill agents of the Pacific Mills.

The Andover directories list Irving Southworth and his wife Myrtle as residents in the home in 1926. The 1930 Census list Irving age 50, b. MA, mill agent cotton mill. Wife Myrtle is 43, b. Alabama and two children; Elizabeth A. B. 18, and Vivian 16. House staff includes Nellie McCarthy, 40, housework servant and Mary Lasher, 45, the cook. The Southworth family lived here until 1935.

John Bolton purchased the property on Oct. 3, 1930 and moved in after the Southworths. The deed was placed into both names of John & Katherine S. A. Bolton on Nov. 1, 1937. In 1930 Bolton was living and renting at 482 Prospect St. in Methuen. John Bolton was born in 1893 in Germany and immigrated with his family to the USA in 1929. He lists his occupation as a Comb manufacturer. His wife Katherine age 30 b. 1899, children; John Jr. age 9 b. 1921 and Gisela age 7 b. 1923.

The 1940 Census John is a Proprietor of a hard rubber & plastics company.
The property is listed as 293 So. Main St. value $35,000. The house staff includes an Irish cook Anna Herd age 29 and maid Catherine Callahan age 25. The Bolton's occupied the house until about 1961. The property was placed into the John Bolton Charitable Foundation and sold to Gaetano F. Morello who purchased the estate on Dec. 30, 1959.

1962 - Jean J. and Ruth H. Chalifour, occupied the home from 1962 - 1984. Jean b. 1924 was a contractor. His wife Ruth H. b. 1925 a housewife. The Chalifour family had 12 children, all girls.

Gaetano F. & Mary C. Morello, are listed as living in the home in 1985. The property was placed into the Marigae Realty Trust; Dominic Morello Trustee on Apr. 20, 1993.

MSL Realty Trust, Michael R. Noakes, trustee purchased the property Mar. 29, 2001. Since that time the house has undergone a complete restoration to both the interior and exterior. An addition was added to the rear of the house.

The Noakes received a Preservation Award in 2010 for their sensitive renovation to the historic property.


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Amos Holt
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Abbie M. Smart – June 16, 1904 – b. 212 p. 421 – 6 acres 105 sq. rds.
Fred M. Temple – Sept. 27, 1910 – b. 296 p. 10 – 8 acres
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MSL Realty Trust, Michael R. Noakes, trustee – Mar. 29, 2001 – b. 6067 p. 34

Inventory Data:

StreetSouth Main St
PlaceScotland District
Historic DistrictNot Applicable
Present Useresidence
Original Useresidence
Construction Date1910
Architectural StyleShingle
Foundationstone & granite
Wall/Trimwood cedar shingle
Roofcedar shingle/gable
Outbuildings / Secondary Structuresgarage
Major AlterationsRear additions and re-shingled 2001-2002
Acreage5.685 acres
Map and parcel59-3
Recorded byStack/Mofford, James Batchelder
OrganizationAndover Preservation Commission
Date entered1975-77, 2/2/2015